528-526 Admission to fighters

 In front of the main gate of the New Longjian City.
 With so many spectators in attendance, this place really can only be considered an event venue now.
 What fun things are coming up?


All of you! You have come to my castle!

 A theatrical voice came from the upper rim of the castle gate.

 There is a man behaving majestically and a beautiful woman standing close to him.

'I am Ardheg! This new Lord of the Dragon Emperor's Castle and King of All Dragons!

 As he speaks, he transforms himself into a dragon, changing his own form into that of a real dragon.

 The effect was powerful and overwhelmed the audience.
 It was another great effect.

You should be proud! I'll have the honor of being present for the housewarming of my castle! Good luck witnessing the splendor of my castle! And today is a great day, er...?!'

 Mr. Ardhegg's vocabularies of intimidating sentences are already nearly depleted.
 The rags are out.

''I knew that guy wasn't very good at using a high-handed tone, huh?
You shouldn't have made me do it.

 Who the hell tried to get me to say hello to Mr. Ardhegg in a direction I'm not comfortable with?
 That would be Veerle!

 I look up at poor Mr. Ardhaeg, who is no longer moping around alongside Mr. Alexander.

'What are you doing already! You're pathetic!'

 The one who helped out was another giant dragon with jet-black wings spread out.
 It was the beautiful woman who had cuddled up next to Ardhegg a moment ago and had been transformed.

''Good thing! You are too afraid to listen to the words of the great Geyser Dragon, you lowlife! It's me instead! The most loyal dragon that accompanies Ardhaeg, the most loyal dragon of all, Queen Dragon Gwyndragon, this Bloody Mary declares!

 The jet-black dragon says it with even more pressure than Mr. Ardhegg.

''First of all, I will kill all those who oppose my husband Ardhögg-sama!

 He threw it out of the blue.

"My husband is the ruler of the world! The pinnacle of the most powerful race! Not a single person should be allowed to stand against us! And we don't need a champion's hand to kill a rebel! "Be mindful that the enemy of my husband is my wife's enemy!
"Um... Marie, could you be a little more friendly...?
"Therefore, I have prepared this playground to show my husband's power! See firsthand the size and horror of the New Dragon Emperor's Castle, ruled by my husband, and realize the horror of its Lord Ardhaeg! That's the whole point of today's entertainment!
You can't be more welcoming!

 Seeing Mr. Ardhegg frowning at Bloody Mary, who was running wild with cancer, everyone in the audience thought, 'That's the kind of relationship they have.

'His wife's love is out of control...'
I know, I know. It's easy to get carried away when you're newlyweds, isn't it?
"On the matter of the Dragon Queen's love for the Dragon Queen.
The Dragon King must be having a hard time...

 The liking for the emperor dragon from all races increased a bit.

''So.........so that's why! Let's all have a great time today! And now, let's meet today's stars!

 Mr. Ardhegg was out of breath.

 In line with his declaration, several people entered the stage-like area on the ground one after another.

''They are the fierce men of each race who have come forward to capture my Dragon Emperor's Castle! Greet me with a round of applause!'
"You don't know your place! You will all fall prey to our love nest!

 Then the players (?) appeared. We found out that we were divided into two main camps, the human race and the demon race.

 One was the human race and one was the demon race.
 Each of them had a familiar face that I recognized.

 In the camp of the human race, there was one face that matched my memory.
 It was Silver Wolf.

 As an S-class adventurer, he is also a beastman, which is why his face is that of a wolf, and once you see him, you'll never forget it.
 Moreover, there was also a wide variety of faces around him.
 A woman with cat ears, a fat woman with a smashed nose that looks like a pig, a cloaked man who stretches out his ears in a scary way, and an ordinary person.

 In contrast, the demon side is full of familiar faces like Aeshma and Leviasa, and even Belfegamilia-san.
 There's one face I've never seen before, but........

''I mean........those participants on the demon side.......?
"You are my pride and joy, the Four Heavenly Kings of the Demon King's Army.

 He spoke to me from behind and I was like, 'Whoa! '
 It was the Demon King.

"The Demon King was here to watch the game too?
Since this is such a big event, I should be there to liven it up. It's a good thing that you're a part of this event, because you owe a debt of gratitude to Saints and Ardhaegh for their efforts in organizing it.

 I didn't even know it was happening, but the story was so much bigger than I knew?

 More importantly, I can't believe that the four Heavenly Kings are directly among the participants in the game.
 They're the ones at the top of the Demon King's army, right?
 The fact that people like that are coming out of the woodwork means they're giving it their all, right?

''This match is a necessary measure to reform the Demon King's army. We have to find out if they are worthy of being entrusted with our work in place of us. We must have the adventurers demonstrate their abilities. That's why we have to do our best, or else it would be unreasonable for us to do what we proposed.

 He was still a serious demon king.

 In contrast, the human race side........

''The participants are all S-class adventurers.

 It was Mr. Alexander who explained it to me.
 And for some reason, he was proud of it.

''These are the best handlers the Adventurer's Guild has to offer. Golden Bat, Silver Wolf, Black Cat, Brown Katou, and Pinktonton. All of them are first-class adventurers with their specialties. Even if they are the Four Heavenly Kings, the strongest of the Demon Race, they are not easy opponents to beat, are they?
I've heard. I've heard that their fame is even greater than that of this demon king in his own country. In fact, I'd like to acknowledge their respect for giving us their best effort.

 But why is Alecki-san pretending to represent the human side?
 I'm sure there are more out there.
 Guildmaster of the Adventurer's Guild? Like?

"Greetings, brave men! You are the first guests and intruders of my New Dragon Emperor City!''
"I'll crush you all!

 Ardhegg in his dragon form again proceeds to put on a theatrical performance.
 It's a festival.
 Let's have fun together.

You're not going to be able to get away with it. Into the deepest part of the castle where I, the lord of the castle, am waiting!
Of course I'm waiting for you!
The castle is a labyrinth of many paths. You may take the path of your choice and follow it to my side! There's a right way and a wrong way! Whoever has the ability to determine which is right and move forward is going to be the winner!
In the end, I will destroy them all!

 Bloody Mary's love is noise...?

If you want to play for supremacy, whoever gets to the bottom of the deepest chamber first will win? ........but the castle is full of traps we've prepared to welcome you. Will you be able to reach it?'

 Mr. Ardhegg has a challenging way of speaking.

 No, the net result is that that dungeon, thanks to the modifications made by Veerle, Alexander and Bloody Mary, has turned into a rather vicious dungeon.

 It's supposed to be dotted with nefarious traps.

"We had to help you from the middle.
"I gave you a hand with the cat!

 The No-Life King's teacher and the doctor?

 Even you two took part in this?
 Isn't it obvious that they're getting worse and worse?

Thanks to that, we'll be able to observe the festival today. I've grown to love this festival since I started my relationship with the saint.
"Festivals and Cats Are the Flowers of Another World!

 I don't mind that you're enjoying yourself, professor, but...?

"What? Even the No-Life King?
The new Geyser Dragon not only controls his own kind, but also the Immortal King?
''Such power? Maybe it's reckless to resist the new emperor after all...?

 The dragons at the guest table are freaking out on their own.
 It's a good thing that this festival will help Ardhegg gain control over them.

''Well, now the explanation and declaration is over! Now all that's left to do is start the fight! Now open the gates! You may ride into my dungeon!

 With Ardheg's declaration, the game begins.
 A fierce competition between the Demon King's army and the top adventurers is about to begin...!

 I thought...?

"Wait a minute!

 And then someone barged in.

You can't overlook the fact that the demon race and the human race are the only ones who can enjoy such a fun event. They won't let us be left out!

 That voice is ..., Platy.

It's time for the mermaids to join the festivities. I'll prove to you that we are the best of humanity by kicking out the Six Witches, the Four Heavenly Kings and the S-class adventurers!