531-529 live coverage

 Now it gets interesting!

 Queen Grashara the Meat Monster vs. Pinkton the runaway boar disguised as a pig farmer.
 It was the match of the century.

 I'll be reporting live from the show.

And we have welcomed Demon King Zedan to play-by-play. What do you think?
How do you like it? Well, yeah.

 The demon king is not fazed by the sudden appointment to the commentary role, as expected of him.
 Grashara's beloved daughter, Marine, who was entrusted by Grashara, has been flattening her face.

'I think I've mentioned somewhere before that Grashara was one of the best martial artists as one of the Four Heavenly Kings before she was welcomed as my queen.

 Yes, sir.
 It was a long time ago.

He's a former soldier, so he was even more conscious of taking the lead in the front line. During a battle, he was almost always in the front line. If he goes out, the enemy front line will immediately collapse, but he himself will always come back alive. She's a woman who has made everyone around her recognize her as the Four Heavenly Kings with her unrivaled destructive power.
I see.
"My God! Hey, marinade, you can't put your hand in my dad's mouth! I'm talking in the middle of a sentence, you might bite me or something!

 And even during the commentary, the demon king is still struggling with his daughter.
 I'm sure you'll be able to find a lot of good reasons to go for it.

 I'm not going to be able to say that I'm not going to be able to do that.

I remembered a memorable story from Grashara's time in the service. I heard that there was only one fierce man in the enemy's human army who could stand against her.
'The other party was neither a brave man nor a general, but a nameless mercenary,' he said. And he was also a beastman. I heard that in some countries beastmen are discriminated against, hence their inability to attain high positions.

 So you had to settle for being a mercenary?

'I suppose it is one of the foci of disease in some countries that they are able to fight with Grashara on an equal footing, but they are not given a position worthy of their abilities. It is said that when the two clashed on the battlefield, the earth shook and the heavens cried, and no other soldier could touch them.

 The fight is now unfolding before our eyes.

 The ground is shaking with the impact of the body slamming his opponent.
 A bullhorn rises in the excitement of the battle, and it echoes in the heavens.

 In other words, the Demon King's commentary is not exaggeration.

''I didn't know that such an elite had become an adventurer.... Perhaps they ate up as mercenaries at the end of the war and changed professions........ He's a gem I'd rather recruit into the Demon King's army.

 A sigh of admiration escaped from the surrounding audience at the demon king's comment.
''Appointing a soldier from the human side who was an enemy...? ''That's right.

 That's right, our live commentary could be heard by the spectators of both human and demon tribes who had gathered for the dungeon race.

 Ah, well, the fierce battle of the century that had begun in a hurry had completely faded away....

 This battle was a collective battle for the pride of the Four Heavenly Kings and S-class adventurers!

What was it called, "The human...? Pink Tonkatsu-san is not going to be able to explore the dungeon at that rate, is he?
"Do not fry him, saint.

 An accurate tweak from the Demon King.

 Meanwhile, Grashara-san and Pinktonton-san were still blowing each other away with lariats at each other.

''But in terms of numbers, it's just fine, isn't it? And the number of participants was quite uneven to begin with.

 There are four Four Heavenly Kings.
 There were five S-class adventurers.
 And the Six Witches had six, so the Four Heavenly Kings, who had the fewest number of people, were at a disadvantage at this rate.

However, with Pinktonton's departure, the number of S-class adventurers became four, and they were evenly matched with the Four Heavenly Kings. The six witches are now three and there are fewer of them, but...!

''I'm going to push away your numerical disadvantage! Prati said bravely.

 If you don't get started, it won't be finished by the end of the day, so let's proceed with Maki.
 The owner of the castle, Ardhegg, is probably already in the back of the new Dragon Emperor's Castle, so we mustn't make him wait too long.

''Then I'll ask the remaining members to rush in. We're running out of time, so please proceed crisply!''
"What the hell are you doing messing around in there?

 Yes, I don't accept protests.
 There it is, the front gate is open.
 Hurry up and get in there. Get inside the castle!

 The participants in the competition had an unconcerned look on their faces, but it was still a battle they wanted to fight, so they passed through the gates one by one....
 The gates closed by themselves as if they had confirmed that everyone had entered.

''Now, with a sense of goofiness, the human-devil rivalry, the new Dragon Emperor's Castle battle - there's also a polo match - how do you expect it to unfold, Demon King?
Is this craze still going strong?

 No, you don't have to continue.
 The flow of events from before drags on, doesn't it?

''Well, from the standpoint of being the Demon King, I have to support my men. ........But isn't it the same as winning when Belfegamilia is in my camp?

 Belphegamilia, the slothful demon at the top of the current Four Heavenly Kings, is the strongest human being on earth, and has been dubbed the strongest of all.
 His battle prowess rivals that of the world's two biggest disasters, and his three thousand heads are unparalleled even among the contestants this time.

 He's as tyrannical as a Formula 1 car in a Choro Q competition.
 It would be impossible to ask them to lose with this.

''But Belfegamilia has a very serious bottleneck of laziness.
''So that person's fluctuating motivation completely determines the winner...?

 It's going to be a boring fight if you put it that way.

"Oh, by the way, Saints?
What is it?
'The participants have entered the dungeon, what are we supposed to do here? Do we just wait for the participants to come out?

 Demon King found a good point.
 A large spectator stand was set up in front of the main gate of the new Dragon Emperor's Castle, and thankfully, it was packed to capacity.

 However, there was no way to peek inside the dungeon from the outside.
 At this rate, the outside spectators would only be able to wait idly for the game inside the dungeon to end.

 Well, even so, there is still a slingshot deathmatch between Grashara-san and Pinktonton-san in front of the main gate, so as long as you are enthusiastic about it, there is absolutely no way you can delay it.

''But don't worry! We've already devised a way for the audience to enjoy the game with us!

 Once the main gate is closed to welcome intruders, it doesn't need to be opened again.
 In front of it, a large white board-like object appears.

 It's not so big.
 It's a square board with an area so large that you could say it's like a tennis court.

"What is that white wall?

 The wall was so huge that even the demon king was surprised.
 But the surprise is yet to come!

 On my signal, the white board immediately changed color....
 It became colorful.
 Or rather, it projected an image!

What is this?
A magical device we worked on in a hurry to prepare for this event. The images transmitted from the castle's magical cameras will be shown in real time!

 By using this, you can observe how the participants go left and right in the castle!

 What do you think? What is the most revolutionary thing in this alternate fantasy world?
 During the construction of the New Dragon Emperor's Castle, I combined my ideas with the magic of Sensei and Veerle to create an over-technology!

 Were you surprised to see me?
 The audience cheered as expected, "Oh, oh, oh, oh! ' they cheered as expected........

''Now, on display are the Four Heavenly Kings, the S-class adventurers, and the platies running through the castle!
It's still a bit of a mixed bag just after the start, isn't it?

 It's exactly the same as at the start of a marathon.
 You don't know what the difference will be from here on out, depending on your ability and judgment.

 And the timing of the difference came earlier than expected.

A fork in the road!

 They are advancing in the dungeon.
 The first time the passage was a straight and straight path, but soon the path was split and they had to rely on their intuition to decide which way to go.

''A crossroads...?''

 So there were three directions to choose from, excluding the one we had come from.
 Go straight ahead or go left or right.
 Right or left.

 And the three options coincided with the three forces that were challenging the dungeon.

 First, the S-class adventurer team took the right path.
 Next, the Four Heavenly Kings team took the left path as if they were going to confront each other.
 Finally, the Six Witches team led by Prathi entered the middle pathway, just as if they were going their own way.

 This was how the three teams were neatly divided in the dungeon.
 Who will make it to the goal safely?