522-520 Privatization

 Alexander-san came to our farm.

 He is the most powerful dragon in the world and probably the most powerful being in all dimensions, the Glaugrinz Dragon, Alexander.

 As soon as he arrived, I got down on my knees.

''I'm sorry!''
What's going on here?

 I've been thinking about the purpose of Alexander's visit.

 I heard that my Viel has been peeping in there a lot lately.
 He must have done something wrong, didn't he?
 As a parent or guardian, I need to apologize ahead of time!

 As I lay flat like that, Junior waddled over and lay flat next to me, too.
 I know he's simply trying to imitate me, his father, Junior.
 Take a good look at your father," he said.
 Because as an adult, you must learn how to get down on your knees!

Don't be so quick. Veerle has been doing a delightful job in my dungeon. His ramen noodles are very popular with the adventurers.
Is that so...?

 I thought it was Veerle's mistake again, and that Mr. Alexander's dungeon had collapsed or something...?

That's not why I'm here today. I'd like you to look me in the eye. We need to see eye to eye.

 Alexander-san, you are a dragon, but you are still a personality as usual.
 What kind of miracle would produce the ideal strongest person like that?

 For now, I pick up Junior, who is still on his knees, and go into the house with Alexander-san.

 After the discourse is in shape.

'Well, is the Lord Saint intelligent in the situation?
The situation...?

 Mr. Alexander said.
 Just in case you're wondering, this person is in human form now.
 The dignified old man's appearance is truly akin to Mr. Alexander's character.

 So, what's the situation?
 I've been trying to gather information on the situation, but...?

 We live in a world without the internet, and it's hard to say with confidence that we hear everything.

 I wonder what kind of changes in the world brought Alexander here?

"A demon kingdom is trying to bring in adventurers.
I've heard that story too, haven't I?

 Prathi interrupts from the side.
 While patting Junior.

''It's getting to the point where the Demon King's army isn't enough to manage the dungeons in the Demon Kingdom, right? I hear disarmament is on the way, so...
"To fill the void, we are going to import a system of adventurers from the land of the humans.

 My wife is sensitive to world affairs...?
 She used to be a princess and that's just as well, right?

 Junior, you need to take a lesson from that part of your mother.

 Wisdom from my mother, and down to earth from my father.

''The demons have been using the army to exterminate the monsters that manage the dungeons. It would have been more convenient for the country to have complete control over them in some respects, but that was only possible under the special circumstances of wartime.
It's impossible to control every dungeon in the world without a wartime mobilization force. After the war is over, if we try to reduce the size of the dungeons to a peacetime scale, it's logical that we won't be able to support them all...

 Hmmm, I see.........
 I see..... It's tough. That's a lot of work!

 It's Junior. It's not like your father doesn't know what's going on or that he can't keep up with the conversation.
 It's just that I don't have to add to it because Prati tells me everything I need to know first.

"...why do you think we're going to outsource the shortfall to the private sector?
''That's right. Originally, the demon kingdom and the human kingdom have handled the same problem of dungeons very differently from the people and the country. Let's change that and let one side learn from the other.
And the demon kingdoms that won are the losers of the human kingdoms that lost.
Yes, it's quite a wise decision considering his pride. The ruler of the demon kingdom is a decisive politician with a clear focus on practicality, I would say.

 You can walk all over again.
 Great, great, great?

'This has been going on for a long time at the rumor stage, hasn't it? And we knew that there would be strains of disarmament. I'm sure a lot of people saw that it was only a matter of time.
It's finally being put into action. I'm sure the reason it took so long to get here is because of the anguish of pride on the part of the demon king's army. I'm sure it's a painful thing for them to admit their lack of strength, despite being the strongest army on earth.

 I'm going to have to learn to talk to you soon, or my pride will be shattered.

 What do you have in mind?

The other day, the adventurer's guild in the former human country has been informed. The other day, the adventurer's guild of the old human country was informed and instructed to first set up test guild branches in several places within the demon world.
Is that for... dungeon management?
It's a good idea to register the retired soldiers of the Demon King's army as adventurers and also to solve the problem of employment at the same time. You can bring in active adventurers from the human country, but that would mean that the human country would be short of labor this time.
Isn't this a good idea? At the very least, I don't think the adventurer system that worked so well in the politically useless human country is going to be unacceptable in the demon country. It seems like the best choice in terms of safety, economy, and many other things?
Only if it's only logical.

 Mr. Alexander's meaningful manner.
 What is it? And the air changes.

People have pride. Sometimes that pride doesn't allow them to follow the path that they know is right in their heads.
Well it happens, doesn't it?
'The Demon King's Army has been managing the dungeon for hundreds of years now and has been suppressed to the point of, well, perfection. At the same time, it has won the war and earned the title of the strongest army on earth.

 The pride that has grown in this way has become an obstacle to admitting that you are powerless, and you cannot admit that you are unable to manage the dungeon on your own under the current circumstances, nor can you gracefully ask for help from the private sector.

That's why the Demon King's Army is apparently divided into two groups: those who accept this reform and those who don't. I've heard that this is the reason why it has been delayed to this point, even though it was necessary.
Everywhere else, they get bogged down in shit.

 Don't say that, Prati.

 Pride gets in the way of doing the right thing.
 I know the feeling. I'm a boy, too.

But the Demon King's Army, which is supporting the scene, is reaching its limits. And so the Demon King's Army has made a proposal to the Adventurer's Guild.

 --'If you adventurers are the true elite of the elite, then you'll have a go.

''If you've won that, then I can recognize your abilities and leave you in charge of the dungeon in the Demon Kingdom...''
What's that? So you're telling me that you made a proposal, unraveled it, and set terms for me? Isn't that a little unsightly?

 Prati, who is not afraid of being clipped in the teeth.

''This is probably the only way to convince the entire Demon King's Army. The method of victory is to conquer certain dungeons at the same time, and the winner is the one who achieves the most success. Get to the deepest part of the dungeon faster, defeat more nesting monsters. There are many criteria for victory and defeat.

 As long as the demon race side expects the adventurer's skills as a dungeon administrator, is that kind of thing more in order than a simple fistfight to win the game?

''I understand that something troublesome is about to happen again between the human and demon kingdoms. But why did Alexander-san talk to us about it?

 Mr. Alexander is a super dragon that surpasses even the Dragon King Geyser Dragon.

 It's not a matter of concern to Alexander, who is such a transcendent being, that a fight between humans is nothing to worry about.

 Also, talking about it to us.

"Hmm, here's what's relevant to us...

 I said in a revised manner.

It has been decided that the Demon King's army and the adventurer's choice will compete against each other. The method of victory has also been decided through a dungeon strategy competition. Then the next thing we need to decide is the stage for the game.


'You mean, which dungeon do you want to play in?

 I don't know when it happened, but I'm naturally part of the conversation.

'Yes, it was initially considered to be my dungeon. It's the best dungeon in the Adventurer's Guild's jurisdiction, so it's an honor to be chosen.

 Alexander's amazing ability to talk to humans like this.

But as we were going along, the Demon King's army came in with a complaint. He said, 'The human race has an overwhelming advantage in the dungeons that they usually conquer.

 I suppose that makes sense, doesn't it?
 If you're going to win, the least you can do is to be fair.

But if you say that, if it's a dungeon on the Demon Kingdom's side, wouldn't it still be a bad idea for the Demon King's army to have an advantage?
''Yes, then the appropriate place to play is a dungeon that no human adventurer or soldier of the Demon King's army has ever entered before.

 Is that even a dungeon?
 ...Is there one?

''Yes, if it's a dungeon in the Saint's Temple's farm, it doesn't belong to the Human Country Demon Country, neither of which I have experience in capturing either of them. The dungeon of Viel and the dungeon ruled by the Immortal King Teacher. Will you help me to use one of them as a playing field?