519-517 Junior Training Diary

 A year has long passed since our Junior was born.

 His official name is Saint Kidan Junior.
 Since the birth of our beautiful son, life has been very different and noisy from what it was before.

 I'd be woken up in the middle of the night with crying and panicked if something happened to Junior's health.
 The kids would wake me up in the middle of the night, and I would panic if he was feeling a little out of sorts.

 But there are some joys and emotions that are hard to change.

'Sir! Sir!
What's the matter, Platy?
My boy is a genius!
Calm down.

 I stopped by to see what was going on, and Junior was talking to me.

'Mum, mummer,'
'Junior just chatted! At my age! This is genius! It's no exaggeration to say you're a genius!

 Prathi is revealing his parental idiocy.

 But Junior is already a year old ... and a half?
 When he gets to that level, it's natural for him to start speaking colloquially.
 We shouldn't be worried about his development because he's behind the average, but for the time being, our child seems to be growing up on the average, so we shouldn't get upset and make a fuss about it.

My boy is a genius!
Master, calm down.

 I got a lucky break from Viel.

"Is that supposed to mean me? That's great, Junior is a genius! I can't stay like this! We're going to have a celebration party!

 Thus, there was no one to tweak.
 Our farm has been roughly like this since Junior was born.

    * * * *.

 Junior is making remarkable progress every day like this, but it's not just his intellect that has risen.
 His mobility has also improved.

 He has learned to stand and walk by himself and go wherever he wants to go at will.
 The house became his adventure field.

 Some of the hardest people in the world because of it.

''Ooohhhh, it's dangerous!''
Hey, little girl, you are in danger!
"TsUKUE's curse is dangerous!
The steps are dangerous!
Don't go up the stairs!
It's in the kitchen!

 The spirits of the earth are the ones who keep an eye on Junior's carelessness, and are in charge of indoor cleaning.
 You will be able to get a good idea of what to expect when you go to the beach.

 It's a relief to have them keep an eye on you for now, but the spirits of the earth are so tense that they can't concentrate on their main duties anymore.

''It's hard-........!
They'll notice you.
I can't help but feel like a Kincho...!

 I felt I had to butter up my rewards because the workload is getting bigger than normal.

 As you can see, the rate at which my child is being pushed around is not limited to us as parents.

 There's a case in point.

 Our house is a Japanese style building, so we have a veranda under the eaves.
 It's great to bask in the sun on a sunny day, but when Junior, who is now a bundle of adventurous spirit, comes here, he goes on high alert.

 His reaction is to see Porgy sleeping in the yard and the Doctor sleeping on the porch.
 A dog and a cat.

"That little brat's here again!

 Porgy comes from the garden and the doctor comes from inside.
 We take maximum care not to let Junior fall off the edge by accident.

Meow will pull from the inside. If the doggy goes over the edge, push it back!

 The joint efforts of the dog and cat allow Junior to avoid the risk of falling headfirst off the edge.

 I'm worried about him too, and I'm following him, but I'm relieved to have my smart animals around.

Nyaaahhhhhh! This kid is just sitting there! I don't feel comfortable.
I can't relax.

 I've been bothered by all this for a while now...

 Surprisingly, these animals are very helpful allies in raising children.

    * * * *

 Then Junior started eating normally as well.
 This kid graduated from Prathi's tits a long time ago, and that's why it's my job to provide him with nutrition!

 I'm going to cook even better for my kid!

 He is over a year old and it's not the time to be weaned anymore, but the range of things we can make for him will expand.

 Mr. and Mrs. Maou and her husband, who are senior parents, told me that babies can eat most things when they're over a year and a half old.

 So let's make full use of all the ingredients available at this farm and give Junior a richer diet!

 When I declared, ''I got a worried look from the Demon King and the others.''

 -- ''Since you were a baby, are you okay with getting used to the farm's best ingredients?''

 Do you think it's that dangerous? Our ingredients?

 It's true that you shouldn't give your child a lot of favorite foods to eat from a young age and make him or her have a lot of likes and dislikes.
 As a father, I'll be the one to try to help my child become an adult who can enjoy all kinds of food!

 First of all, carrots and peppers!

 A representative of the children's hate!
 Let's get creative and try to get people to eat these two types of food.

 The first thing that comes to mind is to chop it up and mix it with something else.
 The first thing I thought of was to chop them up and mix them up with something else that the kids would like to eat, so that they would be able to infiltrate the body.

 So I made this as an experiment.

 Carrot cake.

 I mixed the carrots into the cake batter and baked it.

 Now, I'm not sure I'll let Junior eat this out of the blue, so let's experiment with someone else.

Hey, it's Viel. Do you want some cake?
Cake! Eat, eat, eat! We have to eat it! What's the matter with you, master? I didn't do anything to deserve this cake! What's the day?!

 I offer a carrot cake to a dragon, Veerle, who is just passing by.
 Well, try it without a doubt.

'Here you go! Yummmm! I knew the cake was good! But the cake is red, isn't it? Oh, well! Hooray for cake!

 Veerle's guy, although concerned about some discomfort, paid more attention to the sweetness of the cake and eventually gobbled it up to the end.

 I'm not going to be able to say that I'm not going to be able to do that.

To tell you the truth, there was a carrot in that cake!
''What, what?!

 Veerle reverts to dragon form in shock.

''You tricked me, master! For me! It's the devil's work to make me eat a carrot!
You don't like carrots either?

 He had a child's tongue, just as he looked.

 At any rate, while politely apologizing for the deception, I made another carrot cake, having gained confidence from being able to completely trick Veerle.

'Junior, today's snack is a special! Cake?

 And when I ran downstairs to Junior, Prathi was already there giving him a snack.
 What do you think he's feeding them? But then I thought it was a carrot.

 It was the carrot itself, cooked softly and without any kind of contrivance.

See, it's Junior's favorite carrot!

 Junior took a bite of the carrot without hesitation as his mother offered it to him.

He's great that he doesn't have any picky eaters. That's my son!

 It was.
 Junior was a rare gem, even though he was a toddler, he didn't dislike food or anything at all.

 Even now, as he's taking a bite of that carrot, he's looking at me like, 'This is the food I hated when I was a kid.
 I'm still a child, though.

Oh, what's wrong, sir?
Do you want some cake, Platy?
'Kyah cake! What is it, mister, some kind of anniversary? Eat it. Eat it! Happiness is spreading in my mouth!
It's a cake with carrots, though.
What do you eat, sir?

 Prathi didn't like carrots either.

 Could it be that Junior is the most mature one in this group...?