525-523 S-level risk takers gather

 My name is Silver Wolf.
 I am one of the adventurers recognized by the guild as an S-class adventurer.

 A Class S adventurer is one who is recognized as the best adventurer among adventurers based on his or her achievements and abilities.
 The selection process is very strict, and there are only five people in the world, including me, Silver Wolf, who are recognized as S-class adventurers.

 To be chosen as an S-class adventurer, it is not enough to have a half-hearted achievement, but it is the highest honor.

 That's why I am proud to be an S-class adventurer, and I always try to do my best to live up to that title.

 The people around me sometimes ridicule me for being too serious for an S-class adventurer.
 I hope you'll remember that before reading what I'm about to say.

    * * * *

 It was an unexpected call to arms.

 A call for all S-class adventurers to come together?

 The S-class adventurers, who are usually allowed to act on their own accord, rarely meet each other.
 They are, by their very nature, an uninhibited group.

 They are not bound by the rules of the game, but rather by their own desires to conquer dungeons, and that is why they have risen to the S class.

 That's the kind of people we are.
 That's why they are the best fighters in the Adventurer's Guild, but they are basically left to their own devices and the guild doesn't complain.
 This is because they know that this is the best way to reduce friction between them.

 Gathering all of these S-class adventurers, who could be called "problem children", in one go is something that has never happened before.
 The fact that it is done today also means that something big has happened.
 A class that had never been seen before.

 It would be great if they could sense such an important sign and gather together properly, but....

''I was foolish to have such naive expectations.
It's not a miracle that a lazy kid who's always been a lazy kid suddenly becomes a serious person.

 The meeting room was set up in the guild headquarters.
 There were only two people sitting there, including me.

 The one sitting across from me was Brown Katou, an S-class adventurer like myself.

 Although he is a relative newcomer to the S class, his honest nature makes him a welcome visitor if you call him.

You're a great help to me...? I almost had to read out a message by myself...?
That's too sad to look at, so let's not do that, okay?

 Katou-kun is from a particularly unusual background among adventurers.
 He's an otherworldly person summoned by the royalty of the human nation, apparently.

 During the war, the royal family brought in an endless supply of helpers like that, and Katou-kun was one of them.
 However, he was banished because his abilities were not suitable for the war.

 It's quite selfish of me, but Katou-kun still managed to survive.
 It's a good thing that he was able to earn his living in this world as an adventurer and finally make it to the S class.

"On top of that, it doesn't grow even after becoming an S-class, and in this way it responds immediately to the demands of the guild.
He's Japanese, so he must be serious, right? In that sense, Silverwolf, you're the one who's awesome.

 The height of virility to return the compliment.

''I didn't expect you to be born and raised in this world and have such a serious personality. That's why the guild relies on you the most out of all the S-class adventurers, right?
People tease me because I was born a dog, thanks to the fact that I was born a dog.

 I am a descendant of the beastmen who were once produced in many human countries.
 That is why my head is exactly the same as that of a wolf.

 This is because my distant ancestors were synthesized with wild beasts through the lost forbidden magic, and because of this, I got the keen sense of smell of a wolf, which helped me in my adventuring business, and I was discriminated against for being a half-beast and so on, well, good or bad.

''The guild master trusts you a lot, and you can tell him all of today's business from you, right? Aren't you the leading candidate for future guild master?
I'm just in a bind.

 Guildmasters are also remarkably mentally draining when they're face to face with other S-classes.
 They're all such freaks.

''If no one else is coming, we should start. I feel like we're wasting our time waiting.
Do you think a meeting between the two of you could be called a meeting?

 Just as we were about to start with just me and Katou-kun, something strange happened.

 The building where we were meeting suddenly started to shake!

'What is it? Is that an earthquake?

 The floor was shaking regularly, with a thud, thud, thud, thud.
 The shaking becomes more and more violent........or rather, the source of the earthquake becomes closer.

Sorry! I'm late!

 The person who opened the door with a bang and came in was a large woman with a large body.

"Oh, Mr. Pinkton. You're here?
Here it comes. But I didn't make it to the appointment! Gomengo!

 He's one of the S-class adventurers.
 He's a newcomer to the scene, but his skills are real.

 He's also the most powerful adventurer in the world, and in the event of a head-to-head battle, he's the strongest adventurer.

 When it comes to a head-to-head battle, he's considered the strongest adventurer, and even though he's a newcomer, he's respected.

"Oh no! I smell like taters and I always get sick of it! And the footsteps are so loud!

 The thumping sound that shook the whole building earlier........
 The sound of her footsteps.......?

As expected of a martial artist of the S-class adventurers, right? Come to think of it, is it true that that thing has beaten Cyclops to death with its bare hands in the past?
Uh-huh, Silverwolf!

 Her hand was placed on his shoulder.

'A maiden has a secret...?
''I'm sorry........?''

 Her grip on my shoulder is tremendous.
 I thought my shoulder bone was going to shatter! I'm scared!

''No, Mr. Silver Wolf, if you piss off Mr. Pinkington, you'll die?
I still don't even know what part of her anger is the point of her anger!

 That's how little connection there is between S-class adventurers!

But in any case, if three out of five people are here, that's good. Let's hurry up and explain and get this over with.
That's not going to happen!

 What's the matter with you?

 I heard a voice. And it's coming from above!
 I looked up and saw someone was stuck on the ceiling.

Who said it wasn't here? I've been on this ceiling from the start!
Why are you still here?

 There's no mistaking that particular ending.
 The owner of this voice is Black Cat, another S-class adventurer!

 They are descended from beastmen with a feline factor.
 She moved away from the heavens where she had been stuck and landed on the desk with a stutter.
 A woman with a lean, slender body is seductive.

''Hey! Get off the desk! Get down!
'I don't want to. It's a cat's legitimate right to climb on top of the desk.

 You have no right to do that!
 Some beastmen try to act more beastly than necessary because of their excessive identity with the beastliness mixed in with their own, and that's exactly what this guy is.

 It's true that she has acquired a supple body, agility, good eyesight in the dark, and a sense of balance through the acquisition of the feline factor, all of which are useful in dungeon attack, and are probably the factors that helped her reach S-class status.

 However, it's more of an afterthought.
 You don't have to trace it to the cat's fickle personality.

''........You've been sticking to the ceiling the whole time?''
'Yeah! In fact, I'm the first to go!

 Then why have you been hiding?
 What do you mean by that?

I was just trying to see when Silver Wolf, who is so proud of his nose, would notice. The results were not so good, though.
Can't you see that you're totally oblivious to the fact that you're a class S cat crying? But it's no use. I can get rid of my own smell by grooming my hair!

 The black cat guy licks his arm as he says this.
 Indeed, that's how that guy excels at eliminating his own smell.
 For me, who entered the S class with pride in my sense of smell, a natural enemy...!

'I'm so soft I can lick it clean anywhere! Like this, between the legs too...!
Okay! Okay, so you don't have to do it in public!

 Every time the order in which they come out, the weirder they get, the more difficult it is to handle...?
 How much weirder is the last one going to be at this rate when up to 4 out of 5 people come out?

 No, I know.
 But I know this because I met him before the fifth and final person who has yet to arrive.

 You're right, he's a freak!

Let's just do what we have to do and get out of here before someone troublesome comes along.
I agree, let's just get this over with! I'll go next time.

 Everyone agreed with me, so today's agenda!
 The match that the Demon Lord's army has offered us.

 My window's broken!
 An avalanche of debris is pouring into the room!
 A storm is brewing!

 And the man in the cloak breaking in through the broken window!

"I jumped in at the call... I am the best adventurer...!

 Speak of the devil and he came.
 The fifth and final S-class adventurer...!

"S-Grade Adventurer Golden Bat Here Comes the Golden Bat.
''Don't come in while breaking things!

 In the end, all of the S-class adventurers, who didn't know how many would respond to the call on a whim, were present.

 If you're going to come, come at the appointed time!