540-538 Final Match

 Platy's second child, pregnant!

 I'm elated by the good news that came out of nowhere!

 I got a blessing from the Demon King and Arowana, who happened to be there, too, and they were happy and dreamy!

 As such, in order to make the big event of mixing man, demon and man-fish a success, we have to do our best to cheer them up outside the castle where we are!

 As it turned out, the crowd outside the castle was always in full swing.
 The enthusiasm was so great that it never subsided for a moment.

 By Mr. Grashara and Mr. Pinktonton.

 So just now, the battle of the century was being held in front of the main gate of the New Dragon Emperor Castle.

 The Second Demon Queen, one of the former Four Heavenly Kings of the Demon King's Army, and the tyrannical General Grashara, who kicked out the enemy army on the battlefield with her unparalleled physique and power.

 He was the only beastman mercenary who was able to fight against Grashara on the battlefield. Pinktonton, the wild beastman who is now known as an S-class adventurer.

 They have clashed many times in the past, and each time they have caused chaos on the battlefield, but in this peaceful time, they have unexpectedly met again, and without needing to plan for it, they have clashed again.
 It is as if this is their fate.

 In order to settle the score that they were unable to reach on the battlefield, they must return to the past in the present.
 The other you, the one you left behind that day... you are now a wild, wild animal, biting and clashing with each other!

 The audience was excited to witness the clash.
 Originally, they had come to watch the dungeon battle between the Four Heavenly Kings of the Demon King's Army and the S-class adventurers, but their eyes were glued to this one.

 After all, Grashara, who used to be one of the most powerful types in the Demon King's Army, and Pinktonton, the Boar Beastman, were the only ones who could go head to head with Grashara.

 As they both boast of their power, they both have strong physiques, and the sight of their huge, thick, feminine bodies clashing against each other is a thrilling experience.

 The impact of the collision of muscle against muscle was so great that it scattered around.

 It's impossible to ignore it when it's within your field of vision.
 Regardless of the human demon, the audience was drawn to it, and finally, it was monopolized.
 Eventually, the audience went into a frenzy.

 The spectators of the demon race wanted to see Grashara.
 The human race audience cheered for Glashara and the human race audience cheered for Pinktonton respectively.

 It was a natural color-coding for their race, but the two of them, with their backs to each other, were like representatives of both races.
 It was beginning to look like a major battle for the prestige of the two races.

 The management couldn't abandon the game if it got that exciting.

 We asked the Orcs who were waiting for such a thing to happen to set up the ring for us to improvise.
 And a wire mesh, too.
 I also surrounded it with flames.
 And introduce electric current blasting?

 The environment is set up just like that, and the two of them try to decide who's best for the battle in a full-blown field.
 I decided to be the referee to witness the battle between the two girls.

 A referee is a position that is often in danger of getting involved in a match.

 I've fallen out of the ring with fighters.
 I've been hit with jointed moves by mistake.
 I've been wrapped up in bandages and then stabbed with a straw, and my body fluids were sucked out and I became a mummy.

 I'm expecting my second child, and I don't want to put my family in danger, but I'm one of the organizers of this event, and I have a responsibility to make this event as exciting as possible.

 So let's get in the ring and watch these two fight at the closest distance.

 Let's go!

 I thought I was going to die when I was suddenly hit by the cross bomber of Grashara and Pinkton.

 After that, the two of them teamed up tightly and continued the pure contest of strength!
 Both sides were pure power types who didn't rely on small moves, so the matches were always full of power and had the crowd in a frenzy.

 If Mr. Grashara hit him, Mr. Pinkton would hit him back....
 When Mr. Pinktonton threw him off, Mr. Grashara landed with a spectacular passive move and hit Pinkton as he recoiled.

 He spins around in the air and hits Mr. Grashara, who is down in the ring, with a full body hit!

 I didn't know he could even handle a brilliant aerial move with his huge body!

 If you think about it, Pinkton was originally a beastman mercenary who ran around the battlefield, but after the end of the Man-Monster War, he turned to adventuring and quickly became an S-class adventurer.

 He must have gone through many hardships after becoming an adventurer.

 On the other hand, her rival, Grashara, after the war ended, married the Demon King, became the Demon Queen, got pregnant, and gave birth to a child.
 She must have been so busy with political duties and raising children that she was far away from actual combat.

 Naturally, a body that has lost the opportunity to train will deteriorate, while a body that has been subjected to constant hardship will become stronger and stronger.

 The longer the match dragged on, the more obvious the difference became, and it was Demon Queen Grashara who was being blatantly cornered.

 When Grashara's movements became sluggish due to an obvious lack of stamina, Pinktonton blows her away with a special technique, a Hurricane Mixer, using his fangs as a wild boar beastman, to blow her away!

 As a beastman, Pinktonton, who had the beast factor mixed in with half of his body, carried the animal nature of a boar.
 The thing that was most important when utilizing it in battle was his ramming power.

 Grashara was exposed to that ramming power.
 His physical strength was exhausted, and he took heavy damage and sank into the ring.

 Everyone thought that the winner was already decided.

 His opponent, Pinkington, was also convinced of victory, and before he could finish the fight, he climbed into the corner post and made a ring performance for the crowd.

 Mr. Grashara, who was down and showed no signs of getting up, was an afterthought.
 Has she, once feared as the tyrannical general of the Four Heavenly Kings, forgotten her fighting spirit in peace?
 Is that what you lost?

 Just when it seemed that Grashara would not be able to get up, there was a single voice that roused her.

 It was the voice of Grashara's own daughter, Marine, who was the only one to cheer her up.

"Ha-ha-ue, hang in there!

 It was the first words spoken by Marinette, who was only a toddler, she would later say.

 What mother wouldn't be inspired by the support from her own child?
 She stood up with a fury and rushed at Pinktonton's back, who was caught off guard by the ring performance.

 He locks his hips in a gash from behind and throws him up into a shrimping stance as he is!

 This is a German Suplex!

 And it's a German Suplex hold as he slams his opponent head first into the ring in a bridge position, and then locks him in a gushy fall position!

 As I crawled to the ground as a referee, I saw that Pinkton's shoulders were indeed touching the ring, and I tapped the ground and made it count!


 The game is over...oh, oh, oh, oh, oh!

 The winner, Mr. Grashara!
 A stunning come-from-behind victory from a big pinch!

 The entire crowd went wild at this picture-perfectly dramatic ending.
 Her husband, Maou, was so moved that he rushed into the ring with his daughter, Marine, in his arms and lifted Grashara, the second queen, in celebration of her victory.

 It was the cheers of her beloved daughter, who she loved more than anything else, that gave Grashara the strength to come back to life.
 It was her beloved daughter, who loved her more than anything else, who gave her a boost of support.
 She is still getting stronger than ever.

 She has risen to the rank of the strongest "mother" of all.

 Peace will never let humanity relax or diminish.
 It is a battle that proves that peace does not destroy, but rather builds, and leads each of us to greater heights.

 After recovering from the damage, Pinkton honestly praises the winner, and Grashara also praises his rival for his efforts.
 A firm handshake is exchanged.

 There are differences between winners and losers, but it's not a battle for the sake of winning.
 They showed the whole audience that it was a game to enhance each other's abilities, and the human-demon race took a step toward understanding each other.

 It was truly a meaningful match that promoted the reconciliation of the human and demon races.

''........It really was a meaningful event that we planned this event for.......''

 What is it?
 When I turned around as I was called out, I saw three faces there.

 Mermaid Zos Saira, S-class adventurer Silver Wolf, and.......one more, who?
 I'm guessing you're one of the Four Heavenly Kings, based on your face.

What's all this fuss about while all these warriors are trying their best to capture the dungeon?
'No, it's great, Mr. Grashara and Mr. Pinkton! It's a great match, with both fighters giving it their all, and the crowd goes wild! The reconciliation of the human and demonic races at an accelerated rate!
Wasn't that what the dungeon race was all about? Why are you guys so focused on these surprise matches instead of on this one?
Oh, I'm sorry... The game between the two of us got so heated that I overlooked it as much as I could...!
''What was all our hard work!

 Apparently, the three of us who had successfully completed the capture of the Dragon Emperor's Castle at the same time had returned.

 It's a good thing that Grashara and Pinkton accomplished our original goal of allowing the human race and demon race to recognize each other, isn't it?

 All's well that ends well!

 Huh? Not good!