512-510 Murder of the Dragon Museum

 It is me.

 The completed ryokan is now safely open for business.

 The former automaton women are working really briskly, with the work of the matchmaker on the board.
 My experience at the exposition is alive and well.

 The kimono they made for this purpose looks great on them, and the completed hot spring resort is just as good as you'd expect.

 As the originator of the idea, I'm in the process of making the rounds of the inn to help with sales.
 If there are any problems, I want to take the initiative in solving them.

"Oh, well, sir,
Saints, you had a nice hot bath.

 So I was walking down the corridor of the inn when I bumped into the No Life King teacher.
 It was on the fourth floor.

'How was the sky bath?'
The hot water is good, and the view is spectacular, to say the least. The hot springs are always available on the farm, and they are well worth the trip.

 That was good.
 This hot spring inn was built with the hope that it would be a healing experience for tired people around the world.
 It would be my greatest pleasure if you could actually heal the weary.

Come to think of it, I was in the bathhouse with a benevolent gentleman. He looked like the demon prime minister of the land of rumors.

 I've heard that story.
 I want to enjoy the hot spring inn even though Great Demon Baal-san isn't even tired!'' So I had no choice but to make a condition: 'Well, bring someone who is tired with you,' he said.

 Seriously, he fulfilled the condition.

''The Demon King also asked me to take care of the Prime Minister, so I must welcome him with all my might!
He's the one who is tired to the core. I'm sure the hot water here will do wonders for him. I hope he's as moist as an eagle.

 Sensei, you are physically moist.

 The king of the undead, the No-Life King, usually has dry skin and a mummified or immortalized Buddha-like appearance.
 By soaking in the hot spring, his skin absorbs water and returns to its original form.
 And he's beautiful!

 It was just like that now that I had just come out of the hot springs.
 Well, once I got up, I'd be back to my normal state shortly afterwards.

''Speaking of which, Saint-sama.''

 See, I'm back.
 He's the No-Life King.

"Have you heard anything from the Viel? I'm getting a call from him...?
Yeah, that's me too.

 Veerle the Dragon.

 I heard that he's trying to do something with the opening of this hot spring inn.

 He's prepared an event to make it more fun for visitors.
 We've been told to gather at a specified time for this event.

He's become an event lover.

 Recently, he's been pulling a food truck to make ramen noodles to serve to strangers and adventurers.
 I've heard that Alexander-san and I held a monthly event in this dungeon some time ago and it was very popular.

 I guess he got a taste for it, but he wants to do something here at the hot spring inn as well.

It's a good thing to get excited about, so I'm going to go along with them without ignoring them.
Now, are you with me?

 It was funny to see that the doctor was surprisingly enthusiastic about it.

 He is said to be waiting for me in one of the rooms of the inn here.
 The place is on the........fifth floor?
 On the way, I met up with Prathi and Junior, who were also enjoying the hot springs at the Sky Baths, and we arrived in front of our assigned room.

''This place........?''

 One of the nondescript rooms.
 They say that Veerle is going to do something here.

'What the hell is that...? I have a problem with one of the guest rooms going down because of his idea?
Oh my god...?

 Let's just see what he's up to, shall we?

Veerleux? Are you in there or are you going in?
Ga-ha-ha-ha, I'm here!

 Ville was here?
 Outside the room.
 Why, I thought you'd be waiting in the room for me?

Master, this door is locked.
So the only way to get in there is to forcefully pry it open.

 Hahhhhhh? !

 What are you saying, this stupid dragon?
 We just built a hot spring resort, don't just break it down!

...this is the setting to open the door.

 It opens normally.
 What's with the settings?

'Thus the inhabitants who stepped into the room! What I saw there was the most unimaginable tragedy I have ever seen!
What's the narration?

 Thus, when we all walked into the guest room, there was the Great Demon King Baal inside.
 He was lying face down on the tatami mat.

''........What are you doing, Great Demon King?''
"They killed me.

 Seriously, what are you talking about?
 Where are the bodies that declare themselves 'murdered'? It's alive and well, isn't it?

 What's this relentless theatrics from earlier?

'My God, what a mess! The great demon king's old man has been killed!

 And Veerle continues with his little play.
 "Don't call me an old man, Grand Demon King.

"But this is strange! The door is locked in here, and you can't even get in and out of the window! The guy who killed the old man shouldn't be able to get in or out of here! I mean, this is...........!

 A big pile up.........

"It's a locked room murderer!

 He said with a stern face.


Can you elaborate on that a bit more?
Don't you see, master! Even though his source of information was your master!

 What? Me?

"The master told me. You said the hot springs are always accompanied by murder!
I didn't say that!

 Did I say that?

 At a planning meeting to promote an onsen inn, we asked ourselves, "What is onsen? It seems to me that one of the things that came out of the brainstorming session that was going on was a murder.

 Because there is a murder.
 A murder occurs in a scenic hot spring resort.

 A famous detective goes into the investigation and solves the case with great deduction while in the hot spring.
 The last one is usually on the edge of a precipice.

 I remember telling such a story to Veerle in a tone that reminded me of an old story.

You don't mean to tell me that you adopted it, Veerle?
''Gufufufufufufufufu! This is my challenge to the customers of this hot spring inn!

 With that, he points to the Daimajou-san (playing the role of a corpse) lying face down on the tatami.

"How in the world was this old man killed? Solve the mystery and find out who did it! The killer is in here! There is always one truth! The proof is complete in the old man's name!
Don't tat me.

 I see.
 So, this is an attraction to experience solving a mystery set up by Viel.

 He made up a fictional murder case and set up an intellectual game to solve the murderer.
 Because of the extraordinary space of a hot spring hotel, the extraordinary nature of the murder case is realized many times over, a very well-designed attraction.

'Veerle.........? I didn't expect you to create such a box with your own ideas...!
Because of what my master told me. Come on, you lowly humans! Beat the guessing game set up by this Grinzel Dragon Veerle and ged the prize with flying colors!

 You'll get a prize if you solve it at least once.

I've already put out everything you need to solve the puzzle! Put them together, solve the mystery, and stand up to my challenge with flying colors!

    * * *

Well, but this is a trial run with just the people involved. I'd like to hear your thoughts on the game as you play it to make sure it's going well.

 I wonder if Viel has learned to be more careful in his planning....