529-527 Rapid Attack, Third Force


 My wife just burst into the hall!
 And she's not the only one. From behind her, Puffa, Lamprey, Gala Rufa, Zos Saira...
 Who are those men...?

''Crazy Six Demonesses!

 The greatest potion user in the mermaid race.
 It's the best way to go about it.

 I'm not sure I've ever seen such a thing before, but I'm sure I've seen it before.
 My wife, Prati, is one of them.

They are the Four Heavenly Kings of the demon race, the S-Class adventurers of the human race, and among the mermaids, we are the Six Witches.

 Prathi says fearlessly.
 The spectators watching them are puzzled.

In short, we're going to participate in this competition to determine the best team of humanity in an emergency. People on land who don't know much about mermaids can learn how great we are!

 Hey, hey!
 As expected of my wife, I can't be adventurous, so I run down from the guest's seat and head for the venue.
 I run down to Prathi's room.

"What are you doing, Prathi? No, you don't want to jostle your schedule, do you?
'It's fine! I've already submitted an application to the organizers for us to break in!

 It was trouble that was factored into the schedule!
 What a sense of professionalism.

'I thought to myself as I witnessed this event! The world is going to open up more and more, and the mermaids need to get on board with that trend! The mermaid race has been holed up in the ocean, but now they must take the initiative to get on land and socialize with other species! This time it's part of it!

 Assuming what you say is correct.........
 .........isn't it too abrupt?

''So I hastily gathered my comrades, the Six Witches, and joined the battle! Let's show them that with the combined strength of these kids, we can crush those land people with a touch of armor sleeve!
You're here to show your friendship...?
"So I'm going to be one of the witches, and I'm going to do my best to give her the victory, so please take care of Junior, sir.
Oh, oh.........?

 I'm in charge of Junior, who was being held up to this point.

 It's a good idea to get in on the game between the Demon King's army and the adventurers.
 Won't this just turn into a celebration?

Uh, do you have a minute?

 The person who interrupted me there was from the camp that was brought to me by Prati.

It was Zos Saira, the 'Witch of the Abyss'.
 ''It's been a long time, it's been a while since Puffa's wedding, hasn't it?

'I'm just wondering what you're up to now that you've come up with this policy...? Festivities are fine, but this is just a rift between humans and demons, isn't it? Don't the mermaids go out of their way to stick their necks in and just complicate the story?
What, you're a witch, spouting your common sense opinions? Did you become a vizier and protect your life?
"Who's gonna protect me? I'll be on offense for life! You all have to take a common sense shot at this, thanks to you all putting a strawberry on the chancellor's throne!

 They're having a good fight...?
 I mean, what do you say now? Prime Minister? Who?

You know, I'm busy enough to be forced to be the prime minister. I have a schedule that's split second by second every day. If I was forced to participate in this kind of fun event, I'd be seriously crushed to death by my schedule.
'Idiot! This isn't a game! It's a war for the mens rea of the race!

 Plati's rhetoric knows no bounds.

''When the times change and the three major races will be able to come and go, we mermaids can't be licked by the other races, can we? "Your tail stinks like dog shit! What if they say, "I don't know!
I don't think so, a**h*le!
'To make sure that doesn't happen, here's where Attah and the rest of the mermaid race will show their strength and not get licked! When the mermaids are fighting for supremacy in the battlefield, if we mermaids kick everything to the curb, everyone will stare at us for fear of mermaids!
"Isn't that a bad thing, rather!

 Prathi and Zos Saira are in a heated argument.

 The crowd around them are like, 'What the hell? I was just dumbfounded and confused....

The first thing that comes to mind is the fact that you, as the mermaid prime minister, are not going to be so weak-minded. Mermaids, as a noble and robust race, will be the first to venture onto land. We are the six witches, the best potion users of our race, and we will be the first to do so!
Couldn't we find a more peaceful solution?
No! History is a constant battle! I'm sure the other witches would like to see their path colored with the blood of another race, wouldn't they? Hey!?

 How do the other witch members respond to the horrible confirmation from Prathi?

 In case you're wondering, the members of the Six Witches who have appeared up to this point with her........

'Frozen Cold Witch' Puffa.
Lamprey the Fiery Witch.
The 'Plague Witch' Gala Rufa, the 'Plague Witch'.

 All of them had profound expressions that were unreadable.
 If you think about it, it's been a long time since we've had this many people here.

 Puffa and Lamp-Eye, because they used to live on a farm but went back to the mermaid country when they got married.
 Seeing their cheerful faces was a blessing for now, but........

'....Sorry Prathi, Atay, I'm not going to be there this time.

 Then, first of all, Pfafa withdraws from the tournament.

What's the matter with you, sister-in-law? Don't tell me you're the one who stuck by the queen to protect your life? I thought you wouldn't stop at the end, and now I'm disappointed in you!
What's wrong with protecting your life? Besides, it's not your body alone that needs protecting now. That's why I can't take part in the rough stuff.
Because I'm pregnant and I'm...

 Mermaid Queen Puffa was unexpectedly pregnant.

 Puffa, who was married to Arowana the other day and was given the throne by her predecessor, became the mermaid queen.

 Her pregnancy means that her husband is Arowana, and her child is the successor.

 Good job, Pfa. You did your first duty as queen!

Congratulations! Congratulations!

 I'll take the initiative in applauding.

'Oh, congratulations! I bless you, Lord Arowana!
I can't abide.

 Before I knew it, even Mr. Arowana, the Mermaid King, was seated at the table of honor and congratulated by everyone!

Long live the Prince!
Then we'll drink to the beautiful princess.

 Not only his relatives, but also the audience who were there applauded his congratulations, regardless of who was present.
 That would be so because it would be a celebration for anyone to see at any time, the birth of a new life!

'Congratulations on your pregnancy! Say it quickly, oh!

 Prathi, being a mother herself, also praised Puffa's pregnancy.

We can't let them compete with each other then! I don't know what kind of negative effects overexertion at this time of year can have on a baby! What are you trying to fight at such an important time, a**h*le?
You brought me here without even telling me what you wanted!

 It was still a forced progression for Prathi.

 Since I couldn't let her fight during the unstable early stages of her pregnancy, Puffa naturally declined to participate in the tournament and moved to the guest of honor's table where her husband, Arowana, was waiting for her.

She said, "Puffa didn't participate in the fight because of the unexpected congratulations, but we are still in good shape. After all, we are the Six Witches. We have more than the Four Heavenly Kings in absolute numbers!

 Even so, former Queen Sheila, the "dark witch" who wants to hide her identity, didn't participate from the beginning, so there are only four of us left after all.

Um, Prati-sama........
What? Lamp eye?

 As Prathi is trying to regain her composure, Lamprey, the Hellfire Witch, says, "I'm pregnant too.

"I'm pregnant too.

 Come to think of it, Lamp-Eye also got married at the same time and went back to the mermaid country.
 There's no problem at all if you're pregnant at the same time!

''Therefore, may I have a look around this time? I wouldn't be able to face my husband, Mr. Hendler, if anything happened to the child in my belly.
"...Congratulations! Take care of yourself!

 Another 'Congratulations!' from all directions in the hall. "Congratulations! "Take care of your health! and thunderous applause.
 It's a kind world, isn't it?

That's okay! We're still down to three and we're witches. We can win and show the world that there are mermaids!
Shall we give up and go home? Even if there are three of us left, this isn't really designed for battle, is it? It's really just you and Wallach, isn't it?

 Zos Saira is getting more and more trapped and heavy.
 They are trapped in a corner and are struggling to keep things under control without a fight.

 And then the third witch, Gala Rufa, the "plague witch" is caught between the two....

'It's okay! I may be powerless, but I will do my best not to drag you all down!
''What are you going to do with your positive attitude?

 Thus, in spite of Zos Saira's resistance, it was decided that the Mermaid Race's representative, the Crazy Six Demonesses (three of whom actually participated) would join the tournament.

 In other words, this is.....

 The Four Heavenly Kings of the Demon King's Army of the Demon Race.
 An S-class adventurer of the human race.
 The Crazy Six Demonesses of the Mermaid Race.

 A three-way battle between big names from each of the three major races!
 There's no doubt that the excitement of the festival had increased.