527-525 Hosted dungeon competition

 This day has finally come!
 ...and I'm in a state of excitement.
 It's me.

 This is an isolated island where the dragon emperor, Gaiser Dragon, lives.
 Until just a few days ago, this island was nothing but dry land. It was a bare, earthy flatland without a single blade of grass that looked like it had been leveled, but oh my God...!

This is a great house...?

 A house is a castle.
 It's a huge towering castle!

 This is the new Dragon Emperor's Castle where the new Geyser Dragon, Mr. Ardhegg, lives and works!
 The Great Temple of the Emperor!

''The Dragon Emperor's Castle that I........was supposed to have worked so hard to build!

 The would-be master, Mr. Ardheg, the Geyser Dragon, stood dumbfounded in front of the giant gate.
 Currently, a human version.

''The Dragon Emperor's Castle, which was supposed to be built as a sign of the cultivation, image training, and growth to build this...?

 It has been built by others.

 Sorry about that?
 So it just happened...?

No, you did a great job this time!
It's been a long time since we've built from the ground up.
''It's only natural that the emperor's dragon castle should have the taste of a queen!

 Veerle, Alexander-san, and Bloody Mary-san's people who were rattling around with satisfied expressions on their faces.
 These guys were the ruffians who pushed for the building of the castle without the castle owner.

''It's all Ardheg's fault for goofing around! Dragons are always quick to decide! It is not right for the mightiest creature on earth to be dwelling on anything!
Yes! Especially since you are the reigning supreme ruler of the dragon, you shouldn't be disobedient!

 Mr. Ardhegg eats a mysterious sermon.

 He's a dragon.

Well, now that I think about it, I guess that's true. This time, I'll take it as a sign of retribution for my indecision. Well, I guess I'm the Dragon King, and I must always make snap decisions!
That's the spirit! That's my husband!

 .........Isn't Bloody Mary, she's more aggressive than the last time we met?
 She's the one who makes quick decisions, or perhaps her quick decisions are remarkable.

''It seems that the human beings that we saved at Marie's parents' house the other day were able to tell us a lot of things.

 Mr. Seidl said.

Ningens are only good at breeding and reproducing. You should take that advantage and make your dragons more and more like the ultimate creatures.

 and Al Gaul, the previous Geyser Dragon.

'We're ready to go anyway! All we have to do now is to lure the niggers to this place and beat them to a pulp! That's when the ningen will remember that they are the creatures who are in control!

 A dungeon-competition game that is set in motion in earnest with the enthusiasm of the unfamiliar Veerle.

 Yeah, that's how it started out.

 The demon race and the human race would each send a representative to compete with each other in dungeon conquest.
 The winner would be in charge of managing the dungeons of the entire world.
 This is a critical battle that will determine the color of the new era.

 The winner will be the Demon King's Army.
 Or are they human adventurers?

 There is nothing bigger and more magnificent than Mr. Ardheg's castle, the new Geyser Dragon, as the stage for the game.

''Well ... use it as you wish.

 I felt sorry for Ardheg's deflated reply.

 Thus, all the intentions were gathered and the day of the battle that came.......?

    * * * *

 The New Long Emperor's Castle, the venue for the event, was filled with more crowds than expected.

''It's a festival ah!

 Crowded people, people, people!
 How many hundreds of people are there? Thousands of people?

 Why are there so many people here? Everyone? Isn't it obvious?

"Oh, Mister Saint! Well done!

 Alexander spots me perceptibly in the crowd.
 He comes over to me.

"Mr. Alexi? What's all this fuss about?
It's a game, but it's a lonely one. It's a very important decision, and I thought it would be best to have a lot of witnesses to the outcome, so I've brought in some spectators.

 A spectator?
 Isn't that really just an entertainment?

We asked for volunteers from both human and demon kingdoms, and now we have thousands. We had to rush to get seats for the show.
I knew there were a thousand of them!

 Well, she's a piece of trash!
 It's a wonder they got together on such an isolated island. How did you get here?

With transference magic, of course.
How convenient is that magic?
You're very fortunate to have the residents of the saint's home cooperating fully. After all, the saint's office is the only place that has that many transferable magic users in one place.

 And our children have been playing an important role without knowing it!
 It's true that our farm is the only one that uses transference magic, which is strictly regulated for the reason that 'it would be a disaster if it were to be abused,' as if it were a replacement for a bicycle...?

It's a good idea to be able to have a good idea of what you're looking for. I am truly grateful for the cooperation of the Saint's Hall.
"I knew they were in on it!

 They are always coming to big events and building things, like the farm Orcs, the building maniacs!
 I've been to Castle Oakborough and the Farm Fair, and I'm living it up!

 If you look closely, you'll see that the stalls are all over the place, contributing to the festivities, but aren't they run by goblins from our farm?

Natto - Natto, natto, don't you want natto?
"Event production is almost a monopoly at my house...?

 We passed Holkosfone, who was peddling Natto (fermented soybeans) in a box that looked like a standing station lunch box.......?


As a dungeon owner myself, I'm sure you'll find that the event is a success. As a dungeon operator myself, I admire the quality of the Saint's Hall.

 This is almost half of what's going on without my knowledge, right?
 I have to admire that.
 I admire my fellow revelers.

"Come, come with me, Mister Saint. Here's the grandstand!

 Mr. Alexander brought me to this place, which has been made to be another opulent...........?

What kind of place?
Originally it was in front of the main gate of the new Dragon Emperor's City, but they set up a grandstand there as the main venue for the games. The crowd is full, it's filled with excitement...!

 This is Mr. Alexander's exuberant tone.
 It's just like my own event.

 It's true that the spectator seats surrounding the three sides of the gigantic gate were large enough to hold thousands of people, as they were surrounded by the gigantic city walls and faced the gigantic gates to look up.
 The human race and the demon race crowded there.
 Perhaps they had packed in to support each other's representatives?

''Silver Wolf-sama! Good luck!
"Lady Aeshma, Lady Leviatha! Victory to the demon race again!

 It's already a big party.

''Hm? What about that seat over there...?

 One section of the room is inadequately filled with excitement.
 The people sitting side by side there do not speak a single word with an unconcerned expression.

 They are not the demon race or the human race as they look and feel, but that feeling...?

...a dragon that has been transformed into a human?
That's right. That's how good you are, Your Holiness.

 Do you think it's because of the viel and the familiarity of seeing it that you can notice the difference?

Those are the Grinz and Grinzel dragons that live all over the place. They've come to celebrate the completion of the new imperial dragon residence.
Although his presence here is a gesture of surrender to the new imperial dragon's new ruling system, it's really a visit to see Ardheg's skills. I can't help but notice that your face is filled with the scent of disobedience.

 Hmph, Alexander-san let out a bad laugh.

 It's true that Mr. Ardheg is now the greatest dragon (aside from his ability), and it's the duty of the pampies to come over just to ask for your good mood when such a dragon builds a new house.......

 What are they whispering about?

''........This is the new Dragon Emperor's Castle......?''
Did you know that the new Geyser Dragon, Ardheg, didn't build this by himself, but had other dragons build it for him?
Instead of doing it yourself, you rely on others to do it for you, how pathetic is that?
But it's for this that I put your sister Bloody Mary, your sister Veerle and your brother Alexander to work for you?
''What's that about? Aren't they all the top contenders for the Geyser Dragon in the past?
And you put these men to work? Are they beholden to Ardhegg and his ilk?
Are they that powerful? This is an instantaneous rebellion to the Lesser Dragon...?


 If that happens, the unveiling of Mr. Ardhaeg's new home will be a great success, I guess.
 The event is moving forward into the main event, creating a variety of effects.