507-505 Onsen inn completed

 Thus, after much trial and error....

 The hot spring inn is complete!

What a wonderful onsen ryokan!

 The exterior of the inn is a rustic Japanese style ryokan.
 If you're going to stay at a hot spring resort, Japanese style is the way to go.

 However, the scale is as large as a hotel, and it was designed to accommodate a large number of guests.
 It was a six-story building.
 It was made of wood.

They put a lot of effort into building it again.
'Japanese style architecture is something I have accumulated expertise in when I built your home, and I have experience in building huge buildings at Oakvo Castle. We built it with the intention of giving it everything we've accumulated so far!

 Oakbo is getting excited, too.
 The Orcs really love building.

I'll show you around inside. We would also like you to see the main bathing area.

 The bathing area inside the inn was also gorgeous.

''There's an open-air and inner bath!
The baths were modeled after the farmhouse baths we built. We Orcs have pooled our resources and created many different kinds of baths.

 With the open-air bath as the mainstay, there is a large bath that many people can enter, a bubble bath with bubbles, and a medicinal bath in which a variety of medicinal herbs prepared by Prati are soaked. There is also a sitting bath.

 There are many different kinds of baths.

Isn't this even better than the farmhouse baths...?
We've done everything we can to satisfy you, my dear. We have done everything we can do to make you happy, sir!

 The Orcobos always give it their all, don't they?

 Thanks to them, the inn is even better than I imagined it would be.

 There's a ping-pong set I made up in the playroom, and hot spring eggs and hot spring buns in the gift shop.

 And..., oh?

What are the clothes on top of this...?
"Lord Batty delivered it. It's called a yukata, isn't it?

 Batty, did you end up making me a yukata?
"Breach! You're a twinkling boy, you're a twinkling boy, you're a twinkling boy, you're a twinkling boy, you're a twinkling boy, you're a twinkling boy, you're a twinkling boy, you're a twinkling boy, you're a twinkling boy, you're a twinkling boy, you're a twinkling boy, you're a twinkling boy, you're a twinkling boy, you're a twinkling boy, you're a twinkling boy, you're a twinkling boy.

Don't get me wrong!

 Then Batty himself appeared.

'As a tailor, I only try to do what I'm asked to do! But it would be a nuisance for me to have a reputation for violating public morals with my clothes! That's where I found a solution!
The solution?
Look at this strip!

 This obi that comes with the yukata?

What the hell?
I had Verena study it, and this sash, which is imbued with near-cursed power, can be undone by the wearer's hands, but it can never be undone otherwise! No matter how rampant or violent they are, the knot stays tight!


'That's not all! The yukata itself.......the collar and hem are similarly cursed!
Did he finally say the curse in person?
Thanks to this curse, the yukata itself will never fall off! No more thighs showing through the flap hem, or breasts showing through the messy collar! This is a safe and absolutely defensive yukata!

 Batty. You've invented another unbelievable thing, haven't you?

 Now, let's see how good this yukata really is!
 I changed into a yukata.....
 After tightening the obi and making sure the collar is in place....

'Okubo! Let's have a fight!

 I played ping-pong with Okubo.

 We played about three games of ping-pong...!

'Great! I didn't lose my clothes at all!

 The obi didn't loosen and the collar didn't come off even after long periods of exercise.
 It's as tight as if you just put it on.

 By the way, out of the three games in the table tennis match, we lost by 2:1.
 Okubo was strong.

''Now there is no need to disturb public morals! This inn will be filled with a clean and bright atmosphere!

 That's kind of lonely, isn't it?
 I'm not going to miss it, you know?

'We have 200 yukatas ready for you at the moment! And there is a curse on all of them that keeps them from falling apart! Verena did a great job!
'Isn't that a one-sided burden on Verena?'

 The inn's employees were humanized automatons.
 The customer service experience was made at the farm expo, so you can rest assured that they are in good hands.

 Now that we have everything we need, all we have to do is open for business in earnest and we're here!

''We're all going to work hard and get as many people to enjoy the hot springs as we can!
"'Relax! Relax!

 The slogan is 'All-out relaxation'!
 On the contrary, it's almost exhausting.

'But we can't just open a business.

 After all, this inn is located deep in the mountains, far from the center of the city.

 If you're looking for a place with hot springs and a quiet atmosphere, though, you can't blame them for being in the middle of nowhere.
 If you just keep operating as it is, people won't even recognize your existence. You'll be bypassed all the time...?

The first thing we have to do before we open our doors is.......advertise!
"All right, let's show the world what this hot spring resort is all about!

 Yes, that's right.

I've done a lot of publicity work on the Farm Fair. We can try all sorts of ways!
I'm sure the Pandemonium Chamber of Commerce would be brave enough to help you out if you asked them, and would you like Mr. Elon to draw another poster for you?

 I don't need to tell them what to do, but they just naturally come up with the best solution and try to get there.
 That's very encouraging.

 I've seen the farm and the people who live there grow through all of these experiences.
 I'd like to shed a tear or two, but I'm not ready for that.

Your ideas are great, but wait a minute.

 Batty and Okubo nodded their heads.

I think there's a need for publicity and all the options you're offering are valid. But we have to deal with this on a case-by-case basis.
What do you mean?

 This hot spring inn was built to allow guests to relax and soak in the hot springs.

 Then, first and foremost, the people who want to come here are the ones who are tired of their daily life.
 Shouldn't they be the very tired people who need this hot spring more than anything else?

Isn't the advertising campaign also aimed at reaching more people who want to come, not just anyone?
Oh! That's why I'm a saint! That's a good point!

 We want this hot spring hotel to be a temporary escape, an oasis for people who are tired from their daily lives.

So, who is the person who is always the most tired?
'Isn't it the Demon King after all? You seem to be busy with political duties every day.

 He's the first one that comes to mind, right?

 I thought so too, and in fact, I had already approached him about it.
 But he was adamant.

'It's the people who need to take the initiative and be at ease, so I can put myself on the back burner.'
That's the devil king!

 It was just a mischievous display of Ming-kun-ness.

 That's why the Demon King was excluded, and if there was anyone else who had other exhaustion to heal...?

Where is Lady Belfegamilia?
He's not the only one.

 I'd rather he works harder.

 Besides, I've had a thought of my own at this point.
 It's an idea I've been trying to implement.

'Orcbo, will you lead the orcs away?

 To a place, for publicity.