535-533 Battle of New Dragon Castle S-class adventurer

 I'm Silver Wolf, an S-class adventurer.

 This is the Dragon Emperor's Castle!
 An extremely rare dungeon ruled by the Dragon Emperor!

 Getting into these rare dungeons is an adventurer's ultimate pleasure!
 As soon as you get in here, you'll be happy and you won't care about the game or anything else!


 That's right.
 The outcome of this game will determine whether or not the adventurers advance to the Devil's Land.
 Whether we can get into more unseen dungeons from here or not is up to us.

 We're usually touted as S-class adventurers. Let's try to live up to that title!

 ........and just as I was getting excited about it.

    * * * *

"Whoa! Katou-kun has been eliminated!

 I immediately fell prey to the trap in the one-man dungeon.

 It's a special kind of trap that I've never seen before.
 I'm sure you'll be able to find out more about this, but I'm sure you'll be able to find out more about this.

 However, this time's trap was different.
 The first thing I heard was a sound.

 This was noticed first by the Golden Bat, who had the most acute hearing among the S-class adventurers.
 Black Cat and I also have keen hearing, so we immediately noticed that the sound was strange.
 The sound was sustained and continuous, yet it was inflected and bouncy.......music?

 Is this music?

 But the moment we thought it was too late, it was too late.
 We were already in the middle of an operation. The first person to fall was the otherworldly Katou-kun.

"Kah, Katou-kun!

 He began to dance to the lively rhythm of the music.
 I'm sure you'll be able to find it.
 I'm sure you'll be able to find a great deal of information on this.

What's going on, Katou-kun? What's that move?

 We are in a panic, but Katou-kun doesn't answer with his mouth, he just holds up his thumb and gestures.
 Why are you gesturing? Is there a rule against talking?

 d*mn, but the music is so light and Katou-kun's dancing is so fun, I can't help but want to imitate it!

"Nyaka nyaka nyaka nyaka nyaka nyaka nyaka nyaka nyaka nyaka nyaka nyaka nyaka nyaka nyaka nyaka nyaka nyaka nyaka nyaka nyaka nyaka nyaka nyaka nyaka nyaka nyaka nyaka nyaka nyaka nyaka nyaka nyaka nyaka nyaka nyaka nyaka...

 The Black Cat is already on the music!
 Because he's always on the up-and-up!

Huh? Look out! This is probably a trap that the music itself is setting us up for!

 It engages us in the rhythm of the music and disrupts our concentration.
 I've never encountered a trap like this before! As expected of the Dragon King's dungeon, I should say!

 While I was upset, the next strange thing happened.

 There was a sword on the ground.
 A slender saber in the middle of the dungeon? I know it's blatantly suspicious...?

 But Katou-kun is riding the rhythm of the game. Without warning, he picks up the sword in a haphazard manner.

"Foolishly, you don't have to be so alert........!

 Picking things up unguarded in a dungeon is synonymous with death...?

 But surprisingly, there was nothing.
 Katou-kun, even after picking up the sword, he kept up a rhythm with his unique choreography of moving his shoulders up and down.

  Finally, a full-blown trap!
 Something flew at you, Katou-kun! What is that? A lethal throwing weapon?

 But, Katou-kun, you dexterously catch them with a saber you just picked up! And with a saber that you just picked up!
 The thing that flew at me was actually a loop made of wood or something. I put the saber through the hole in the middle of that loop and caught it beautifully.
 This is awesome!

'Great cat! Geisha-nyan!

 Crackle, crackle, crackle, crackle!
 I couldn't help but applaud!

 In response to that applause, Katou-kun bows and passes another flying loop through his saber.
 This time it's consecutive.
 Can you do it well?

...and how long will this go on?

 Light music is still playing in the dungeon.
 It's rhythmic and fun, but it can't stay like this forever.

 We have to move deeper into the dungeon!

Katou-kun! Let's stop playing and move on! We're falling behind the other teams!

 But no!
 Mr. Katou was completely captivated by that lilting music, and our calls never reached him!
 In rhythm with the rhythm, this time he used a blowgun to break the balloon.

"Phew, it's no use. You won't be able to escape from Meow's trap.
"Shut up, Black Cat! I'm having a hard time right now, so shut up!

 If you listen carefully, you'll find that the tone of voice is similar, but it's not a black cat!

 If you look closely, you'll find a cat at a higher level in the dungeon.
 It's not a cat beast like Black Cat. It's a cat itself!

 Why is there a cat in the dungeon?

"Meow, that's Dr. Meow, one of the three wise men, one of the strongest No-Life Kings in the world! I was in charge of the design and construction of this S-class anti-adventure dungeon!

 Cats are no-life-kings?
 What's that supposed to mean?

 And it's our dungeon?
 They're bombarding us with too much information at once!

That's it! It's a character stealer! Cat characters are my position! Let's eradicate the pacifier!

 And Black Cat, the cat-beast man, is outraged by the sudden intrusion of the cat itself.
 It's an identity crisis.

'Ugh, you half-cat! These guys have been doing it for thousands of years before you were born! We're in the wrong career!'

 A cat and a cat are fighting...?
"Fushers! And breathlessly. Cats in a fight are really scary.

''So, um........what's this countermeasure dungeon for us S-class adventurers only......?
"I'm so glad you listened to me!

 Dr. Cat? Black Cat jumping on top of my head.
 A cat on top of a cat...?

"I knew you S-class adventurers would be able to conquer dungeons with the super-sensitivity of a beastman! So Meow took advantage of this and prepared many traps to 'mislead the opponent with her senses'!
"To backhandedly...? To deceive your senses...?

 Just like that Katou-kun dancing to that peppy music...?

"Sight, sound, smell........the senses that are too powerful sometimes pick up unnecessary noise and bring about serious discrepancies. It is used as a trap. Isn't this a revolutionary idea worthy of a no-life king living for thousands of years?

 You can't be proud of yourself too, Black Cat.
 The cats are building solidarity with each other!

I've already used my hearing to trap one of them! But there are plenty of other traps in this area to trap intruders with your senses! You're my next target!
"I heard that Silver Wolf has an excellent sense of smell as a doggy beastman. It's just for you that I've got this for you.
What's that?

 I think I know that jagged fruit.

Is that a durian?
Long time no see, Mr. Silverwolf.

 When was the last time you were forced to eat that foul-smelling fruit?
 I thought I was going to die just putting that thing near me! And then my nose died for about ten days and I had to suspend my adventuring activities!

'It's not a joke! If they smell that thing properly again, this time the life of an adventurer is over!
"It's not that kind of a deal. We've traverse the walls of Okubo Castle together.

 ohhhhh? Isn't it drawing near?
 This is the worst trap ever prepared for me.

The effect was immediate. I knew that meow is a genius.
'What does it smell like to be scared like that, Silver Wolf? I'm interested!
"Oh, you fool, you're going to sniff it out? The meow is on your head, so that means you'll have to go sniff it too.

 Curiosity kills the cat.
 The next thing you know, you're sniffing your own nose in Dorian's prickly fruit with Black Cat and the doctor.

 The two cats' mouths are half open.

''Now's your chance!''

 They dashed through the gap in the Freemen's reaction!
 We ran through this area at once.

 I managed to get past this floor by sacrificing Katou-kun and Black Cat.

 The fearsome Dragon King's Dungeon.
 It's different from other dungeons in a big way!