533-531 Battle of the New Ryu Teijō Part 1 of the Six Witches

Zos Saira, Witch of the Abyss.

 A dungeon conquest competition reluctantly planned by the landed men? I'm participating in something called the "Mere Old Man".
 At first, when I found this proposal hidden among the proposals submitted to the Prime Minister, I thought about punching him in the face, but in the end he pushed me away and I decided to participate.

 The mermaid prime minister is not so powerful as I thought.

Is there really any point in participating in this? Why don't we just let the land people do their own thing?
What are you talking about? The future is going to be global! We mermaids, like us, need to save the important events, or we'll be left behind!

 You think it's such a trendy thing to be driven by...?

 Do you think that was significant enough to bring out the straw that is currently busy f*cking with the Prime Minister?

'What are you talking about? I'm also giving you the benefit of the doubt. If it were true, I would have asked you for your opinion on how to make the thing.
''That thing...?''

 When I turned around, there was a creature that looked like it had only one big eye and nothing else in particular.
 A creature with such a ridiculous shape could not be born in nature.
 In other words.....

"It's a homunculus, isn't it?
That's right. That's right. It's a mechanism that sends what she sees as a telekinetic wave and visualizes the image from a different location. I called it Camera Eye! What she sees is projected on the screen outside in real time, so the audience can enjoy watching it too!
Wow, that's a pretty good system.

 I mean, did you make that?
 Since it's a homunculus, there should be someone to create it, and since I don't remember Warawa making it, the only other person I can think of who can do that is the princess in front of me.

Yes, I really wanted to ask you, the expert, for your opinion as I made it, but I refrained from doing so because I thought you were busy with your vizier's work. I hope you can understand this thoughtfulness!

 No, before that, the homunculus production magic that I risked my life to master was imitated so easily, and the pride of the strawman, right?

 We tend to forget this guy because of his usual eccentricities, but he was the genius of the mermaids.
 And he wasn't just a genius in one field like the bracken, he was a genius in all fields.
 I am disgusted with him.

By the way, the images she's watching are not only broadcasted to the audience, but also to the mermaid kingdom. The mermaids are also watching our exploits, so we can't be ashamed to fight.
"Why would you do that?
''The mermaids are cheering for us in the stands outside, and we can't just leave the mermaids as the hub! This event is for all three races!

 I don't mind enjoying it, but this Prime Minister's job is...?
 Oh, this is not good.
 I'm worried about my job first and foremost, I'm not the worst outlaw in the world.

And I've got a few things I want to try out myself in this competition. ...Actually, this camera eye homunculus is still incomplete and doesn't have the ability to transmit audio.
You mean the video?
'That's why I'm sure your husband is in front of the screen right now, desperately trying to get things going with his play-by-play. It's also convenient for me. For one reason or another.

 He's a creepy guy, laughing like a witch.
 He's up to something.

 While thinking about this, as I was going along, I arrived at a different area.

"What is this glittering space?

 The floor is full of black growths.
 What is this?
 A crystal?

"Black crystal?
'Ohohohohohohoh! How dare you come to the area I'm assigned to?

 There was a guy in a high place with a high-pitched stupid laugh.
 It was an ostentatious woman in a black dress.

This is the area of the New Dragon Emperor's Castle where this imperial dragon consort, Bloody Mary, was in charge of setting up. You can fight the Black Crystal Guardians that are infinitely spewed by my dragon magic!

 As soon as the black woman said that, countless black crystals on the ground stood up with a bang.
 And it has transformed into a human form!

It seems to be a magical life form created by Marie's dragon magic. Is it halfway between a mineral and a living being? Like?
Like a homunculus of straw?
'It's more of an automaton, isn't it? But does that one seem far more high-dimensional?

 d*mn it.
 That's why the dragons and the No-Life Kings are breaking through our limits so easily!
 Do you think they own all the truth in the world?
 Do you think I'm going to be the No-Life King in the future?

Anyway, they're just guards to keep out the intruders, and if we don't do anything, they'll carry us out of the building.
'Huh! I'll send a homunculus out to return fire...?
Don't do that. Don't do that. They're more powerful than us as a unit. It's not gonna be a fight.

 You're going to go around saying hurtful things, aren't you?
 What are you going to do then? Your magic potions don't work so well against a dragon!

Like I said, I have something to try.

 The Plathian a**h*le sneered.

'The dragons have created a strong army of magic. They're good enough for me to experiment with. Just a test of my newly acquired skills!

 So how can you be so sure?
 I don't know what kind of new magic you've mastered, but at any rate, you won't be able to pull a fast one on a dragon.

Just watch and learn.

 After saying that, the praty a**h*le slurred........


 How can you be so carefree and sing in this mess...?
 No wait, a song?
 You're not going to sing that!

"Hier sitz' ich, forme Menschen Nach meinem Bilde,....

 Just as I didn't expect, the surface of the Demonic Guard, made of black crystal, cracked and shattered as I imagined it would!

 Is it the effect of Prati's "Song"?

 But this one........I have an overwhelmingly clear idea of what it is!

"Isn't this the chanting spell? Isn't that Sheila's casting spell? How do you know how to use it?
Because I've been practicing!

 Just because I practice doesn't mean I'll never get it right!

Think about it! I'm my mother's daughter, and I'm the oldest! That a**h*le would have no problem at all if he had inherited his mom's talent!
Isn't that the problem with your legacy, in this case?
If I can do it, Mom, I can do it! That's why I asked my mom to teach me how to chant! I had to work really hard! I used the best spoiler I've had since I was six years old!

 Did you have more trouble learning than learning?

 Yes....but it's likely...?
 Sheila, you basically have a soft spot for your children, don't you?

 But that doesn't mean you're going to teach your daughter the world's highest taboo of chanting magic?
 Do you think your daughter has it in her?

That's right, she doesn't know it as well as I do, but she's not too far behind with her make-up. Bite me, chanting magic 'triumphant song'!

 The Black Crystal Demon Guards are breaking into pieces like a wine glass shouted by a soprano.

 Well, it's only natural for the magicians to be able to do that.
 The chanting magic is the kind of thing that can instantly kill dragons and no-life kings if you use it properly.

 This is the work of a genius?

"La-la-la-la! I don't feel like losing at all! I'm starting to feel like I could reign as the world's greatest! .........huh? Gupo!

 What's the matter with you?
 Platy's cowering in the middle of the night?

 Isn't that a side effect of the chanting spell?
 I don't want to tell you, but there's a reason why I'm under a curse!

Pull yourself together. Hey, anybody want a doctor? Don't we have a doctor?
No, wait...? I know that feeling. Is this if........?

 Prathi, with a grim expression on her face as if she was enduring nausea, says.

''........morning sickness?''
You didn't think that there was going to be a second baby...?

 You too?
 Puffa, Lamphiye and now you too? And this is your second?
 And this is your second?
 Are you expecting a baby?

"She's pregnant!

 The dragon guarding this area has returned to its dragon form and bashed up to me.

''Isn't it hard for the ningen to get pregnant! ''I heard from the girls in the village I rescued the other day!
Oh, I'm probably two or three months pregnant, so it's time to be cautious.

 This is your second time, you're very calm right after you find out.

"No, you can't go exploring a dungeon at that time of year! Abort! You're out for a doctor's stop! I'll use my judgment to protect this area, okay?
Well it's my decision. You have to give priority to your baby...?

 Platy looks like that dragon is going to carry him out of the field.
 It's a good idea to be careful with your hands, it's as if you're handling something fragile.

I'm sorry, I didn't want to be the first one to call it quits...

 If it were up to me, I'd like to leave with him.

The only thing left to do is for the two of you to hang in there and not let the demons and humans get to you!

 And with a huff and a puff, Prati's idiot left.


 Come to think of it, was there another person besides Warawa?
 Who's that?