500-498 Making dead canes

 By the way, is there anyone who has been completely absent from the process?

 Four Heavenly King Belfegamilia-san.

 He hasn't completely interfered with a single word since the teacher appeared.
 He didn't speak, and it was as if his existence had disappeared in the first place.

 Or rather, she really had disappeared.
 I looked around, but he was nowhere to be found.
 After searching relentlessly, I finally found him in his hammock spread out and asleep.

''Must kill! Hammock back!

 Bellefegamilia was dropped from the hammock and crashed to the ground.

''Why are you sleeping? Why are you sitting in the middle of an extraordinary situation that threatens to destroy the world, why are you sitting in the middle of it and dozing off?

 No, I wouldn't call it dozing anymore! Sleep tight.

'You can't really sleep in the daytime! You won't be able to sleep at night!
I'm a guy who can sleep through the day and sleep through the night.

 Are you sure a guy like him is a big shot in charge?
 That's what I'm worried about!

"Master's disciple has the same impudence as our master.

 The doctor, the doctor, and the No Life King duo also looked dumbfounded.
 Did they notice their gaze...?

'Well, well, well, doctor, it's been a while. Also, Doctor, did you place a cat over here too? Even though you won't turn one of them in to me?

 Belfegamilia-san is friendly and unafraid of even the Immortal King.
 He really is a big guy at heart.

I can see all the troublesome things being forced on you if I'm around you. I know how troublesome you are.
Oh, man, if you were here, you wouldn't have to come all the way down here.
"I've always wanted to be useful!

 A terrifying man who is ready to use the No-Life King on his chin.
 The reason why he has such a shattered relationship with the Immortal King is because he has an extraordinary relationship with a certain No-Life King.

''Belfegamilia-san, did you have a No-Life King's mentor?
That's right. It's called Master No Life King.

 Belfegamilia replies shortly.

 That that old master or no-life king is the same rank as the teacher, the doctor, so he's allowed to associate with his student as well.......
 Once again, it's scary to think about........

"But I was thinking...

 Yes, sir?

''If you have a great master, an old master, shouldn't you have consulted him first? More than us...?

 If you ask me, it is so.

 What was Belphegamilia-san's answer to the natural question that came to mind?

''Because the dungeon where Master lives is far away. The Taiyama is at the northern end of the demon country and there's no fancy transition point, so isn't this one, which can be flown in by magic, a lot less complicated?
"What a pain in the ass!
Besides, he's my teacher. He would never be bothered by any of this.
''This disciple and that master!

 That's why he was too skillful in choosing a good teacher to bring in a good person.

 As you can see, the teacher is quite motivated and is planning to do something while playing with the skull of the Emperor in his hands.

I have an idea. I have a plan. Can I take care of this fool?
Please do, but with a man of your stature, I won't have to worry about it anymore.
Then we'll have to move quickly. ...doctor.

 The indescribable composition of the Immortal King talking to a cat.

''What's that?''
"Take care of him, please. "I'll need to resort to a multitude of measures to contain his violent power.
"I'll just have to psych myself up, won't I? I understand!''

 The two strongest class immortal kings are too terrifying to be afraid of.

 For now, the emperor's skull, the doctor leaves it to the doctor to go to stasis.

''Huh? Where are you going, doctor?
'Will the saint follow me, please? I'm afraid I'll have to ask your permission.

 Me? Permission?
 I would say yes to anything the teacher asks me to do.

'What do you think he's going to do...?'

    * * *

 The doctor arrived in front of a cherry blossom tree.
 In a corner of the farm, a cherry blossom tree that exhales an unusually clean air.

This is the World Tree Cherry Blossom...?
I've been wondering about it for a while now, but it absorbs the mana in the air, filters out the dirt, and then releases the clean mana. The movement itself is done by ordinary plants as well, but this tree is the only one that has a tremendous amount of cleansing power. The saintly lord has done a pleasant job again.
No, no...?
"Can I ask you to give me a piece of this tree? What a small part. A swing of a branch is all that's necessary.'
"You don't have to worry about damaging this tree. Only with my magic.

 Well, I trust you unconditionally to do what you do...?

 Puzzled, the teacher makes sure I nodded, and then he reaches out his hand towards the World Cherry Tree.
 I felt something magical activate.

 Then the World Cherry Tree surreptitiously protruded something from the trunk and extended it towards the teacher.

 It was as if a branch was growing at a sharp speed from an empty spot on the trunk.
 Sensei grabbed the branch, pulled it, and the branch separated from the trunk as easily as if it had been sliced through a syrup.

 There was not a single scar on the World Cherry Tree itself.
 The only thing left in Sensei's hand was the branch of the World Cherry Blossom Tree that grew straight up.

Hmm, it's a good branch. It's a very good branch. It's also very comfortable to touch.

 You can grow and share as much as you want without damaging the body.
 I was once again astonished at the teacher who could do such a trick, but.......

 .........What is Sensei planning to do with a branch of the World Cherry Blossom Tree?

    * * *

 When I came back after taking a branch of the World Cherry Tree, I found that the Emperor was in a bad way again.
 He's only a skull again after being hit by the teacher earlier, but it's even worse than that.

''Cat, kawaii...! Cat, friend...!
He's brainwashed?

 I left it up to the doctor to decide when to leave, but he did it?

 The doctor's attention was diverted to the rest of the room, and he was eating grass in the area, with a cat-like lack of concentration.

The best way to prevent it from doing anything bad is to cut it out of your ambition. This is the secret of the No Life King, cat brainwashing!
I will take the branches of the World Tree that I found in the skull of the world and fuse them into this skull!

 What the hell?

 If I had to describe what the teacher did in a nutshell.........

 Ihavea skull.
 Ihavea, the branch of the World Tree.
 A branch of the World Tree with a skull?

 It had the appearance of a staff.
 With a skull ornament on the top of its head it looks like a staff that a television villain might carry.

I've finished it. It's called 'The Immortal King's Wand', right?
Is that a wand after all?

 The staff with a skull mounted on the top of its head was very eerie in appearance.
 It seems to overwhelm those who see it.

 And since the person holding it is the teacher, the sense of intimidation increases three times over.

''No matter how you deal with it, this guy, who is an Immortal King in spite of his bent, will suck in mana to feed on it. Then you can create a mechanism to release that absorbed mana in a different form.''
What do you mean?
I'm not going to be able to tell you what to do with it. I won't let him get away with it.

 So you're saying that this wand will release the mana that the emperor collects for regeneration from the side where it was collected?

"Using this as a spellcasting tool, the emperor would be able to use the mana that the World Tree has collected and purified to create all kinds of magic.

 Does that mean you can use magic without using your own magical powers?
 With this wand?

That looks like a hell of a piece of equipment, doesn't it!
"What a wonderful stick!

 Isn't that already in the realm of Legendary Weaponry?
 At least that's true in terms of the materials used.

[Required materials]
 Head of the No-Life King x 1
 Branches of the World Tree x 1

 .........and so on.

"Then, Belfegamilia. I leave the wand to you.

 It is held in a tight grip.

"Since you brought this skull in the first place, it is only fair that you have it. I'm sure you'll see to it that it is well taken care of.
'But wait, sir? A magic staff with such a powerful mechanism, and even though it was made harmless, incorporating the No-Life King as a biological part is the source of a major accident if you make a mistake....... What do you mean by that, it's a pain in the ass...?
"You can trust your skills to me. I have faith in you.

 Belfegamilia, who has avoided the troublesome things as much as possible, ends up being pushed to the most troublesome part at the end.

 In the end, people could not escape the troublesome things in life.