510-508 Arrival Hot Spring Inn

 Continuing with the Demon Prime Minister, Lukif Fokale.

 I've decided to take a leave of absence to rest my bones.
 I've decided to take a leave of absence to rest my bones, and I've decided to take care of everything I can ahead of time so that there will be no delays in my governmental affairs.
 I instructed my subordinates to take care of things in my absence....
 After drawing up several manuals on what to do in case of emergency, I finally left for work.

"I'm extra tired to rest...?
What is it?

 For some reason, Lord Baal, the Great Demon King, came with me to the resting place.
 He's the person I've thought of most times in my life that I want to kill.
 As long as he's by my side, I don't think I'll ever feel comfortable.

 It's just that this resting place is where he's been introduced.
 Where in the world is he being taken to?

We're here.
You're early.

 It's just that I used transference magic.
 This magic is still useful. I'm limiting it for security reasons, but for the sake of a smoother office, it might be better to increase the number of users.

You're not going to be able to get your hands on any of them.
Isn't that where you wanted to be?

 I can't help but suppress the thorns in my words to the Great Demon King-sama partner........

 The scenery spread out before me was enough to clear my mood.

''What the hell is that building...?

 I knew that we were deep in the mountains somewhere.

 It's quiet and green, and the terrain is full of ups and downs, so just looking at the scenery is pleasing to the eye.

 However, what is more eye-catching is the architecture that rises in the midst of the nature.

 What is that thing?
 Is it a tower?
 The eaves are so high that it seems so.

 I wonder how many floors it is?

 Counting from the outside, one, two, three, four...?

That's six floors.
Okay, okay.

 How is such a tall building possible?
 And that, even from the outside, it's easy to tell that there are no bricks or stones used.

 It's made of wood!
 You can't build a house that big out of wood!

"Huh-huh-huh.... Then it will have been worth it to bring you here.

 Great Demon Lord-sama is so good at this........?

 I'm unconditionally annoyed just because he's feeling good about himself.

''The people who built that building are just that good. You'll be amazed at what you find inside. So don't get your head in the sand here, let's get going!
"Sure thing!

 The Great Demon Lord hurries me forward.
 We approached that bizarre building.

 The first thing I came across was a gate.
 Beside the gate, there was also a sign made of wood with the inscription, "Whoever passes through this gate, cast off all fatigue.

This gate is enchanted so that if anyone who is not particularly tired tries to pass through it, it will be rebuffed.
Then you'll get played back, won't you?
That's why I brought you here! They made a big deal out of it, and then they agreed to let him in as a companion! I can finally get in with you!

 Again, bothering an unspecified number of people.

 If that kind of magic is going on, then I'll just have to ask you to play back this time, 'Can't you just play this guy back? But in vain, both the Great Demon Lord and I were able to slip through the gate.

''Yay! Now we can enjoy a hot spring inn!

 Didn't I just click my tongue?

 But in the end, that onsenryokan? What is the

 There is no doubt that the Great Demon Lord has the ability to discern the beauty of things. I've had to go through a lot of hardships at the mercy of this, so I understand this more than anyone else.
 The fact that this Daimyou-sama is so obsessed with this kind of thing, there's no doubt that there's something aesthetically pleasing in store for you...?

    * * *

Welcome back.

 That said, we were greeted by a group of women in some strange attire.
 They bowed their heads reverently and paid the utmost courtesy.

'I am the matchmaker of our inn. You must be Lukif Fokare-sama and his attendant, right? I would like to make a reservation. The rooms are already ready for you, so let me show you.
Mm, it doesn't bother me.

 You called the Great Satanic King of Heaven an escort?

 Even though he has already retired, Grand Demon King Baal-sama is the former ruler of the Demon Kingdom and the current Demon King's real father.
 He's still one of the most respected people in the Demon Kingdom, but he's even more polite than him.

 Is it not by no means that he respects me because I am the Prime Minister of the Demon Kingdom?
 If that's the case, then you should be able to put the Daimaima's guy ahead of me, right?

 My guess is becoming more and more certain as I enter the building, and I pass many customers inside, but Nakai and the other employees are polite to everyone without discrimination.

 The social status of the customers doesn't matter to the workers here.
 Everything is to be treated with the utmost respect...?

''This is the 'Peony Room' that we have prepared for Lukif Fokale and the others.

 We were shown to a suite, which was also very fancy!

Please remove your shoes to your rooms.

 It's too comfortable to step on!

Tatami mats.
"Whoa! The view from the window is fantastic!
He's on the fifth floor.

 Don't huff and puff, Grand Demon King.

 However, even I, a Park Nenin, could see how cozy this room was.
 Even before I reached the room, I was overwhelmed.
 This building was not only a stunning piece of work, not only on the exterior, but also on the interior. There was a pond in the lobby even though it was a room, and the lobby was decorated with flowers and furniture in a classy manner, just like a great demon king would like.

 However, the room was surprising not only from a cultural point of view, but also from a civilized point of view.

 This room is said to be located on the fifth floor, but I'm old enough to know better. If I took the stairs up to such a floor, I would be out of breath and my legs and feet would be wobbly.
 But that wasn't the case.
 I made it to the fifth floor without having to climb a single step with my feet.

I'm not sure if I'm right or wrong. I used it to get up here...?
Is that an elevator?

 That's it.
 That was a strange facility indeed.
 Just when we thought we were inside a small room, the room itself rose and took us upstairs!

The owner of the inn invented this device, which allows guests to get to and from each floor with ease. It's powered by magic.
Oh, really...?
Well, I'm sure you'll stay up all night for dinner.

 With that, Nakai walks out of the room.
 His gesture was admirably fluid and he didn't make a single sound.

'All right, Lukif! Let's get into the hot springs! Hot springs!

 There's no time to settle down, Great Demon Lord.

 But what in the world is it that you've been saying on-scene on-scene many times before?

'It's faster to soak than to explain! I've already done my homework! Let's go to the sky bath first! Apparently it's on the top floor!

 I'm taken out of the room by the Great Demon Lord-sama.

 At any rate, I think I've surprised myself enough by coming here.
 What more surprises do you want to know...?

    * * *

"What is this?

 I was amazed.
 The feeling of an onsen!

 I didn't know soaking in hot water was such a pleasant thing to do!

 And what's more! Where is this water tank that stores hot water?
 Isn't it the top floor?

 What is this huge amount of hot water at the top of the six-story building that was so impressive even from the outside?

It seems to be pumped up to the top floor with a magic-powered pump. This hot water is also gushing from deep underground, which means that every single one of the facilities built by the saint is a monstrous thing.


 From the building itself to the devices associated with it, every single one of them is stunning without exception.

 What kind of genius or monster could have created this?
 As the Prime Minister of the Demon Kingdom, my interest and vigilance is heightened.

 But now.........

 The hot springs are too pleasant to think straight........!
 I'm melting into hot water.
 I'm melting into hot water...?