516-514 Onsen and Bungou

 My name is Agail.
 I'm a demon.

 I had a well-established position until recently, but I lost it too.
 I'm a "war secretary".

 It's my job to write down the details of the demon king's army's operations, what decisions the commanders made, what they said, and what happened as a result.

 Military service is a responsible job where the slightest difference in judgment can result in the death of a man, so detailed records are necessary to avoid a matter of "saying or not saying" later on.

 We servant secretaries had been following the Four Heavenly Kings and other important people in the Demon King's Army and recording their words and deeds in detail, but I've decided to resign from that position.

 The reason is that the organization itself is being cut back.

 After the long war with the tribal army, the Demon King's Army had completed one of its most important roles.
 Therefore, it no longer needed to maintain its previous large scale, and now it was heading towards the trend of disarmament.

 Many of the soldiers who had supported the Demon King's army have been discharged from the army. Many of the soldiers who have supported the Demon King's Army have been discharged from the military, and many of them are either entering the pension system a little early or using their retirement funds to start a new business.

 I am one of them.

 Since military secretaries are technically in the in-house group, there was a high chance that I could still remain in the army.
 Even so, I willingly resigned from the Demon King's Army.
 I had found my professional attraction to the warrant officer in touring various lands, surprising my mind with new scenery and recording the quotes of the Four Heavenly Kings and other sturdy heroic soldiers.

 Seeking stability, he would rather stay in his barracks and stare at uninteresting paperwork than run around and find something else to do for fun.
 However, there is no way I can conveniently find my next purpose in life, and for now, I make good use of my free time while I'm unemployed to rest my bones.

 Just as well, 'It's a great way to relieve my fatigue! I went to the hot spring inn that was rumored to be a hot spring.
 The hot spring facility was so comfortable that it seemed to wash away all the fatigue of my more than ten years as a clerk, but that didn't make my outlook for the future any brighter.

What should I do...?

 The only thing I can take credit for is my literary talent, which is what made me run around the battlefield and run my pen.

 The Demon King and the Four Heavenly Kings are always trying to say good things, so I'm sure I have some great quotes to say, but what good would they do in a different profession?

 Since I left the Demon King's Army after all these years, I don't want to do a boring job.
 But when it comes to food, you can't afford to be extravagant.

Now........what to do.......

 And I was pacing the corridor, wearing a yukata after the bath....
 I heard a disturbing voice from somewhere.

''My God! The Grand Demon Lord's old man has been killed!
What did you say?

 By "Daimajin," do you mean Master Baal?

 The previous king of demons, the great demon king, Baal-sama, who was known as a rare spendthrift?

 I hurriedly rushed over to the direction of the voice, and found several people chattering in the room.

 The door had just been left open, so I quietly peeked inside.

 It turned out that Daima-sama was indeed lying on the tatami mat, but he looked quite healthy.

 What was it? You don't look well at all, do you?
 When I was a little disappointed with my shoulder, I inspected the group in the room.

 The presence of Lucif Fokare-sama, the Prime Minister of the Demon Kingdom, is also great, but....
 Other than that, I don't really recognize any other faces.

 I mean, what is that thing that looks like a dried up corpse with a hint of evil?

 The others seemed to be a couple with children, but another girl, younger than the rest, was the noisiest of them all, and said in a loud voice that was clearly audible even to me, who was peering out of the room.

'But it's strange! The door is locked in here, and you can't even get in and out of the window! The guy who killed the old man shouldn't be able to get in or out of here! I mean, this is...........!

 A big pile up.........

It's a locked room murder!

 A locked room murder?
 What a word that probably stimulates my senses in this language-using profession.
 You've captured my interest!

 I took a closer look and made my own guesses about the situation, but it seems this is a game of sorts.

 You play the role of a fictional murder case, and Daimajou-sama plays the role of the victim.

 The idea is to find the culprit based on various hints.

 Sounds interesting!

 It might be something that will help me find my next job. I'll continue to secretly follow him and observe him.

    * * * *


 This concept of 'locked room murder' is probably attractive because of the 'mystery' and 'contradiction' contained in the structure itself.

 Since you are being killed, there is someone who has killed you.
 Because the murderer leaves the scene, traces of human comings and goings should be left behind.

 Yet in the case of the locked room murders, not only is there no sign of anyone going in and out of the room, but it is impossible for anyone to go in and out.
 This abnormality attracts people's attention, which in turn attracts them.

 Indeed, as the man pointed out, a locked room murder by itself is a dumb existence.
 The traces of comings and goings in and out of the room do not give the murderer any advantage, as long as the most important fact of the murder is not hidden.

 But I suggest you try a little more creative.

 For example, because no traces of a human being could be identified, it could be blown out of proportion that the culprit was not an ordinary human being, but a god or a demon of some kind.
 Can we sublimate this into a story in which the protagonist takes on the challenge with intelligence and composure in the midst of the fear of superstition?

 After that, the man started going around with a girl who seemed to be the organizer.

 I followed them as well.

Whenever there's a murder at a hot spring resort, an introduction to the places of interest is a must! Walk around the area and casually show off the hot spring resort's landmarks and historic sites to lure tourists!

 I see! A local tie-in!

 By doing so, we can form a friendly relationship with the land in which the film is set, and aim for a mutually beneficial relationship.
 That's a good thing, isn't it!

 That's one way to get the reader's attention!

 On top of that, the mystery must be solved in the end.

 An unsolved mystery is not a mystery!

 The secret that turned out to be based on that promise was an unimaginably large one.
 I didn't know the whole room was moving up and down!

 The people around me were poking at the logical inconsistencies in the story, but I was impressed.
 I knew I had to prepare a trick that would have this much impact on the core of the story!

 There are still some shoddy points in the trick prepared by that girl that need to be corrected....

 The original idea wasn't bad.

 If it were me.....
 I could make something more interesting!

 I'm starting to feel like I can't stand still!

 Immediately go back to your room...!
 I'm fortunate that I carry paper and brushes ... and writing materials with me wherever I go because of my previous habits.

 I'm overflowing with inspiration given to me by these girls.
 I'm going to write them down all at once before this torrent dies down!

 A tragedy suddenly occurs at this scenic hot spring inn! The victim was a great man who ruled the previous era!
 I don't feel comfortable drawing my real name as it is, so I'll just change it up a bit!

 I'm in!
 I can't stop moving my brush!

 I never had such lively brushwork, not even when I was a military secretary!

 What if I, at this moment.
 Have I not found a new job, a new calling?

    * * * *

 A few weeks after staying at an inn in a hot spring resort, he published a book titled "The Hidden Hot Spring Legend Murder Case".
 He wrote a novel titled "The Hidden Hot Spring Legendary Murder Case" and published it with all his might.

 While staying at the inn, she was picked up by the Daimajou-sama, who became a close friend of her, and the work was sold in the demon capital, where it became a huge hit.

 In the beginning of the work, he did not forget to thank the girl who inspired him to write the idea.

 This work triggered a mystery boom that was not confined to the Magic City, but spread throughout the world....
 Many people will remember me as the founder of the mystery boom.

 But that is still a long way off.