530-528 Human bullet collision

 I'm Silver Wolf, an S-class adventurer.

 I'm in front of an undiscovered dungeon that will be the stage for the battle against the Demon King's Army.

 Now, you're going to compete with the representatives of the demon tribe in a face-to-face competition.
 I would say....

 But everyone is more interested in getting into a new dungeon.

"New dungeon, new dungeon, new dungeon, new dungeon, new dungeon, new dungeon, new dungeon, new dungeon, new dungeon, new dungeon, new dungeon, new dungeon, new dungeon, new dungeon, new dungeon, new dungeon, new dungeon, new dungeon, new dungeon, new dungeon, new dungeon, new dungeon, new dungeon, new dungeon...!
"Let them capture it, let them capture it, let them capture it...! Don't you care about the front door or anything else...?

 My other S-class adventurers were also frustrated, wanting to get into the dungeon as soon as possible.

 It's inevitable, this is the habit of those who have become genuine adventurers.
 They prioritize advancing to the dungeon above all else.

 They are fascinated and possessed by dungeons.

 So the opening speeches are over and we're finally in the dungeon! But just when I thought it was going to happen, it was interrupted by the contrast of the mermaids, and I became more and more frustrated.

 Congratulations on your pregnancy, as usual........
 Congratulations, so let me get into the dungeon sooner rather than later! It's like.

This is a castle-type dungeon........a dungeon that doesn't fit into any existing dungeon type, a dungeon that resembles a castle......?
It's said to be a relative of the ruins dungeon, but it doesn't look rundown at all, and it's beautiful. I can't wait to see what's inside.

 This is what happens when you become an adventurer among adventurers, an S-class adventurer.
 It's a kind of occupational disease.

'Hmm, you have to deal with not only the demon race but also the mermaid race? What should we do?
"You're cool, Katou-kun...?

 Even though he's also an adventurer, the otherworldly Brown Katou-kun is calm.

It's not a problem when there's more competition. I can see that the other side, just like the Demon King's Army, isn't really interested in exploring dungeons.

 When it comes to the real work of exploring dungeons, we adventurers are the only ones!
 You can fight on your own.

We just need to do what we always do. That's how you can't be defeated.
'That's what I'm talking about, Silverwolf. You have the air of a veteran.

 It's nice to have a Katou-kun in my group who can say flattery like that.
 After all, when it comes to S-class adventurers, they're all basically freaks.

 If the cause of our defeat is to be born from within us, it's because these overpowered selves will disrupt our coordination.

''Quick, quick, quick, quick, quick, quick...?
Start, start, start, start, start, start, start...!

 Especially Black Cat and Golden Bat.
 These two are even more unaware of 'holding on' and 'taking a step back'.

 It's a very good idea to have a good idea of what you're looking for.

"I'm sorry, Katou-kun........!
''I'm not comfortable with you apologizing first...?

 Another one.
 The S-class adventurer Pinktonton is also recognized as a relatively well-spoken person in this group.

 Since she is the newest member of the group and also puts up her seniors, she is an S-class who is easy to get along with as long as she can identify a few areas that should not be touched.

 If you manage to draw her in and take the reins of the problematic children in a three-person team, your chances of victory will increase dramatically.

''.........so I'm counting on you, Pinktonton.

 I approached a junior colleague who was supposed to be reliable....

''I don't want to.''
"What the hell?

 She refused to let you in!
 I thought you were my reliable companion!

Excuse me, Silverwolf.... I don't think I'll be able to participate in the main tournament. I've found my opponent that I have to settle for.
'What? What do you mean? What!

 Serious of my peers, who didn't understand at all.

 Then Pinktonton quickly moved out of our camp....

"Huh? Hey, where do you think you're going?
You know what's going on, don't you? How about you come out of hiding? .........Four Heavenly Kings Grashara!

 Pinktonton calls out his name loudly!
 She.........The Four Heavenly Kings on the Demon Race side had an acquaintance?

 But there was no response from the Four Heavenly Kings camp at all?

Mr. Silverwolf, not that way.
Grashara is, as I recall, the retired Four Heavenly Kings, now one of the Demon Queen's consorts...?

 You're so knowledgeable, Katou-kun!

 It's true that at the guest's table, next to the majestic person who seems to be the Demon King, there's a woman with an even bigger physique than that!

That's the former Four Heavenly Kings, Grashara...?
The Four Heavenly Kings who lived through the war...! As the Queen of Demons, you came to inspect with the Demon King, right?

 It's true that she's wearing a calm military-style outfit, and she's holding a child in her arms.
 But the supremacy that emanates from his entire body is not even comparable to the next demon king?

It's a long time ago, Thong Thong.......I never thought I'd see the day when I'd see you alive again......

 The words came from Grashara's side as well.
 What's more, it's a fatalistic tone!

The war between humans and demons is over, and I thought we weren't going to end up together. I have a new responsibility as the Queen of Demons, and I have no idea where you are. I don't even know where you are.
'But the heavens have brought us around again. Apparently, they want us to settle our game at any cost...!

 Two deadly streams of fire rising up from the sky!

 What the hell is going on? What's happening!
 How is this going to play out?

Now that you mention it, have you ever heard of it?
Did you know that, Mr. Katou?
Pinktonton-san is the newest member of the S-class adventurers, but his last job was as a mercenary! They say he was in a war with the demon race and rampaging on the battlefield! But the war ended with the destruction of the human kingdom's royalty, and she lost her job and moved on to become an adventurer...!

 You're a mercenary before?
 So you're saying...?

You fought against the Four Heavenly Kings on the battlefield...?
They look like they would be in the front lines of battle...?

 It's true that Grashara's demon queen has arms and legs as thick as a large tree and is very powerful.
 I'm sure you'll be mistaken for a man at a distance.

 Even I, an S-class adventurer, was overwhelmed by her power.
 ........I'm amazed that the Demon King got such a powerful woman as his wife.

As expected of the Demon King...?
By the way, I heard she's his second wife.
That's the devil king!

 I can honestly respect him as a man!

Your Majesty, the Demon King, the marinade is in order.
Oh, wow...?

 The Muscular Demon Queen leaves her childlike infant in the care of the Demon King and jumps down from the dignitary's seat.
 When she lands, it shakes with a thud.
 The ground?

I thought my days as a soldier were over when I became the Queen of Demons and retired from the front lines. But my only regret is that I didn't end up with you.
We have fought many times... On various battlefields. Even after the war ended and I changed my profession to adventurer because I couldn't make a living as a mercenary, I never forgot to settle things with you.......!

 No, come to think of it, Pinktonton too has a huge frame that is no less than that Mr. Grashara.
 Big and thick.

 If a woman with a body that big came head to head with such a huge body.......?

Right here...!
The one thing we couldn't do on the battlefield was...
I'll fix it!

 They collided?

 The mere collision of the unladylike thickness and weight of the massive body sends a kind of shock wave spreading far and wide around it!

''Now it's beginning! The battle of the century between Pinktonton and Demon Queen Grashara! Both sides, rivals who have lived and fought on the battlefield many times in the past! A dream card that looked like it would be retired and no longer active! Dream fight! I have to pay attention!

 What's with the special tone of voice?

What the hell? The Grashara's coming at you out of nowhere! There's a tackle! Tackle's here! But Pinktonton, hold on! That's a lot of tenacity, ahhhhhhhh! Lift it up! Lift it up! Knock it off! Powerbomb, aaaaahhhh!

 Hey, Katou-kun?
 What's wrong with your tone of voice? What's the way you speak, as if you've practiced it somewhere else, as if you're trying to both communicate the situation and make it more exciting?

'But Grashala! Even though she's become a demon queen, her movements are so sharp you can't even feel her blanks! It doesn't even do powerbomb damage! Ooh and a dropkick! He took a dropkick! That's a real hit and Pinktonton is pinned down! He goes at Pinktonton with a diving body attack! This is dangerous! As expected of the former Four Heavenly Kings, they are relentless in what they do!

 Well, as long as they are enjoying themselves, it's fine.

 The crowd is starting to get excited in a different way.

 Our game began to run in a somewhat unpredictable direction.