504-502 Let's make a hot spring inn

 How do you do? It's me.
 In fact, I've been watching the whole thing unfold.

 Mr. Well Digger has been assigned the unprofessional task of digging hot springs.
 An angel named Horcosfon appeared to him.
 The well digger who is overwhelmed by Folkosfon and volunteers to be his apprentice.

 We watched over everything, didn't we?
 He stood by and didn't utter a single word.

 But the well-digger asked for an apprenticeship, and Holkosfon seemed to respond to him....

'Stir with more force. If you don't put your mind to it, the natto won't give off any stickiness.
Yes sir!

 ........Only I, watching from a step back, could notice the difference in perception between the two sides.

'It's no use. Horkos-chan demands all the best from natto.

 Lettuce rate.
 You're in there, too, come to think of it.

"Oh, and Cezar! Now that the hot springs are coming out, they're going to build a bathhouse here too! Let's hurry up and build a bean park!

 I'm not building that thing.
 Don't try to build a bean theme park in the middle of a mess.

"Nuh-uh? Come to think of it, what is the use of this gushing hot water?

 Kimmarie, who had come to her senses just a little bit, still didn't stop stirring the natto.

'Are you still going to use it as a beverage? Sounds like it would come in handy for cooking if it were heated from the start!

 ........no, no.

 It's a novel opinion because I don't know, but can we use this hot spring for cooking? I can't say for sure until I do a water quality study?

 But first we have to establish the most straightforward use for it.

'As Lettuce Rate says, we'll build a bathing facility as soon as we can! Come on, men, come out! ""Haha!"

 Orcobo and the other orc armies, including Orcobo, arrived there one after another with transition magic.

 It seems that the transfer point was set by Holkosfone and the coordinates were transmitted through communication magic.
 As expected of an angel, he can do anything.

 I'm sure that these orcs, who love construction, will be happy to participate in any attempt to build a new building.

 They have experience in building bathing facilities in the past, so it is expected that the project will go smoothly.

'However! This build is different than the last bathhouse you built! I'm going to change things up a bit!
What is the meaning of this, my Lord!


 The public bathhouse we built on the farm before had a public bathhouse-like atmosphere.
 I thought of the interior and exterior to create a casual atmosphere for everyone to enjoy.

 This time, I wanted to create a more upscale atmosphere while retaining the casualness of the bathhouse.
 It would be like a hot spring resort inn, so to speak.

We wanted to make sure that everyone could enjoy the hot springs without discrimination. In order to fulfill that wish, we want to build a huge hot spring facility that people from all over the demon kingdom... or even the world can come to enjoy!
In other words... a hot spring inn!

 In the world where I used to live, there used to be various tourist facilities with hot springs as their main attraction.
 You can enjoy the hot springs as often as you like while staying there.
 The extravagant local cuisine that comes out in the morning and evening.
 A very old game cabinet in a corner.

 It's a great leisure space that brings all of these things together.
 A hot spring inn!

'We'll make it here! To get as many people to come to the hot springs as possible!

 The orcs are very motivated.

'It's going to be another big construction job! My arms are snapping!
The construction of an open-air bath is so unique that I've been wanting to do it again!
Let's go find just the right stones!

 The Orcs built various houses in the process of expanding their farm, and perhaps because of this, building has become a hobby for them.

 Whenever they build something, they come alive.

We need to build not only a bathhouse, but also an inn for our guests who come from far away to enjoy the hot springs. ............Mr. Kinmarie.
The snap of the wrist makes the Natto stir more sharply! .........what is it?

 I ask Kimmarie, who is about to change her job from well digger to natto stirrer.

'What's the geography of this area like? Do a lot of people live here?
........It's a frontier. There's no big city nearby, and it's not a place people like to go to. This is the kind of place where large scale well drilling is originally done. The wells that gush out attract people.

 I see. So the first step in the development of a new village is to dig a well.
 Drinking water is the first requirement for people to survive, so it's only natural...

 In this case, the hot springs will be the source of people's attraction to the area.

''To tell the truth, this land has a river flowing just beyond, so we don't have any problems with water for daily life. Rather, the problem would be that this land is in a deep mountainous area. There isn't much flat land available.

 I see.
 You can only grow fields and rice paddies on the level ground.

That's why this area was abandoned. Even if you dig a well, there's no point in cultivating it if there's no land suitable for farming and you can't grow any crops. In that sense, it was an abandoned area, even for our well digging guild.

 The reason why the shovel entered such a place is because of the recklessness of the Demon King's request to 'dig out the hot water'.

 The very land was selected for the emergency request.

 This is essentially a forgotten land.

That's why it's so good for us, isn't it?

 You can build a town as you see fit, without thinking about neighbors or anything else.
 You know, the first hot spring inn in another world that's never been built before!

 Leave the construction to the orcs, and there will be no problem at all.
 In fact, they should be able to build an inn that exceeds my expectations without my having to touch it again.

 If I don't have to worry about the hardware, I should be focusing on the software.

 I'll be developing and preparing this and that for the hot spring lodges.

It's a good way to make natto. I see that you have mastered the basics. Now let's start the application.
What? You want to put an egg in natto...?

 Let's let Holkosfone and Kimmarie continue on the path they want to take...?

 What you need for the hot springs........

 First of all, a yukata.

 That is the formal attire to wear when using the hot springs.
 The yukata has been in use since the Heian period, and it's perfect for easy access to the hot springs.
 It is easy to put on and take off and get in and out of the hot spring.

 The yukata has an elegant design, and the cotton fabric is breathable and perfect for cooling off the body after a long day of boiling.

 When you open a hot spring inn in another world, you need a yukata.
 It would be even better if they had original patterns dyed on them.

 So when it comes to clothing, she is the right person for the job, so I asked her to help.

 The person in charge of clothing on my farm, Bati, is now a world-renowned fashion designer who can't be pushed around.

    * * * *


''I definitely don't want to!''

 I was rejected like crazy.
 As soon as I returned to the farm and showed him the rough idea of a yukata, he refused like a ton of bricks.

 Why does Batty refuse to wear a yukata to such an extent?

Because it's disgraceful!
You know, just opening up the front like this, I can see everything! Only one thin strip to close! You're too reliable! If the belt is unraveled in any way, it will immediately turn into an oppiloge!

 It's true that if they had told me, I might have been.

'And you're functionally not wearing anything underneath it! You're in full view more and more! I can't make this kinky costume!
How rude to a traditional dress!

 But is that kind of openness a nice touch?
 It's true that if a woman wears it, the tyranny and coloration can be wonderful...?

 Anyway, I can't find anything to persuade Batty to wear it now, so let's put the yukata making on the back burner.
 There are many other things that come with a hot spring inn.

 It's not too late to find those first.