498-496   Emperor Retro

It's been over a hundred and fifty years since we recovered his skull from the ruins of his castle.
It shouldn't have been more than two years ago.
Oh, yeah?
"Why would you make an immortal joke about me, the real No-Life King, instead of me?
It's a common occurrence for immortals to lose track of time.

 Why do you let them exchange wisecracks so lightly?
 Bellefegamilia and the Emperor of the No Life King.

'But it seems that two years is enough.
It's back.

 According to Bellefegamilia-san, she had thrown the emperor's skull she had retrieved into the storage room at home.

Why did she do it so haphazardly?
Because it looks like a mess to clean up. I just put it away for now and thought I'd figure out how to deal with it later and then I forgot.

 That sounds like the kind of thing a pain in the ass would do!

 And so the emperor was forgotten in existence.
 He spent a good two years in the storeroom, unnoticed by anyone, absorbing the mana around him and gradually restoring his body, taking a good two years to fully restore it.

''I was so surprised when this guy, who had completely restored five bodies, came out of the storage room! I was so startled I almost fell asleep twice!
''Isn't that what you would do if you were shocked?

 If this is Belfegamilia's home, then of course it's in the Demon City, right?

 The No Life King rampaging through the largest city on earth is normally on the brink of exile, but it's fortunate that the first person to discover it was Belfegamilia-san.

 He killed her instantly with one punch and was able to get out of trouble.

And here we are again with only the skull.
'd*mn! How could you defeat me so easily? I am going to be the Emperor of the No-Life King!

 In this case, how can the No-Life King's emperor be the weakest? Or is Mr. Belfegamilia stupidly strong?
 Your perception of the threat of the world's two major disasters is becoming distorted.

No, no, don't get me wrong. The No Life King is usually a disaster-grade bucket. You can never underestimate them.
Doesn't sound very convincing when you say it...?
To tell the truth, even I can't handle this skull. You can kill it instantly, but you can't kill it completely. It comes back again and again. If I had to take care of it every time it came back, wouldn't it be too much of a hassle?
Does it sum up your true feelings at the end?

 And the main point of the story finally comes out.

''I talked to the Demon King about it and he introduced me to this place. He said that the saint would surely think of a good plan. A way to bury this skull forever.

 So Belphegamilia-san came all the way to our farm.
 It's just a short trip if you have transference magic.

I'm sure you'll be able to find out more about them. You are bound to your lives, and no matter how hard you try to think, you cannot destroy this emperor!

 The Emperor speaks gruffly.
 He speaks in a cocky, head-only manner.

"I am the emperor, the ultimate invader. I have escaped from the yoke of life by the forbidden secret law and become the king of the lifeless, and I am forever! They who are in the finite time of life can never reach the infinite me!
What am I saying? What's going on?

 Belphegamilia-san looks troubled, but she doesn't look troubled at heart.
 I'm sure this guy would accomplish anything if he got serious. But this guy is a troublesome person who never gets serious until he dies.

I'm not going to be able to leave her alone, because I'm in the position of the Demon King's Army. Even if we dumped him in a mountain far away, it wouldn't look good if he were to revive and do bad things. According to the king's story, there's nothing the saint of the farm can't do. With that versatility, how about one thing here...?

 No, I'm not that versatile myself when it comes to that, am I?
 He is a man who is only good at tinkering with the soil and nothing else.

 It's only the people who live on the farm with him - Prathi, Veerle, the orc goblins, the elves, satyrs, Gala Rufa and others - who work together to do many things.

There's nothing we can't do when we all work together...!
I see - cooperation is what's important, isn't it?

 Me and Bellefegamilia, who is dusty.
 When I'm with this person, I feel relaxed. As if to mock it........

''Nonsense! People try to flock together because they're weak! I, who has transcended being a human being, is the perfect ultimate I, and all is enough!

 A nagging skull.

'If you have any complaints, bring one of your reliable companions who can do something about it! I don't think so! Whoever controls the eternal No-Life King, etc.!

 Then let's call you upon request, shall we?

 What I didn't even dare to include in the names I just enumerated was a hiki for you to appear here.
 This gentleman is the best collaborator who has been with us since the establishment of the farm. He is the person who has been most indebted to us.

 Let the fullness of the time be with you!

    * * *

The No-Life King!
It's a pleasure to be here, sir.

 This is Mr. No Life King, who is most associated with our farm.
 Commonly known as The Teacher.

 We thought it would be a good idea to have him come out to the meeting if No-Life King was involved.

 Not a cake maker, No Life King is No Life King's teacher!

"Huh? This is why you called the eagle today, isn't it? Well, I'm in shape for a no-life king,'

 Sir, you arrogantly look down on the Emperor, who is supposed to be your equal as the No Life King.

 In contrast to the emperor, who is a skull-only but completely white bone, the same no-life king, the teacher, but his appearance is covered not only with bones but also with extremely thin skin.

 A mummy, if you will? Or rather, instantaneous Buddha?

 The No-Life King seems to have many forms, too.

''Baba-baba, stupid, stupid........? !" "And here's my kind...?
"I don't want to be seen as your kind.

 He talks tough for a teacher.

The No Life King is a monster whose very existence is substandard. The No-Life King is a substandard monster, one that has overcome its lifespan and is unaffected by material degradation as its body becomes half astral. A being that has attained a near-perfect eternity. .........But.......''


'How can it be world domination to try to accomplish that much by using something so grandiose....... You are so diminutive.
"What? Are you hurting my grandiose ambitions?
"The desire you wanted to achieve by turning into the undead has already been achieved by the Demon King Zedan in this world, even though he is still alive. The world of the living is beautiful only when it's governed by the living. You're just a fool for not understanding that and taking a detour.
"What do you mean, 'Oh, no!'
Or is it revenge for not getting what they deserve? "People are so ugly and distorted by their unworthy aspirations.

 The teacher's tone is harsher than usual.

 Is that a sign of resentment towards the emperor who becomes the No Life King and causes trouble for the people of this world?

Truths that cannot be revealed in a man's limited lifetime. It wastes an infinite amount of time to get there. That's the true nature of the No Life King!
"Whoa, whoa, whoa! What?!?

 A small shadow jumps out from the side and hits the emperor's skull.
 I'm not going to be the only one who can do this.

''Unyaah! Meeeeeeeeeeeeeee! Minmie!
"What's with the cat? What's that cat? Do not cat-punch me!

 A cat attacked the emperor skull.
 The skull has a peculiar rolling motion because of its halfway roundness. The cat is chased by the trajectory of the skull.

It's a cat's saga. A hunter's instincts are stimulated when they see something that rolls around.
"You blew it up to begin with! It didn't roll over at first!'

 Now, a cat appeared seemingly for no reason at all.

 But this appearance is also inevitable.
 This cat is also one of the no-life kings who have recently begun to live on the farm.
 His name is Doctor.

 Although he is an immortal king, he is said to be nothing more than a cat in appearance.
 This is also the ultimate oddity.

It's no wonder that the doctor is annoyed with such an unsightly failure. The yurtai-tekies who pretend to be gachigeki-tekies are just unpleasant to the true gachigeki-tekies.
'Although I haven't become the No-Life King so seriously, I still can't tolerate this kind of people, especially when it comes to annoying people with lives. Especially to the point of causing trouble for those who have lives. I don't need to ask the saint to help me, but let's make arrangements to destroy this kind of evil and prevent it from ever coming back.

 Your teacher is getting hotter than expected...?
 I don't even need to ask you to do it.

"You people are licking our lips...

 Is there a change in the Emperor's response?

 It was only the skull... and then suddenly something like a tail grew out of the bottom of the skull?
 With the Nuzzles?
 What seems like such a tail is not, it's the spine.

 From the skull, the cervical, thoracic and lumbar vertebrae, which should be connected to it, grew out, and all of them together were the spine.
 And from the spine, the ribs, the pelvis, and the bones of the hands and feet grew out of the spine, and in no time at all, all the bones of the body grew out of the spine.

 I mean, I don't know what bones are supposed to grow back!
 It's not something full of calcium or anything like that!

"The emperor has returned! You lickspittle mouths of your own kind! You are about to experience the terror of the Emperor, the ruler of the whole world! And then we will resume our supremacy from here!