526-524 Challenged S-class adventurer

 It continues to be Silver Wolf, the S-class adventurer.

 The meeting resumed after the Golden Bad bastard cleaned up the broken window door.

''Can't we just get on with the messy stuff........?
"You've got more work to do!

 That's why I didn't want to come face to face with this Golden Bat!

 Golden Bat, an S-class adventurer.

 Although he is unpleasant, he has been called the best adventurer of all the S-class adventurers.
He has the same trait that all S-class adventurers have, which is "not to seek cooperation with others, but only the fruits of their adventures," and no one has that in him.

 The achievements he has made are immeasurable.
 The greatest of all is discovering new dungeons.

 An adventurer's job is not only to explore dungeons, but also to find dungeons that have not yet been discovered to exist.

 After all, dungeons are their own source of wealth, so even discovering a new one is important.

 Of course, this is a difficult task that no ordinary adventurer can accomplish.
 Nowadays, if you discover one new dungeon, you can get an S-class status, but this golden bat bastard has discovered a total of 18 unregistered dungeons so far, which is more than any other adventurer in history.
 This was a record that couldn't be broken even if one looked around at the past generations.

 That made the Golden Bat the best adventurer in the world, and it irritated good S-class adventurers like me.

''Personality is not what is required of an S-class adventurer. What is needed is competence and achievement. I'm the most qualified to be the best adventurer!
"This guy is so annoying...?

 This is why we are always on the lookout for undiscovered dungeons all year round, and we rarely see each other.
 I thought he wouldn't even respond to this call, so I was bragging about it, so what's the fun in showing his unpleasant side?

Doggie...? I'm not in the middle of nowhere for most of the year, but I still listen to the gossip. After all, bats are very proud of their ears, right?
Did you hear that tongue-twister?

 It is true that the Golden Bat, a bat beastman, has the best hearing of all adventurers.
 Its ears are said to be able to hear every event that happens in the dungeon.

 As you can see, the beastmen can take over the abilities of the synthesized beasts and use them effectively, and they can do things that normal humans cannot do.
 It's no coincidence that most of the current S-class adventurers are made up of beastmen.

So what is it that you have such great ears to hear?
Is that your old man's fart?

 The fact that the people around them were talking badly was also proof that they hated the Golden Bat.

''From what I've heard, there's going to be adventurers operating in the demon kingdom soon or something...''
You're still fast, aren't you?

 I didn't think you'd already heard that story...?

"What? Really? Then we can explore the dungeons in the Demon Kingdom!
'There are a million dungeons I've never been in! It's exciting!

 If you're an adventurer, you can't help but get excited about this news.
 For the most part, adventurers are creatures who are always dreaming of dungeons they haven't seen yet and envisioning strategies in their imagination.

 For those of us who were born in the human country, the demon kingdom is a foreign land that we cannot enter.
 It's a frontier with countless dungeons that we've never seen before, and for those of us who are tired of existing dungeons, this is good news.

This is good news for those of us who have had enough of existing dungeons. "We are adventurers who are tired of challenging the unknown, and that's good news for those of us who are bored of existing dungeons. Dungeons that have been explored are junk!
Don't say that in front of Alexander.

 He's such a guy, so it's really helpful that he's mostly hiding out in the mountains and fields.

'Once the dungeons in the Demon Kingdom are released, it's truly a new era of adventurers! It was a human nation that didn't even deserve to exist, but you finally made it useful by destroying it!
Why do you go around making enemies for these people?
You sound like a comedian on a roll.

 Katou-kun's incomprehensible but oddly satisfying comment.

'More importantly, when will you actually be released? I can't wait to dive into the dungeons of the Demon Kingdom, too!

 If you're an adventurer, it would be impossible to not be excited.
 If I'm one of the adventurers, I can't stop being excited after hearing this information.

"There are some things we need to deal with before our hopes come true.
What the hell?

 I told them in turn what the guild master had told me.

 The Dungeon of the Demon Kingdom is controlled by the Demon King's Army. Of course, opening up the Demon King's dungeons to adventurers is also done by the Demon King's Army.

 However, some of them have an antipathy towards it, ''What kind of adventurers are they going to do! I'm in the mood for this.

 In order to push it aside and open up the Demon Kingdom Dungeon to the public, I want to verify the adventurers' abilities.

 ........and the top brass of the Demon King's Army said.

''The Adventurer's Guild has accepted the game as the other side's wish.
It's a dungeon conquest competition. They compete to see who can enter the same dungeon and achieve the most success in their quest. If we win, we'll be allowed to explore the dungeon.

 I know that even as the Demon King's Army, face and pride are in the way.

 They are the winners of the war.
 I'm not going to be the only one who has been defeated by a civilian group.

 The truth is, you probably don't want to admit that you are inadequate, but your decision to do so, even after the battle, is one that you should admire.

I'm sure the incompetent demons want to add to their shame. They want a decisive defeat when they can just hand it over to us adventurers.
You really don't talk in the field, do you?

 The Adventurer's Guild has decided to accept our offer and bring the best forces we have to the table.

 That means we are the S-class adventurers.

We will team up with the representatives of the Demon King's Army to conquer the dungeon. Of course we'll win. To get the right to explore the dungeons in the Demon Kingdom!
Of course. Every dungeon in this world is meant to be conquered by us adventurers. Let the incompetents in the Demon King's army know that you are no more. You are no longer of use to us!

 Golden Bat, shut up!

 Does the Demon King's army know that as the victors of the war, they can also treat us as slaves?

"Dungeon of the Devil's Land is fun! I want to go too!
'I never thought I'd have to fight with the Demon King's army after being an adventurer! I'll be happy to do the same!
I'll be fine.

 The other S-classes also announced their participation.
 It's extraordinary to have the bait called "utility" hanging in the air.

I understand. Normally, we play a lot of games, but on the day of the event, we will unite to win. For the future of our race and our adventurers.
'Hai Hai Hai! Question meow!

 We wanted to get together here and say 'Aye aye aye', but
 I'm sure these guys only go for their own personal desires.

........what is it, Black Cat?
Where do you want to play? What dungeon do you want to use?

 It's still a top-notch adventurer who heads there first to question it.

Well, you should do what you can now if you want to win. If you know which dungeons you're going to dive into beforehand, you can check the tendencies and take countermeasures.
You guys are really quick to go at each other.

 It's a dungeon exploration competition.

 It's true that researching dungeons beforehand is the basic requirement for adventurers.
 Those who fail to do so are considered to be failures of the adventurer.

But isn't this difficult when you think about it?

 Pinkton's opinion.

'You're right, you're right, prior information about a dungeon can make or break an attack. If it's a game of attack, it's also a winner. But doesn't this always give you a disadvantageous advantage depending on which country's dungeon you play in?
''Well, if we do it in the dungeons of the Demon Kingdom, it will be to the advantage of the Demon King's army. If we do it in the dungeons of human country, it will be to the advantage of us adventurers.

 It's a home for each of us.
 In the interest of fairness, this is a very difficult issue, but they have already seen a resolution to that point.
 Just before I came here, I received word from an extraordinary person.

''You should do it in the dungeon in the Devil's Land. ''You should do it in a dungeon in the Devil's Land,'' he said. Let's show the amateurs in the Demon King's army just how great professionals are.

 I'll let the Golden Bat's nonsense sink in........

''No problem, for the dungeons used for the game. An unexplored dungeon that no one has ever entered before will be used.
What? What? What is it? What?

 All at once.
 That's the adventurer.

What did you say, Silver Wolf? An unexplored dungeon? Is there such a thing on this earth?
He has. It's hard for me to believe it either, but the man who brought the information to me is the one who transcends all common sense.

 So I'm not going to stop believing.

'Where are you! Where's the dungeon?! unexplored! Unknown! A dungeon that no one has ever entered before! I want to know!
What else is out there but dungeons that I can find? Don't be so silly! All the dungeons in this world yet to be discovered! You shall not be found until I find you!

 Truly undiscovered dungeons are an adventurer's best friend.
 It really does upset the adventurous spirit, doesn't it?

 However, in order to make the game fairer, it is forbidden to investigate in advance.
 You'll have to be patient until the day of the competition.

 As for me...
 When I heard that I could conquer a dungeon I'd never seen before....

 I can't contain my rising heart!
 I don't think I'll be able to sleep until competition day!