511-509 Sage in the bathtub

 The hot spring was so pleasant that it took me a while to realize how creepy the situation was that I was standing naked alongside that great demon king.

 When I noticed, it was already quite gross.

 However, I don't want to get out of the bathtub just because it's creepy.
 That's how nice the hot spring feels!

 And not only is the experience good, the view is great.

 Did you call it a sky bath?

 Not only does it live up to its name, but it looks like it's floating in the sky!
 It was built on top of a six-story building, a tall structure that is not easily found even in the Magic City.

 As the inn was originally built in the mountains, it is wonderful to be able to see the distant view of the mountains in a row.
 I felt as if my body was going to melt away in the warm water while enjoying the view.

 I never knew there was such a luxurious time in the world!

 The tiredness that had built up from daily political duties seemed to seep out into the hot water!

"Hohoho! It's certainly a nice place!

 And the person who didn't look too tired was just going about his business.
 If it weren't for this guy, I could relax more quietly.

It's still better to come here only by those who have accumulated a lot of fatigue...
'You've come to appreciate this place as much as I have? It's true, it's true! So let's go for it and get to the next spot!

 Huh? Moving?
 Can I just take a little more time to soak in here and relax?

I heard there are many other kinds of baths in this inn, including a free-flowing hot spring, a bubble bath and a potbelly bath on other floors. You'd be wasting your time if you didn't complete it! Let's go for the cancer!

 Don't get excited.
 The old man, who has a lot of energy, is moving fast.

 I'm not going to be able to say that I'm not going to be able to do anything about it.
 I want to soak in the water a little more slowly and let the tiredness soak out of me.

 It can't be helped.
 Daimajou-sama's energy and enthusiasm hasn't started for the first time.
 Even when I was in the service, I was carried along by this kind of momentum and pushed through with a ridiculous budget plan.

 It's a good memory now, but it's a bad memory.

We've got plenty of time, so you want to come along for the first part?
That's my loyal subject!

 Will you stop calling me a loyal vassal?

 So I made a regrettable sound of hot water and left the sky bath for a while.

    * * * *

 And then we came right back.
 We went around the other bathing facilities on the other floor, and after beating Daimaou-sama to a pulp with a game of ping-pong or something like that to finish it off, we went our separate ways.

 Although Daimajosama said that he wanted to go to the facility called "The Hall of Treasures" outside of the inn, I couldn't go with him anymore.

 So I returned to the first sky bath and soaked in the hot water.

 This hot water is good after all.
 My tired body melts away in the hot water.

 And I feel it more and more that it is a terrible facility.
 To the roof of this celestial bath and a high-rise building, it will be considerable labor to carry hot water into the roof. The place carrying out it without sparing it is also wonderful.

 This bathtub is on a scale that can easily accommodate 20 men even if they take a bath with enough time to spare and keep a distance from each other to the extent that they do not feel sick.

 A certain amount of hot water to fill such a large bathtub.
 How powerful a pumping spell would be needed to bring it to the roof of the sixth floor?
 And to do that on a regular basis...?

'We may need to be vigilant.

 As I relax in the bathtub, I can't forget that my heart is the Prime Minister of the Demon Kingdom.

 A person with such a high level of skill. I don't know who he is, but even if he is unbeatable, if he were to go around with the enemy of the demon kingdom, it is inevitable that he will be in trouble.
 You should take some kind of action, but if you don't even know what you're dealing with, won't you make a lot of noise before you know what you're dealing with?

 I wish I could get more information about that from the Great Demon Lord, but I don't think I'd be able to get a straight answer from her....

"You don't look well, sir.

 I was surprised when he spoke to me out of the blue.
 I shook the hot water with a bang.

Who's there?
Excuse me, sir. That's my bad, I didn't mean to scare you.

 Before I knew it, there was another one in the same tub.
 Who was it? I've never seen you before.

 However, I've heard that this bath is a communal facility, and it wouldn't be surprising if someone other than me came to bathe in it.
 I'm not the Prime Minister of the Demon Kingdom here, I'm just an ordinary hot-spring guest. I must not spread my authority.

''Excuse me........I was thinking about something.
'That's why your brow is wrinkled. Contemplation is fun, but this is a place to soothe your fatigue and nurture your energy for tomorrow. Thinking about difficult things won't help you get rid of the fatigue.

 That's true.
 Maybe I should forget all the work for once here.

 However, this bathing guest who talked to me all of a sudden. He has a very relaxed demeanor.

 He looks youthful.......maybe in his 20s or 30s?
 He looks like a human from the color of his skin, but even so, he has a dignity that is unbecoming of his youth.

 You can tell at a glance that he's no ordinary man.

It's not just a matter of time before you'll be able to get your hands on a new one. "But this bath is magnificent........such a large amount of hot water at such a high location. How in the world did they get it in here...?
Is that what you're thinking about?

 I was easily detected.
 I thought I was fooling myself with my small talk style, but what is this man?

It was the builder's idea to build a bathhouse at the top of the building. To begin with, the source of the water is deep in the ground and is as deep as 60 buildings in a row.
That much?
That's where the hot water comes from, pumped up by a new type of pump magic that Verena invented. Since the water comes from that deep, it's within the range of error to move it higher up on the ground.

 The more I hear about it, the more amazing it is.
 If such pumping magic exists, then even wells can be dug from even deeper depths, and the water source situation in the demon country would be even better.

 As I thought, this hot spring inn....
 It's a horrible piece of technology disguised as a mere entertainment facility!

Well, excuse me, but...?

 I ask, choosing my words carefully.
 To this young person.

What is your connection to this hot spring hotel? What if you are the one...?
No, it's just a neighborhood. They've been good to me just because I live nearby.

 You don't say that casually, but this is a very serious party?
 We need to establish a more intimate atmosphere to get information out of him!

Don't do it, Prime Minister. Your brows are wrinkled again.

 Seeing that I'm the Prime Minister of the Demon Kingdom...?

I have served in my position in the past, so I am well aware of the difficulty of responsibility as you are. That's why I want you to come here, to forget all about it and relax.
What's really important will come back to you naturally, even after you're unloaded. If you want to regain your strength to lift it, you'll have to come up empty-handed here for once.

 What a connotation...?
 I can't believe that a young priest in his 20s can say that!

 If you look closely, isn't this man wrapped in a strange, inhuman magic?
 Is he great or evil...?

 This person who wears this kind of magic is not an ordinary person in itself...?

Excuse me for being late, but may I know your name?

 He was a man of dignity in the hot water.

The powerful magic of the human race. The appearance of a wise man. I'm sure you are quite a man. If you don't mind, could you tell us more about his wisdom? I believe it will contribute to the development of the Demon Kingdom.
You can't, you can't...

 Ohito laughed and let the hot water surge.

'Both you and I are just hot water guests here. Even though we're naked and soaking in the hot tub together. Do you have a title and a mission?
Don't worry. As long as Mr. Zedan is around, the demon kingdom will be safe. This is not the place for this old man. Let's just wash away all our worries and troubles with hot water.

 With that, Gohin stands up and gets out of the hot water.

''Um! Where are you going to...?
You will get tired if you stay in the water too long. Get out of the hot water, let the cold wind cool you down, and then soak in the water again to get warm. If you repeat this, the fatigue in your body will be gone in no time at all.

 The person who is going away after saying that.


 This hot spring inn might be a more amazing place than I imagined.
 I've never expected to meet such a wise man as myself.

 I want to welcome him to the heart of the demon kingdom and let him join the national government.
 Can't we somehow persuade him to join us during this rest period?