524-522 New Dragon Emperor City

 Mr. Ardhaeg of the Geyser Dragon.

 I have known him for a few times before.

 He used to be friends with Arowana, the Mermaid King, but since she started coming to the farm with him, we've become good friends.

'Oh! I didn't expect a visit from the saint today! It's a real pleasure to have visitors!

 Why is this Mr. Ardhaeg here?

So this is the site of the Dragon King's Castle after all.

 Alexander, who came with us, says with a satisfied look on his face.

''Dragon Emperor Castle?''
''It's the dungeon where the Geyser Dragons live. It's a dungeon that should be called the very royal castle of the Emperor Dragon, the pinnacle of all dragons.

 I see, so, Mr. Alexander, you've been moping around in the depths of your memory for a while now?

''No, I couldn't be sure. After all, the last time I saw the Dragon Emperor's Castle was when your father ruled over it.
Isn't that right?

 As I recall, the dragon emperor, Gaiser Dragon, was replaced just a few days ago.
 From a dragon's point of view, it was only a year or two ago...?

''With Ardheg's defeat of his father, Gaiser Dragon also passed from loser to winner. With the defeat of the previous Geyser Dragon, its residence also disappeared.

 Is that why it's so bleak?

The Dragon Emperor's Castle does not belong to any of the dungeon types in the world. It's a very special dungeon that is materialized by the mana released by the Geyser Dragon himself, rather than the mana deposits that flow back around the world. So as the Lord disappears, so does the dungeon itself.
'Only a dragon could do that, though! One life can create a dungeon that is supposed to be a natural phenomenon! It's one of the proofs of how awesome dragons are!

 Veerle says proudly.
 It's not like you can make it...?

"Is this Brother Alexander's as well? What is the matter with you? This is how the world's most important beings goose the goose..., what's the emergency?

 Mr. Ardhegg is wary of the fact that me and Mr. Alexander have come together for a visit.

 Aside from me, if Mr. Alexander, the most powerful man in the world, can't make an appointment, well, you'd think it was something, right?

Doesn't Mr. Alexander come here occasionally to visit you?
No. Originally, I've been staying away from the Dragon Emperor's Castle since my father handed me a disinheritance.

 That's why you had a frustrated look on your face earlier when you tried to remember, but couldn't.
 It's been a long time since I've been here, and the scenery has changed completely.

''When your father ruled, the Dragon Emperor's Castle was a fortress that covered the entire island, but well, it's become a bleak landscape...''
I went to visit him when I needed to, so your brother never came over here, did he?

 It's true that sometimes friends are fixed on which one of them comes to visit each other, isn't it?

I wouldn't be inviting your brother here in the middle of nowhere, either! Hahahahaha...!
Is that supposed to be funny?

 I felt something dry in Mr. Ardhaeg's laugh.

Veerle! And your brother? How did you end up here?

 A new figure is coming.
 A beautiful woman wrapped in a pitch-black dress?

Bloody Mary.

 She's a dragon too, and I've only had one before.
 Why are you here?

"Marie, are you still attached to Ardhaeg? You're not going back to your own dungeon?
Shut up! I went home once before!
And you came back to haunt Ardhegg?

 Don't tease him too much, Mr. Alexander.
 He must be some kind of maiden in love.

'Are your father and Seedle there too? You were in that group when you came to me, weren't you?
They're playing over there, right?

 There were indeed two small figures messing about at the end of Marie's point.
 Mr. Al Ghul and Syedul.

"Let's go, Father...

 Aren't we all getting along so well?

The new Geyser Dragon's cronies seem to have their faces completely locked in.
"I don't want you to compare me with those people! And by the way, I can't believe you're coming all the way from your brother! What the hell do you want!

 He pulled me back from being completely lost in the direction of the conversation in the right direction.
 As expected of Marie.
 You are the assistant to the Geyser Dragon.

I've got a main point. But, Veerle, you have a main point. I'm beginning to understand what you're up to, aren't I?
As expected of big brother Alexander, he has an amazing ability to perceive without being told.

 What do you mean?

 I don't know if I'm a perceptive person, I don't know if I'm going to be able to tell everyone else.

'What we're looking for is an uncharted dungeon that no one has ever stepped into before. It's the first time anyone has tried it, and that's what keeps the conquest competition fair.
''And here is the Dragon Emperor's Castle that the newly-formed Gaither Dragon Ardhaeg is building a new one!

 If it was a freshly made dungeon, no one had entered it yet.

 In the sense that this would be everyone's first time in the dungeon, the new Dragon Emperor's Castle built by the new Geyser Dragon, Ardheg, was indeed a perfect fit!

''So that's why Ardheg! Let me use your dungeon! For the future of humanity!
Wow! What is it?

 Ardhegg is having a hard time accepting a request from a dragon more powerful than the Emperor's dragon!

I don't know, but if you're asking for help from brother Alexander, I can't refuse you, can I? From both humanity and ability...

 Mr. Ardhegg's manner of speaking was sad.

'And I'm more than willing to do what's best for humanity. Recent experience has led me to believe that future dragons should be more merciful to mankind!
'Oh! Good point! You will become the new Geyser Dragon and the world of dragons will be better for it! Isn't that right, Dad?
Huh? What are you talking about!

 The eldest son Dragon and Father Dragon are still potentially on bad terms.

 It's a very good idea to have a good idea of what you're looking for.

''Wait a minute, we still have a problem!

 Veal says.
 What is it? You brought me here, didn't you?

"I've found a problem I didn't anticipate, and now I've found it in this place. "Look at the Sala land as far as the eye can see!

 Come to think of it, there was supposed to be a dragon king's castle here, right?

 But there is nothing but plain, no grass.

'Hey Ardheg? You hadn't even started the creation of the Dragon Emperor City yet?

 Mr. Ardhaeg doesn't answer.
 He just sweats sloppily all over his face.

'You were going around the dungeons all over the place, saying you were going to reference it or something. I've got a lot of ideas, and I thought I'd be able to give it enough substance. I thought that when we arrived today, we would be able to see the entirety of the completed New Dragon Emperor City!
''Wait! This can't be helped!

 Marie, speaking for herself, said, "Sometimes you have too many ideas to go forward.

There are times when you have too many ideas to proceed! That's how it works! You can't have too many ideas!
''What was the point of that field trip!

 At any rate, the fact that a new Dragon Emperor's Castle hadn't been built here meant that there were no dungeons for the contestants to rush into.

 There was no way to compete then.
 Just when you think you've solved the problem, the story is back to square one!

''It can't be helped...! When this happens, my sister is going to have to take off her skin for her scruffy brother!

 Veerle, mysterious arms around him.

'Ardheg should just release the mana that the dungeon is based on. Leave the specific structure of this dungeon design to Mr. Veerle, the iron man of iron, who is responsible for this dungeon design!
In that case, I will help you! I'm the one who brought you the story. I'd be doing you an injustice if I didn't sweat it out.
"Brother Alexander?

 Viel and Mr. Alexander.
 Without the landlord's permission, he has taken the liberty of building the emperor's castle!

 Both of them are a few people who put their heart and soul into creating their own dungeons. Even the Hito family doesn't cut corners.

What are you two doing here!

 It was Bloody Mary who flew a reprimand to the dragons who were starting to wreak havoc.

''The Lord of the Dragon Emperor's Castle is Ardheg! How impious of you to tamper with the castle without his permission!
Sister Marie!
We've been putting up with this for years, and you're the only ones who are going to let us run away! I'm the one who designed the beautiful Dragon Emperor's Castle!
"Sister, yeah!

 Thus, the construction of the Dragon Emperor's Castle, which the owner of the castle couldn't see it coming, had been delayed....
 The building of the Dragon Emperor's Castle, which the owner of the castle had been unwilling to do, was accomplished in the blink of an eye by someone else's hands.