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 Breakfast at a ryokan must be Japanese food.

 Shiny white rice and hot miso soup.
 Grilled fish and farm-direct pickles. And......


 With the fermented soybeans that Holkosfone was handing out with his hands, the guests using the hot spring inn were greeted in the morning.

 This inn has a system where everyone gathers for breakfast in the dining room on the first floor.
 Other guests came downstairs one after another to replenish their first energy for the day.

Oh, isn't this the saintly lord? You're always early.
'Good morning, Mr. Lukif!
Do you mind if I sit with you?

 Through my stay at the hot spring resort, I have become a good friend of Lukif Fokale, the Prime Minister of the Demon Kingdom.
 We even sat down for breakfast together.

 Prathi is also sitting at the same table, feeding Junior some porridge and other foods.
 He's a big boy now, and he's done with boobs.

It was just the right time. I think it's time for me to go back to the Demon City.
Do you feel better now?
Yeah, it's been a relaxing experience. The saint's house has been a real treat for me.

 The hot spring inn, which was built with the hope that tired people would visit it for healing, seems to have served its purpose.

 In addition to Lukif, many other people have come here to soak in the hot springs and relax, taking their time to unwind.

'Oh Lucif! There you are! I haven't had a leisurely breakfast and I'm going to play table tennis again today!

 Except for a few noisy people.

''Great Demon Lord, you will be leaving with us.
What? I haven't had my fill of the hot spring inn yet!
You make too much noise, and the other guests could get in trouble. If you're the Great Demon King, you mustn't do anything that could cause trouble for your people.

 The Demon Prime Minister's righteous argument turned into a fireball straight through the Great Demon King.

''Right about now, the matters waiting to be processed are piling up in my office, so I'm sure it will be exhausting again.
Then you'll be back here to relieve yourself...

 Not only Mr. Lukif, but also many other people have visited this hot spring inn to relax and heal from their fatigue.

 Akelos-san, a soldier in the Demon King's Army.
 Agail-san, a former secretary of the Demon King's Army.

 Kinmarie, a well digger, was also staying at our hot spring resort to rest her bones.

 I'm glad to see that everyone is enjoying the hot springs.
 I'm sure that this place will soon become a regular tourist attraction in the Devil's Land.

''What was meaningful about coming here was not just being able to rest,''

 Mr. Lukif said.

''It's that I've been able to interact with those who use this place as well. Many of them were practitioners working in the field of the Demon King's Army, but their true sentiments dwelled in the words they exchanged in hot water and naked company...!

 Did we have a good story to tell?
 Lukif-san's expression was extremely satisfied.

''Their opinions will be very helpful and will be useful in the future management of the Demon Kingdom. I'm itching to do my job now. With my energy up to this point, retirement is still a long way off...!

 Did the rest motivate you to take a break?

 Anyway, the boiling Lukif Fokare went home, dragging the great demon king who still seemed to want to go home.

 Lukif Fokare, who healed his fatigue in this hot spring inn and started again with energy.
 I'm very happy to see that I've accomplished my goal, and I'm very happy to contribute to the world.

It's time for us to get out of here.

 We were originally staying to check out the operation of a completed hot spring inn, but we'd become one of the regular customers.
 And it was a family.

 The farm has been left in the hands of Gobukichi and the others, and it's time to get back to it, or else the owner of the farm will lose face.

It was quite fun to sleep in a different place! Let's come back, Junior, shall we?

 Prathi was also satisfied with the fact that it felt like a vacation after a long time after all.


I'll have to meet with her and make an arrangement........

    * * *

 After breakfast, I went to meet a woman in kimono.

Saints, is breakfast to your liking?
It was good. Thanks for the food.

 Dressed in a shallow purple kimono and clad in a serene atmosphere is one of the automatons that once slept deep in the mountains of the Demon Country.

 A woman who we retrieved for business and then changed into a human by the whims of the Dark God Hades.
 She was one of them.

 At first we were going to have her work on the farm, but through the companionship of the exposition and so on, she started working on the front lines at the hot spring inns as well.

 She worked especially hard, and as her leadership role became more established, she became known as the 'landlady'.

 An innkeeper is an indispensable part of an inn.

 In addition to the landlady, dozens of women former automatons are currently employed at this ryokan, and they are running the ryokan.

 All of them are reliable professionals.

'Landlady, we're thinking of going back to the farm.
Well, I'm not much of a hostess, so...

 Her response to the guests who told her to leave was great.

 I was just staying to see how things went, but thanks to the landlady's presence, I've almost become just a bathing guest.

I wasn't sure what I would do if I had to keep running this onsen inn, but thanks to you, it's going to be OK.

 As for me, I was thinking of handing over the official management of this hot spring inn to her.
 I hope that she and the other humanized automatons won't return to the farm, and that they will devote themselves to protecting and running this hot spring inn.

 The farm will be short-handed for that, though....
 It would be enough if we could retrieve the automatons from the former site of Marriage's laboratory again.

Fearful words, Your Majesty. To be entrusted with such an important task by your saint...!

 Is it that much of a change?

We automatons are born for nothing. It was the saint who picked us up and gave us a meaning to live when we were originally lifeless, abandoned and rotting away...!

 The landlady kneels on the spot.

"I am determined to protect this inn entrusted to me by that saint with all my might. I will definitely meet your expectations........!
Well, just relax your shoulders...?

 I'm not saying that the negotiations are going to stop after I get back to the farm, but we'll always be in touch.
 If you have any problems, just let me know.

 I'll send the Orcobos over in a heartbeat if we have any unwanted guests!

    * * *

 Thus, we left the hot spring inn we had built deep in the mountains of Devil's Land in the hands of the former automaton proprietresses and returned to the farm.

 That hot spring inn would continue to exist, and it would continue to heal the weary people of the Devil's Country... or rather the entire world.

 Already its reputation was spreading, and the number of people wanting to stay at the inn was steadily increasing, with reservations being booked up for months in advance.

 Should we build a new hot spring inn right away?

 Well, let's discuss this with the Demon King and take it easy.

 It's too risky to do everything by ourselves, so we'll have to cooperate with the Demon Kingdom's engineers.

 Holkosfone also said that he's teaching the well-digging guild the secrets of digging hot springs.

 It would be great if hot springs spread around the world like this, so everyone could soak in them and get rid of their fatigue.

 Then the world would become more and more peaceful.
 It would make me happy, and I would welcome the wonderful world that Junior would grow up in.