539-537 One after another, three people are suffering

Thank you, Mr. Alexander!
'Master Alexander has cheered me up!
"Thanks to Mr. Alexander, I'm sure I'll be able to continue as Prime Minister!

 We managed to regain Master Alexander's energy and we headed to the next area.

 I left the golden bat guy in the area after I beat him to a pulp.

 We were finally left with just the three of us.

"I guess this is going to be the last member of the team, huh?
'These three will probably go all the way to the end, and if they don't go, we'll be wiped out like this.

 That's right.
 After breaking through Alexander-sama's area, our unity seems to be more solidified.

 Even though we're all new to this group of people, we don't feel like strangers!

''It's good that we're together until the end.......but how far will this dungeon go? That is the important point. As expected, I can't keep up with you any longer either.

 The most painful part of a dungeon attack is not having a goal in sight.

 If you know how far you have to go to get to the end, and you're able to pace yourself well enough to get there, then you're very fortunate to have an easy time of it.

 However, those easy situations are rare.

 We have to crawl through the darkness, grinding our spirits to get there.

Don't worry! This is the endgame!

 He's interrupted our conversation.... who now?

 It's a girl!
 Why is there a girl in this dungeon? I was getting tired of being surprised, but the girl looked familiar, so it soon became clear.

''That's...! The dragon that was in the saint's office?
That's right! You guys, you've made it this far! The new Dragon Emperor's City is in full swing! This is the final trial!

 Does that mean...?

Yes, this area made by Master Veerle of Grinzel Dragon is the final trial! If we can get past this area, the only thing left is the throne room where Ardheg is waiting for us!

 That's good news.
 With the end in sight, without a figure, the power comes back to your body!

'Come on, everybody, we're almost there! The end, the end is in sight!
It's one thing to know, but it's another to hold on.

 My friends are roused and their fatigue is temporarily forgotten.
 Now is the time to summon the last of your strength!

 I can go! If we stick together, no matter how steep the dungeon!

'Guffaw! It's a bluster, but this area full of traps that Master Veerle has come up with is a tough one! They don't know if you're crying or not!
No! We have been bound together through our trials and tribulations! There are no more barriers between the races of humans, demons and mermaids! That's going to be the basic style for the whole world from now on!
'Well said! Then step into the area I designed! I set the trap...!

 Let's go, boys!
 If we work together, there is no obstacle that we can't break through.

It's a trap to be trapped by hundreds of muscle-bound men.

 Oh, I guess it's impossible.

    * * *

 And so we proceeded, frantically.
 Parting through the countless number of machos crammed into the room.

 A large number of muscle machos that I wondered where they had been brought from.
 They pushed and hacked each other inside the sealed space.
 The temperature is increased, the humidity is increased, the pressure is increased.

 We move through such mass hell.

 A pectoral muscle is pressed against my face.
 Is that someone's macho ass that my hand just touched?

 It's painful!

 Why do we have to go through this painful process?
 I've reached the stage of questioning the motive.

 Lord Mamoru! Lord Zos Saira!
 Are you okay?

 No, I'm not! Drifting with the waves of macho meat!
 Is that the Macho Wayfarer Wave?

 If you ride that current, you'll be swept out of the castle!
 Pull yourself together!

 We can't lose!
 I can't let this macho pressure get the better of me!

    * * * *

I finally broke through...
"I didn't think you could break through...?
I'm glad I didn't make it through. I'm going to throw up...!

 After a hell of a lot of pain, we finally made it through all the hurdles and made it this far!

 The Throne Room of the Emperor Dragon Geyser Dragon!

 There is a huge dragon sitting there, so big you could look up!

"How dare you.........come this far...!

 He is the master of this dungeon, the Dragon Emperor Geyser Dragon who stands at the top of all dragons!

 I know because I saw him once at the entrance!

'I'm Ardheg of the Geyser Dragon. I have witnessed your struggle. I've seen you lose friends, work together as survivors, help each other out, and get ravaged by macho to get here.
Stop! Don't mention it!

 I want to forget about it as soon as possible.

''........This game was a competition to see who could reach my bottom. From that point of view, the point of the game is no longer valid as long as we work together and form a single party.

 Yes, I know...!

'But maybe even that doesn't matter now. The great thing is that the three of you, regardless of race, trusted each other to get this far! That trust and cooperation is what makes it great!

 Oh, yes...?

 Could it be that this dragon is just like Mr. Alexander?

"There is no longer a battle to be won or lost! We're all winners! For getting this far, I salute you as an imperial dragon! You guys did it! Congratulations!''

 When I was praised by the people who let go of me like that, I started to feel it more and more real.
 Did we do it?

 You've successfully overcome this difficult, dragon emperor-ruled dungeon!
 And beyond the small concerns of winning and losing, we've earned a more important one: working together.

'Thanks guys! Thanks to you guys, I have something important to hold on to!
'It's the same for me! What a meaningful fight it was!
"There's someone else who's been through the wringer! Walla was not alone!

 Each one of us was rejoicing.
 They are pushed around by their stubborn co-workers on a daily basis, and all of the wrinkles fall on us, and we get poked at even more every day, but...!

 Guess I wasn't the only one going through the same struggles!

 There were others who were struggling just like him!

 Just thinking that makes us work harder. Just thinking that we have friends who have taken on the same hardships!

You are the starting point for a world that will be revolutionized. You will be the starting point for innovation in this world. And to celebrate you, I would like to present you with a title. And to celebrate you, I present to you my title.

 A title?

It is a title that only you three are allowed to call yourselves, to honor you forever. It was given to you by me, the Geyser Dragon. You will have every reason to be proud of it to all of existence on earth.

 Oh my...!
 Aren't you prouder than any lord or king to receive a title from a dragon?

 And from the Dragon King, the Dragon King!

 My life has been a lot of hardship, but I never thought I would be rewarded like this!

I'm glad I've been struggling!
"Keep at it, and maybe someday it will pay off!

 Lord Mamoru and Zos Saira look happy!

"Well then.........yeah. From this day forward, the three of you will be known as the three of you together.

 We have a title to give us.

In "Cronin's
Can't you do that?

 And so we three.........
 The world has come to know that we are people who are struggling wherever we go.