537-535 Three people feel distressed

 Well, on behalf of all of us....
 I'm Silver Wolf, an S-class adventurer.

 I'm in the middle of capturing a dungeon ruled by the Dragon Emperor Gaiser Dragon.
 Moreover, while we're in a de facto race to capture another camp, it looks like we've clashed with that competitor in the dungeon.

 A team of demons and.......mermaids?

 I never thought they would all meet at once!

 But when it comes to anomalies....
 There was only one person from each of the other teams they encountered.

"What happened to our friends?

 As I recall, there were three or four of each of us when we entered the dungeon at the same time, right?
 If that's the only one of them left, then...!

She's out.
Shut up! You've lost a lot of weight, too!

 It seems that I've taken my chance.

 It seems that no matter which route you take, the dragon dungeon is terribly difficult.

''Hmph, after all, this is what happens when amateurs take it easy. You underestimated the dungeon.

 And it's my team's golden bat that speaks to me from above in full force.
 Hey, stop it.

The dungeon is a sanctuary full of danger and romance. Only adventurers are allowed to devote all of their energies to the sanctuary. After all, adventurers are professionals. Amateurs should be playing their cards right, but they'll get hurt if they're playing around!

 That's why you're being so provocative, why do they have to fight back?

You think we Demon Lord troops are just amateurs? The Demon King's Army is the strongest army on earth, defending the Demon Kingdom and defeating the humans, and now they are the strongest army on earth, and you think you can't take advantage of that?
Dungeons have their own style. It's not a good idea to bring in the same concepts from the ground, which is why the Demon King's Army is no good. We'll leave all the dungeons in the Demon Kingdom to our adventurers, instead of wasting time and effort.
What the hell is wrong with you?

 Stop it!
 Don't argue with me here!

 There was no one but me who could stop them in this situation that was about to go bad.

''This will be the game to decide which side of the argument is right! Then shouldn't we stop arguing in the middle of the game and concentrate on the game?
I guess so.

 The Demon King's Army, did you pull it off surprisingly honestly?

 What's on your mind?
 I had to bite for the sake of the menace of the group I belonged to, but I didn't want to be important, so I was waiting to be stopped, I guess?

 If that's the case, I can sense that this demon tribe has a lot of trouble...!

''The strength of our Demon King's Army will be firmly demonstrated in the game. This Demon King Army's Four Heavenly Kings, 'Devouring' Mamoru is one of them!
''His bluster is like that of an F-class halfling. His confidence and strength are not balanced.

 Golden Bat, don't provoke me every time!

Excuse me! He's just like that! Just pretend it's a barking dog!
"You're the dog, aren't you?
"What? !

 What the hell did you mean, you shouldn't say that to this Silver Wolf?
 I'll kill you, you bastard!

I'm sorry, I was just trying to be funny. No, of all the adventurers, you speak far more than the cloaked man over there, that's for sure. I beg your pardon.

 And by cape man, you mean golden bat, right?

 And this demon tribe, after all, can be seen as the type of person who understands what's going on.
 They don't want to fight each other needlessly, but I can see that they are in a mood to take a confrontation pose, even if only ostensibly for the sake of their own mood.

 He seems to be the type of person who gets caught up in too many things and causes unnecessary trouble.
 I feel a great deal of affinity for you!

Anyway, we've been sitting here going at each other's throats, and I don't think we're going to get anywhere.

 Scary looking mermaids say.
 But isn't it only the appearance that's scary, and isn't it actually the type of thing you can tell by talking to them?

The only way out of this situation is to complete this dungeon or to retire. Then it's more beneficial for all of us to focus on that. I want to get out of here as soon as possible.

 Apparently, they are the only ones who have survived to this point, and they are the ones who have a lot of sense and can be talked to.
 Then I came up with an odd idea.

''What do you think? Can't we all here work together to move forward from here?

 He's surprised.

By nature, dungeon exploration is a party of several people. It's usually a group of four people. You can't go solo in a dungeon. It's too dangerous for you to be the last man standing and keep going.

 If that's the case, wouldn't it be more beneficial to work together, even if it's the enemy, and form a temporary party to proceed?

But...! Doesn't that fit with the purpose of the event, which is to compete against each other in a contest of superiority? If we work together to clear the game, there's no such thing as winning or losing!

 One of the demon tribe members earnestly discusses the Suji theory.

 It's a good idea to have a good time.

"I don't care about the strawberry. I've been thinking that it's impossible for you to move forward by yourself anyway.
To begin with, the odds were none of my business, but my pride wouldn't allow me to give up. So I'd love to see a way to increase the odds.
It's a good idea to show them how they can cooperate with other species to overcome the problem, which will send a message of harmony and make it easier for adventurers to accept them? He acknowledges the abilities of the adventurers while maintaining the menace of the Demon King's army, and in addition, he accepts the existence of the mermaid race with favor...?

 The demon tribe people are proceeding with the calculation of the cancer.

''Alright, although reluctantly, I'll take you up on that idea.
Or is it?
That's what I mean.

 The more we talked briefly about something, the more our thoughts started to come through.
 The army always has to be concerned about facing each other, you know.

''I'm Silver Wolf, an S-class adventurer.
"Mamoru the Devourer, the Four Heavenly Kings of the Demon Army.
The Witch of the Abyss, Zos Saira.

 They identified themselves to each other and a temporary party was formed that crossed the species.

 I wonder why?
 Even the first S-class adventurer's party was a dream-combination enough, but the party we just formed is much more reassuring.

 We're all in sync with each other.
 You'll have the peace of mind to know that you'll be able to fight to the end with this party!

No, I don't think so.

 Then a foreign element intervenes!
 Golden Bat.

I can capture the dungeons on my own, so why should I rely on a different species? You're wrong. A dungeon is only worthwhile if you can conquer it alone. Parties are evil.

 Annoying solo devotee.
 You can't party because you just don't have the popularity.

'Even Silverwolf goes solo when he enters a dungeon. Solo attack is the style of the most advanced players.
'I go in with a basic party. Sometimes I do it solo, but that's just for a break.

 But in the end, it's when you're attacking solo that you set a new record for the number of floors you reach and get unexpected treasures.
 It can't be helped.
 The instincts of a lone wolf are rooted in them. At the same time, wolves are pack-building animals, so it's inevitable that they will form a party.

 I'm carrying a lot of contradictory animal nature on my back, even if I am!

I want a few of the best, so that I can enjoy this dungeon to the fullest. The only person who can keep up with me is you, Silver Wolf! Don't play along with this nonsense!
Shut up! If that's the case, why don't you just go ahead on your own!

 In fact, you see the harmonious significance of the three races working together to move forward, so it's a good thing to think about the times ahead!
 If you're an S-level adventurer, you need to pay attention to those things too!

Oh my god...!
Don't worry, you're the one who believes in the relative will of the human race...?

 Instead, you've got people of other species taking the initiative to follow through!

 Maybe I've misunderstood you all this time! The demon race and mermaid race are much more considerate of others.

''No, in fact, no demon race other than me cares for you...?
''After meeting you, I'm starting to think the human race isn't so bad either! I'm half doggie, though, right?

 Anyway, this gets us further ahead!
 The final party is complete!