536-534  three of three

 Yes, I'm Mamoru, one of the Four Heavenly Kings of the Demon King's Army.
 I'm Mamoru, one of the Four Heavenly Kings of the Demon King's Army.
 Also known as "Mamoru from the Shadow.

 Our team's best fighter, Belphegamilia-sama, retired early and we're in big trouble.
 Without her supernatural abilities, can we complete this dungeon inhabited by the most powerful dragon in the world?

"You're pathetic, Mamoru-dono!

 This is Aeshma, one of the Four Heavenly Kings, 'Delusion'.

''Relying on Belfegamilia-sama alone, that's the name of the Four Heavenly Kings! Let's take this as an opportunity to let it be known that even without that person, the Four Heavenly Kings are the strongest and unmatched!

 She's so pure!
 And this purity can get you into trouble!

We'll just have to fight our way through the pack. Hellfire Spirit Breaking!

 Don't you think that's a little too fast?
 Can you make a series of big moves and keep it up to the end? Do you think you'll get sick in the middle of it?

He's dead.
''You've seen that!''

 I instantly ran out of magic and ran out of stamina.
 Because I was using too much magic haphazardly!

''It can't be helped........This is only the Emperor's Dragon Dungeon and the monsters that appear are vicious. The difficulty level would definitely be five stars........
We can't move forward unless we do our best. Aeschma's good judgment...

 It's true that we were able to go on without any wear and tear because Aeshma gave it her all.
 Thanks to that, we were able to successfully cross the area where the No Life King teacher was in charge.

If you don't say 'it's too much trouble', it's really just a nondescript dungeon with strong, f*cking monsters.

''It was all thanks to Aeshma that we were able to get through that area. But because of that, she had to use all her magic power. She won't be able to go on any longer...''
"But I can't leave her here without her merit. I'm going to take her and escape with me. Let me take care of her.
''I'll ask Mamoru-san to take care of the rest. Please be sure to step over the pride of the Demon King's Army.

 Leviatha-kun, come on.........

 You took a quick draw on the back of Aeshma's nurse!

 d*mn it!
 I had noticed your soulfulness along the way, but I couldn't even go into it when you shielded me from the theoretical armament of treating the fatigued people!

 You showed your competence in that way!
 If I'm going to show competence, I want it to be in a way that contributes to the organization!

 .........But ah, now.......
 I'm the only one on the Four Heavenly Kings team!

 All alone? Can you really go it alone?
 I'm very worried, but the future of the Demon King's army depends on my work, and in order to make up for the previous Lavilian-sama's mistake, I have to traverse the Dragon King's Dungeon no matter what, even if I'm the only one!

    * * * *

 I'm Silver Wolf, an S-class adventurer.

 I lost two of my friends in the area overseen by the Dr. No Life King.
 No, I'm not dead, though.

 They're probably still dancing to a light rhythm or playing around with their flamen reactions to the fierce smell.

 And there were two of us who survived.
 The two survivors were myself and the S-class adventurer, the Golden Bat.

'They're a pathetic bunch, aren't they?'

 The Golden Bat is said to be the best of the S-class adventurers at the moment.
 This is because not only does he have the keen hearing of a bat beastman, but all of his abilities are unparalleled.

 His fighting ability, his ability to traverse, his intelligence, and his stubbornness are all unrivaled.
 I can't tell you how many times I've felt inferior to this guy, even though I had the same title as an S-class adventurer as him.

''I didn't think we'd be reduced from five to two by the time we got here. Aren't the standards of the guild loosened, with guys like that being S-class and all? Right, Silver Wolf?
Why are you asking me?
'You're so close to the guild. They want your opinion when they elect a new S-class anyway, don't they?

 On the other hand, you're a total subterfuge with the guild, aren't you!
 As an S-class person, you must contribute to the entire industry because you stand at the top of the adventurers' game.
 We have to nurture the next generation and work with the guilds to protect the adventurer's profession as a whole.

 This is the meaning of the S-class adventurer, but because of your total abandonment of the S-class adventurer profession, all of the wrinkles will be passed on to us.

I've become an adventurer for me. "I became an adventurer for me, and I don't care about others. "I became an adventurer for me, and I don't care about others. Isn't this a detriment to the adventurer's industry as a whole? What do you think?
Don't you think I should...?
It's because of you that I'm telling you this. There are countless adventurers out there, but Silver Wolf is the only adventurer who comes close to me. You're the only one.
The other S-classes are just names. The fact that you and I are the only ones eliminated from this dungeon is proof enough. It's a good thing that you're a good adventurer, and that's what a good adventurer should be. That's what a really good adventurer should do.

 Coming from an opponent who has never won, it doesn't really move me.

 It's true that the reason I made it to the S-Kyu level is not only because of my talent, but also because of the support of many people.
 That's why, in order to repay the debt of gratitude, I want to be on the side that helps as much as I can.

 ........I won't say that, because if I say that, I'll be ridiculed again for having the guts of a herding dog or something.

 Anyway, for me, who became strong by relying on others like I did, I'm not super good at guys like the Golden Bat who can do everything by themselves.
 I'm going forward alone with such a guy...!
 I'm sick to my stomach...?


This is Zos Saira, the Witch of the Abyss.

 It's beginning to feel a bit empty.
 I thought I was leaning in my own way, being called a witch.

But I've been called a 'violator of taboo' and 'heretical potion user'.
 I myself don't feel bad about being called that.
 I may have acted out my badass self to fit the impression of those around me.

 This is what I realized when I saw Gala Rufa.

 A real bad guy is like that, you know.
 What happened to Gala Ruffa?

 It's not a bad idea to have the same thing happen to you.

 --I'm not going to be able to get rid of them. That's a disqualification! It's against the rules!'

 And then he boshed away.
 As they were taken away, Gala Rufa.........

 -- 'No, sir! There was a way to stop it! That's why I was so calm.

 That's why I was calm!

 --I'm not Mud! Yes, even if he was Mud, he's a lady named Mud!" he said.

 He also said, "I don't understand.
 I don't understand.

 But I also thought that if I saw the real thing in front of me, all the fake things would disappear in a flash.

 Come to think of it, I spent my youth being pushed around by Lady Sheila, then after I met the guys from the farm, I was pushed around by this Prati guy, then after my apprentice Puffa became the Mermaid Queen, he pushed me around to become the Prime Minister....

 Isn't he jerked around all the time?

 How can a man like him have the nerve to think he's a forbidden heretic?

 She's just a good looking woman who doesn't know it herself.

 Rather than researching how to turn the world upside down, you would be better suited to contribute to the world by becoming a prime minister.

 So, what shall we do?
 When I noticed, I was the only mermaid in the dungeon.

 It's impossible to capture any more of these dungeons alone.
 I'm an ordinary person after all, Warau.

 Ah, but still, I can't just end things unceremoniously since I have the title of Mermaid Prime Minister....
 There's no way to give up or anything like that, so what should I do...?

Well, let's just go on with it.

 Stop sitting in the gym, get up and move on.
 Because of Gala Rufa's confusion, we were able to break through the area that the black dragon was defending without a hitch.
 Well, let's go as far as we can.

    * * * *


 And gathered, the chosen ones.