523-521 Innocent dungeon

Our dungeon as a playing field?

 Was that the purpose of Alexander-san's visit to the farm?

 A dungeon match between the demon race and the human race.
 If it's an attack competition, an imbalance of disadvantageous advantage would be created depending on which dungeon is in the territory.
 It's unavoidable.

 If that's the case, the fairest thing to do is to compete in an unexplored dungeon that neither of the two races has ever entered, but there was no way that such a dungeon was convenient.

''But there is. It's here in this dungeon.

 There are dungeons near our farm.
 There are two dungeons dominated by the No Life King's teacher and the dragon Veerle, each of which is controlled by a different teacher.

 Each one is a dungeon that is only used by the residents of the farm due to its location.
 They are neither governed by the Adventurer's Guild nor the Demon King's Army, and can be called dungeons that are unknown to the public.

This is the perfect dungeon for a fair playing field. Isn't that so? For the sake of the future of all of humanity, I want the Saints Degree to allow the use of either of these dungeons.

 It's rare to find a dragon that is willing to work for the sake of the future of all mankind.
 Alexander-san, I'm sure he's taking the initiative without needing someone to tell him.

"If I can be of any help, I'll be happy to help you, but...

 Sometimes you have to contribute to society.

 There are dungeons around our farm, mostly in the form of teachers or villes.
 The only thing I can do is to ask them for permission to go to the dungeons.

 Even so, Sensei is a good person, and Veerle is an event-loving guy, so I'm sure he'll agree.

 However, I had a completely different fear in my mind.

''Our dungeon is used by demons and adventurers too, right?

 Alexander-san, you look so unexpected.

It's true.

 For example, there was a time when the Four Heavenly Kings Aeshma and Leviatha lived and trained on this farm for a while, and we would dive into the dungeons at that time.

 There was also a time when an S-class adventurer, Silver Wolf, was invited as a special instructor to teach foreign students from the farm.

I used to dive into dungeons to teach, and I also used to dive for my own pleasure.
I know...! Wasn't I the one who introduced that guy to you.......!

 It was Alexander-san who held his head up as if to blame himself for his own negligence.
 ''Don't think so hard.

''I don't know if those people will participate in the game, but if only one of them added an experienced person to the game, would it still be a big advantage?
"Well, we're in trouble...! Then we can't have a dungeon here either...?

 Maybe there really aren't any dungeons on earth that no one has ever entered before.
 The only way to do that is to find an undiscovered dungeon where no one has ever gone before.

 Now, while Alexander-san and I were pondering over what to do....

''Fufufufufu! I've been listened to!
Oh, Veerle.

 Then our dragon, Veerle (in human form), came in.
 He was out selling ramen noodles again, and now he's back.

He said, "Today, too, we fed a lot of lowlife with gonzo ramen! But that's funny? It won't go down at all?
What would you have done if it had been diluted in parts per hundred?

 The soup of extracts squeezed from dragons is a deadly drug, and if ingested by humans, it would be hard to explode or become immortal.
 That's why it's Viel, who makes it so unaffected and distributes it around to many people.

There were times when I thought 'it's no use, so let's just throw it away,' but I couldn't casually throw it away because I didn't know what the effects of the dragon extract would do if it were to be spread out around the place.

Is it industrial waste? But I'll just have to let Veerle pace himself and consume it little by little.

 This is a digression.

''Anyway, brother! What kind of a concept is it that you come to my house and don't even consult me about it? You can count on me for plenty of help!

 Alexander-san awkwardly averts his gaze.
''No, it doesn't look like I'm going to get anything out of talking to you...'' a hint of ''No, I don't think I'm going to get anything out of talking to you...'' can be felt silently.

 But the strongest dragon who wraps up his true feelings with a bland excuse, gentle.

''Well - I'm sorry that we were about to rub each other the wrong way! But don't worry, because this Grinzel dragon, Veerle, has rushed in! All the riddles have been solved!

 Veerle is still reeling from the mystery project from the other day.

 But the way you're talking...

Does Veerle have any idea what a dungeon is?
Hey! You deserve a dungeon that no one has used before, don't you! Well, I have a boon for you!

 That's some convenient dungeon that conveniently exists?
 Are you okay?
'You won't get beaten up for being 'opportunistic'!

'It's for real! So let's get to that dungeon right away! Tsumo over Ron!

 Is it more proof than argument!

 Anyway, Veerle rushed me to that dungeon or whatever it was.

 Veerle and Alexander-san have returned to their dragon form, and I'm riding along on my dragon horse, Sakamoto.

''Be back by dinner, okay?

 And a platty send-off.

 By the way, wait?
 Why am I going along for the ride?

Do you need me beyond this point?
"There's nothing in this world that we don't need!

 I was flying through the sky with Veerle, who was trying to tuck in the tatami mats, mingling with a gust of wind as we flew through the sky.

 And then I arrived at the destination...!

    * * *

Where is it?

 It was a place I didn't understand either.
 I think the ocean went over on the way.

"So what is this place, a new continent or something?

 If it's an unexplored area of land across the ocean, there may be dungeons that no one has ever entered before, well, maybe.
 But wouldn't the discovery of a new continent be the beginning of a new era that goes beyond that?

 Isn't that a bit over the top?

'What are you saying, Master? This isn't a new continent, it's just a small island.

 If you look closely, you can see the coastline and the land itself is not that big.

An isolated island.

 Moreover, there is no sign of life, and it looks like a completely uninhabited island where people have washed up in distress.

 This is where the story of survival begins!

 ...this is where the story of survival begins.

Is there a dungeon somewhere on this island?

 It's true that if there was a dungeon on a deserted island like this, no one would be able to find it and it would be untouched.

'Well? Do you have one?
"What? !

 What the hell is this dragon talking about?
 Didn't you bring us here because there's an unexplored dungeon to play in?

 If there isn't a dungeon, we're wasting our time!
 And you sacrificed not only me, but also Mr. Alexander.

"This island........is.......if......?

 That Mr. Alexander, still in his human form, was looking around busily.
 It was as if he recognized this place.

''We're going to ask him directly to see if there are any more dungeons here. Depart Oshinco!
'What? Where are you going? I'm waiting!

 I hurriedly follow Veerle, who walks away unhindered, saying that he's no match for me if I leave him behind.

 Where is he going?
 It looks like we're headed for the center of the island...?

'Hey, stupid brother! Your clever sister has come to visit you!
'This is Sister Veerle! Welcome to my castle!

 And after walking for a while, we met...!

 A dragon, after all.
 Isn't he the new emperor dragon, Mr. Ardhegg...?