518-516 Considering Hyakka Ryoran Onigiri

 I'm back at the farm.

 The weather is already autumn.
 It's already autumn, the season for harvesting.

 We can reap many times a year thanks to Prati's hyper fish manure.
 Still, the fall season is a special time of year when we feel like we've done something.

 In the fall, the golden ears of rice are harvested, threshed, husked, and polished.

 The finished white rice is always a beautiful sight.

 Now, what is the first thing to do with this new rice?
 It's fixed on the farm.

 The first person to eat the new rice is set.

 He is a god.

 Hephaistos, the god of modeling, who gave me strength when I came to this other world.
 The reason I'm able to get along in another world is because of the gift that God gave me.

 To show my gratitude, we have a rule on our farm that when new rice is harvested, the first thing we do is offer it to the gods.

 ...no, really.
 That's how we did it last year and the year before.
 It just wasn't talked about.

 So it's not like I just happened to come up with it this year or anything, it's already a tradition on our farm!


 I'm going to offer onigiri to the god Hephaistos.
 Because that god loves onigiri.

 The timing of the new rice harvest is also significant, and I want the God to taste the best onigiri this year.

 So, here's what we're going to do.

The new onigiri trial meeting!

 I'd like to start a group to make a prototype of an onigiri that hasn't existed before.

 I've already finished devoting most of my standard onigiri to it.

 Mentaiko (spicy cod roe), kombu (kelp), salmon, tuna mayo, and plums.

 In order to make God happy, we'll have to make a new type of onigiri that breaks away from the standard ones.

 No problem.
 The formula for victory has already been built in our minds.

 Knowledge is also a weapon.

 When I was in the previous world, I was a convenience store Onigiri fanatic and I always checked out the new Onigiri whenever they came out!

 For me, I have a lot of stock in my brain for oddball onigiri that catch the eye of buyers!

Even so, it's been a long time since we moved to another world...! My memories are fading, aren't they...?

 That's why I have to actually make it here and now to bring back memories!

 So let's get going with the first one.

 First, fry the freshly made rice with ketchup.
 Then I grabbed a handful of ketchup rice and wrapped it in a thin omelet I'd prepared separately.

It's an omelet!

 Omelette rice balls can be found in almost every convenience store.
 Is the material consistent and easy to make? But the fluffiness of the egg rolls gives them a lot of personality.

 Inheriting that spirit, we have created an omelette rice ball here in the other world as well.

 Now, God bless you!

 I offer rice omelette balls to the altar of the god Hephaistos that I have built in my house.
 Now, can God accept rice omelette rice balls? Impossible?

 God has a history of saying 'no' to me when I offered him nigiri sushi before.
 That's a tough obsession.

 Did God approve of an irregular rice ball mixed with ketchup and wrapped in egg instead of seaweed?

'? ? !!!?!''

 A hint of confusion can be felt from the altar.



 It went through!
 God approves of rice omelets!
 Keep up the good work!

 Of course, we won't just be prototyping one piece this time!
 It's the New Rice Festival!

 We've got to make a lot of these things to satisfy God!

 The next one I'll make is...!

Butter rice balls!

 Speak of butter and they come at you like a gale.

 The spirits of the earth.
 They are little butter-loving children, and their ability to sniff out butter is beyond that of a police dog.

"Butter! Butter!
"Butter for you, sir!

 There are several earth spirits, but they all share the same greed for butter.
 It's already cooked, and all that's left to do is make a rice ball with butter.

 What should I do?

 He glances down at the altar.


 It's a sparkling moment, a silent exchange of ideas.

'Wow! We did it!
Dear God, you're so sweet!

 Even the gods could not resist the cuteness.

 Thus, the butter rice that was an offering to the gods was robbed by the lovely earth spirits.

 The Earth Spirits, lined up in a row facing the altar.

'Ichido, Rei, sir!
Thank you, Kamisama, we are!

 They are very polite and good kids. I want my junior to learn from them in the future.

 Come on, eat up.

"Butter! Butter! Blah, blah, blah, blah, blah...!

 Dirty eating.
 I wouldn't want my Junior to learn that.

 The spirits of the earth have stolen the butter-rice onigiri, so I'll make cheese onigiri instead.
 You could bake them in the oven, and the cheese would stick to the surface of the onigiri.

 It's just like a cheese toast onigiri.
 The texture of the melted cheese will inevitably increase your appetite.

Cheese is good!
I'd rather have butter.

 These guys.........?

 Well, that's why I can offer them to the gods without fear of being robbed.......cheese rice balls.

 Now, God, watch over us!


 God, that was an immediate response.

 He must have been scorched by the buttered rice balls.

 Now, let's keep going.
 Sausage onigiri, half-boiled egg onigiri, meat-rolled onigiri, fried rice onigiri, and many other ideas.

 What should we have for him this time...?

Wait a minute, sir!

 Then, with a spur of the moment, my wife Prathi appeared at the door.

"Prathi! What's the matter?
They have a gift for the gods from... me... no, they have a gift for the gods from our son!


 I'm sure you'll be able to find a great deal more than you expected.

Could this be Junior's rice ball?
That's right, he's thanking God for his blessing on us. In return, he made a small rice ball to show his gratitude. With his little hands!


 .... no, it's possible.
 Because he's our son!

'Really great...! Behold, God! Watch and learn without a shield! My son is showing his gratitude to God for being so small!
''Please deliver the first onigiri this child has ever made!



 The couple reverently prostrated themselves, and after a moment of blankness........


 Yes! Junior's onigiri are being looked at by God!
 How is it possible for God to approve my junior to be a doctor or a minister at his age?

Kamisama, did you catch the air?
For a wife, he's almost a good guy.

 The spirits of the earth watching beside me are saying something, but I don't care.

 My son is the best in Japan!
 It's the best in the world!