532-530 Battle of the New Dragon Castle, Shitenno Hen

 Mamoru, one of the Four Heavenly Kings of the Demon King's Army, is in the middle of his match!

 We're in the middle of a battle!

 Well, I am the one who asked you to play!
 I figured this was the only way to keep the discontent within the Demon King's army in check while still letting the good human race adventurers do their job!

 But, sir!

 I didn't expect the game to take place in such an outrageous place!

 Since this is all about outsourcing dungeon management, let's make it a game of dungeon capture.
 I understand.

 To make the odds fair, we'll play in a dungeon that neither of us has ever entered before.
 I know.

 So we'll compete in a dungeon ruled by the Dragon Emperor.

 I don't understand this!

 Dragon emperor?
 Where did you get these contacts from?

 A mere dragon is a mere mortal, a mere mortal who can't even communicate with humans!
 How is it possible to talk to the top of the dragon and let him use your castle?

"You worry too much, Mamoru. There are people in this world who can take care of all the troublesome things in a heartbeat.
Lady Belfegamilia, you're the one who did this?
I didn't do it.

 How could anyone else have gone to such lengths to negotiate with a dragon?

 In fact, our team is as good as won just by having him on board!
 That's how great he is.

But it's a pain in the ass. Did you really have to compete?
Where it began?

 You are a pain in the ass, Belfegamilia!
 As soon as it started, he started to make a mess of the game!

'No! The need for this game was argued a lot at the last meeting!
"It was mainly Mamoru-kun who insisted on it, wasn't it?

 Currently, the Demon King's Army can't manage all the dungeons in the country on its own.
 In order to improve the situation, they would have to rely on the help of adventurers, the private sector.

 However, for the Demon King's Army, it would hurt their pride if they had to hand over to others what they had been responsible for.
 Therefore, if they can play a game and win, they will be able to say "We can still do it," and "We're the ones who are superior.
 And then we can get adventurers to join in.
 Only as an assistant!

''By doing so, the Demon King's army will be able to keep up its facade as the earthly champion! It's the only way!
It's a messy process, isn't it?

 Belfegamilia-sama, stop with your usual habit of saying 'troublesome' because it's critical here!

'You mustn't be bothered, Lady Belfe Gamilia! We must show the human race the might of our demon race!

 That's what Aeshma, one of the Four Heavenly Kings just like me, insists.
 It's a serious, but flexible woman.

''The human race, you just need to make them understand their position once again! 'You are the losers and the submissives. That's what today's game is all about! Let's taste the same humiliation again as when we lost the war to them!

 There are several children in the Demon King's Army who make claims like hers, and it's a game to comfort them in such a mood.

''But that's not the only thing Mamoru-san is expecting, is it?

 Finally, the other one, Leviasa-kun, the Fourth Heavenly King, says.
 She's a quiet woman, but she has an accurate eye for things and is quite hard to underestimate.

On the one hand, we want to show them what we're capable of, and on the other hand, we want to show them what they're capable of. On the other hand, I want to see what they're capable of.
Yeah, well, I guess so...?

 It's a very accurate way of seeing through our intentions...?
 I've been told that the adventurers are professionals at managing dungeons for the human race.
 However, as a responsible member of the Demon King's army, I haven't had the opportunity to see firsthand how they do their job.
 In order to make a decision, I want to see it firsthand.
 And if I'm going to watch them anyway, I think it would be better to have not just me, but many of the Demon King's soldiers witness it as well, so that they will have a better understanding of the situation, and will be less resistant to entrusting the job to me...?

 I've planned the game after thinking that far into it, right?

The fact that you're so preoccupied is really creepy, just like you, Mamoru.
"Too much is ruined by that last thought!

 But that's how Leviatha sees through it, and that's what's "typical" of her.
 I'm not sure I've ever seen such a thing before.

 It's not a good idea to be a bother, Belphegamilia-sama.
 Aeshma, who is too earnest to cause friction.
 Leviatha-kun, who is capable but unwilling to contribute.

 I'm Mamoru, the Four Heavenly Kings, who works around these three!

 As we talked about these things as we advanced through the dungeon's corridors...

"Oh, something came out.

 A door.
 The tightly closed gate doorway is exactly the kind of assertion that says, 'From here on out, it's a different realm.

' "Apparently, it seems that it becomes a full-fledged dungeon from here on out. Intruders are relentlessly exclusionary...?''
''You know very well, young boy with a lot of sights to see.''

 I noticed there was someone next to you!

 A dead body?
 That's what I thought, a dried-up person, but he's moving!

Long time no-life-king, long time no see.
Hello, doctor!

 Except for me, who are the Four Heavenly Kings and why do you say hello to them?
 You all know this immortal?
 I'm the only one who feels alienated?

"It's unexpected to see you here. What in the world are you doing here?
"The area beyond this point was designed by me.

 What does that mean? This dungeon is the residence of the Dragon Emperor!

 How could the Immortal King design it?

''This dungeon was built so fast that many people helped us. Initially we had to work on it alone, but they wanted to add variety and that's why they asked us to do it.
And that's why you gladly accepted, isn't it?
I'm going to stand in front of my section and explain my enthusiasm. And so they waited.

 Seriously, isn't this dungeon an attraction?

The dungeon you designed, huh? It must have been really cumbersome to build, right?
''This time I tried to focus on a theme. I've tried to solve what I believe to be the biggest problem in this game.

 What a pretty decent thing to say, this No Life King!
 What is the theme of his dungeon?

I'll tell you what, it's a countermeasure against belfegamiliars.
'What? Me?
As long as your name is on the list of competitors, you will win no matter what. It's no fun to play if the outcome is already decided. And I've taken care of that problem.

 You're a serious immortal........?
 But it's hard to get Bellefegamilia-sama to confirm victory for our own camp.

"Fortunately, I know you well enough to know you. "I'm sorry, but this is a design that thoroughly exploits your weaknesses.
What? I have a weakness? Is there such a thing?

 This is the kind of thing Belfe Gamilia-sama who says these things in a stubborn way.
 You have the dignity of a strong man.

Now that we've said that, let's have a taste of this No-Life King's exclusive dungeon for Belphegamilia.

 The No-Life King's teacher brushes aside the door that looms in front of us.

So from here on out, the teacher has prepared a whole bunch of traps for us!
As one of his students, I'll have to accept it...!

 Aeshma and Leviatha-kun are also full of motivation.

 What kind of thing is it?

 Then I tried to open the door and found these words scrawled on it.

'Don't say 'bother' in this room.'

    * * *

Belphegamilia-sama, ah, ah!

 Belfegamilia-sama was taken away in the blink of an eye and magically bound ah!
 If you say a taboo word in the area, will they do that to you?

It's a good idea to have a good time. It's not a good idea to say it. So why do you say it?
"Oh no, 'I'm sorry.' 'Well? I didn't think that saying 'grass is nice' in succession would be perceived as 'troublesome'.
Why did you say those three words in a row?

 Under what circumstances do those words appear in succession?
 Especially "the grass is nice, isn't it?" What do you mean by that? What does it say about you?

I've fallen for the teacher's plan and I'm dropping out. I'll take care of the rest.

 Thus, Belfegamilia-sama, I was put under a penalty curse for saying a taboo and dared to be knocked out of the room.

 I was the first one to be eliminated from our team.