501-499 A hot spring in the devil

 Thus, the emperor's turmoil has ended, but Bellefegamilia-san is still not leaving.

 She's a troublesome person by nature. It takes a lot of time for him to come, but when he arrives, he settles down and doesn't want to leave.
 In short, he must be a person who is troublesome to move.
 It's a hassle.

 The one thing that Belphegemilia liked the most was the hot spring.

 It is one of the most spirited facilities on our farm.
 Since the facility was originally designed to relax, it was a match for the lazy man. ''Aren't you in trouble if you don't go home for good? Although we stayed in the water for such a long time, there was no sign of getting tired of it.

No, it's a nice bath.
'Mr. Belfegamilia! Please don't go outside naked!
'When the Texan cools off, he's going to get into hot water again, okay? Isn't it a pain in the ass to take your clothes off every time?

 I almost agree for a moment, but I can't affirm it, however.
 If I did, the farm's morals would collapse!

'But there's a lot of good stuff here! I can understand why the Demon King and his wives go there.
No, no, no.
'Especially this spa! I'd love to build one in Demon City!

 It was said in a powerful tone for Bellefegamilia.

 It's a great pleasure to hear you think so.
 The hot spring facility itself has been installed on the farm for a long time now, and it has been a great hit with the residents. The residents are still delighted.

 As a producer, it's a blessing to have people happy.

 While I was thinking that everyone was washing away their daily fatigue with the hot springs, I was also soaking in them, and it was as if the exhaustion that had built up in my body was being drained out of my pores.

"...Oh, speaking of which...

 As Bellefegamilia-san reminded me of something...?

Maybe they do it in Devil's Land too. Hot spring mining.
'What? Are you serious?

 And why such an unreliable tone?
 You're one of the Four Heavenly Kings, aren't you? Doesn't he have a reasonable grasp of domestic affairs?

 ........or not.
 Because of this laziness.

''You may think it's rude, but I don't know everything about the Demon Kingdom either, do I? To begin with, the Four Heavenly Kings are in charge of military affairs in the Demon Kingdom. The only thing I can grasp and interfere in is military affairs to the maximum extent.
I see...?
I've heard only rumors that he ordered his water vein master to dig out hot water from the ground. I think it was the Demon King who gave the order. So, I guess, if that's the case, it's still triggered by your experience here, right?

 It's true that the Demon King also uses the hot springs whenever he comes to visit us.
 You can't be sure.

 It's a natural action for a politician to plan to introduce this to his own country.

'But it's pretty tricky, isn't it? It seems like it was a long time ago when the rumors came out, but I haven't heard of any successes yet, you know?

 Because digging a hot spring is not something that can be carried out so easily.

 If you don't have the know-how to do it, you must be in a lot of trouble.
 The Demon King could have asked us for some advice.

 Just then, the actual Demon King came in.

Sage, I need to talk to you about something, but I think it would be better if you mix honey with mayonnaise.
Doesn't that smell of water, Mr. Demon King?
Oh? What?

 I was closing in on the Demon King who came to visit.


"Belfegamilias...! He can be strangely light-tongued from time to time...?

 The person who touched the subject left quickly as soon as the demon king came.

 The act of going back up until now was a bother in itself, but he may have decided that if he stayed here, he would be involved in a more troublesome situation.
 He was a man with a keen sense of smell.

Well, he's telling the truth. The hot spring I experienced here was so wonderful. I've planned to have something like that in my country as well.

 After saying that much, Demon King, take a moment to mend your ways........

''But don't misunderstand me. I don't do this project for myself, I want as many people as possible to experience this pleasure. When the hot springs are found in the Devil's Land, I hope to open them up to the public on a large scale.
Isn't it wonderful?

 A place where lots of people can come and go as they please!
 I bet if something like that could be built, the earth would be a better place to live and have fun!

However, the ideal and reality are different. We haven't been able to dig up the springs with our own technology. Things are stagnant, and we are moving too slowly.

 When he said that, I found myself thinking, 'That's probably true...'

 Mining hot springs must have been a very difficult business, even in the world I was in before.

 You had to do a geological survey and carefully check to see if there were hot springs deep underground, and then you had to do the digging itself, which required a lot of effort and skill.
 On top of that, we had to build a facility to enjoy the hot spring.
 In the previous world, the legal issues that would have to be added to that would have been extremely troublesome.

 If it is this world, only legal complications can be cleared, but technical problems, labor problems should become a barrier to more than that and rise.

 In order to clear it and dig up the hot spring, it would be a considerable burden for the Demon King.

''To tell the truth, I'm thinking that it's time to give up on this business.
''There has been no improvement in the results and the cost has been increasing. There are plenty of other places to spend money for the demon kingdom that has to establish a new system with the human kingdom. ...and the dissatisfaction is beginning to build up.

 So the hot spring digging has to be suspended.
 The Demon King's decision as a ruler is going to head there.

''Then leave it to us!

 Since we were the ones who presented the hot spring to the Demon King in the first place, the technical and labor problems could be easily solved by us.

''No, no, no........? We can't go that easy on the Sage. We are always in his debt........

 Since the demon king is a modest character, he would feel guilty about relying on me too much on one side or the other.
 The reason why he proceeded with his business without me hearing is because he was confident that I would help him once I found out.

 I was fond of the Demon King's self-control, but now that I knew, I had no choice but to act.

When there is something we want to do, we have a troubled disposition that we can't help but do it! It's us who are rather always in the care of the Demon King! You're giving us permission to do what we do every time, and you're getting behind us!
Please let me indulge your generosity this time, too!
"You're no match for a saint...?

 Once I was able to convince the Demon Lord, I summoned a certain person.

 Speaking of hot springs, she is the one who has the necessary abilities for that........

    * * * *.

Holkosfone, I am at your service.

 Angel Holkosfon.

 She is one of the strongest in our farm, along with Veerle and others in terms of her abilities.

 She is one of the strongest in the world, along with Veerle and others.

 But now, thousands of years later, she has forgotten her former mission and lives peacefully on her farm.

"It's Holkosfone. The reason I called you here is because of what I wanted you to do.
"I am the master's sword and shield. I will destroy any enemy if the master so commands. And who would you have me destroy this time?
I'm not gonna kill you.

You just said, "It's a peaceful life," so why is everything you say and do is so disturbing?

 I was hoping that this Holkosfone was the one I was going to trust with my hot spring digging!
 The reason for this is that she is the one who dug up the hot springs here on the farm.

 She has abilities far beyond humanity's, and if she could penetrate the earth, she would have no trouble punching through the bedrock and digging out the hot springs.

We're digging for hot springs again, this time outside the farm. "We're going to dig another hot spring, this time outside the farm. I need you to use your skills again, if you don't mind.
The Master's orders are absolute to me. There is no way I would refuse. "If the master wishes, I will submerge the entire continent in a sea of hot springs for him to enjoy.
"You don't have to go that far!

 Why can't our race of angels know how to handle themselves?
 It's a horrible thing to say.

 I'm sure they're planning to dig a hot spring and punch out the star's core.

 Those worries were an afterthought.

 Holkosfone was able to dig out a new hot spring.