541-539 Summary of the Battle of New Dragon Castle

 And so the dungeon conquest competition that ended with great success.

 Mr. Grashara and Mr. Pinktonton, I thought the main event was an unrestricted singles match with a single match of fate?

 Now, now, who said that?

 Today's story was mainly about the unveiling of the new Dragon Emperor's Castle and the competition to capture it from start to finish!

 Along the way, there wasn't any big, spontaneous event that obliterated the main plot.
 That's just the way it's supposed to be for the mental stability of those three people who had the most trouble this time.

 Anyway, after the announcement of the closing ceremony, the audience was sent back with transference magic and afterwards, a small launch party was held with only the people concerned.

 At the new Dragon Emperor's Castle, where the competition took place.
 In addition to the Four Heavenly Kings, S-class adventurers and Six Witches who participated as competitors, the Dragon & No-Life King's members, the creators of the dungeon, were on the side to defeat them.
 Demon King and Arowana, who had come as guests of honor, also participated in the party, which was held in a harmonious manner with a standing buffet.

It's a party for those who have fought through the war! I'm going to eat my homemade Gongkotsu Ramen noodles (undiluted) to show my appreciation for all those who fought through the war.

 At this point in time, Veerle was devoted to consuming gongkotsu ramen.

 Once the game was over, they forgot about their positions and interacted with each other, praising each other.
 It would be nice if this would become the standard for the three major races in the future.

Mr. Ardhegg.

 For now, I greeted Ardhaegg-san, the master of the new Dragon Emperor's Castle, again.

''Thank you so much for providing me with a place to stay this time.
No, no, no, no. I'm happy to be part of the reconciliation process.

 This man himself just became a new emperor dragon and I'm sure he's going through a lot of hardships, but to think that he would put his compassion on humanity in the midst of all that.

 I'm really glad that Ardheg-san has become the new Geyser Dragon.
 I shudder to think if this was another........majority of irresponsible and uncivilized dragons that had become the emperor.

'Hey Seadr! You should take this opportunity to eat 40 to 50 bowls of Gongkotsu Ramen!
'No! That's what you've been extracting from me to begin with! Why are you so sad that you have to ingest your own food?

 I decided not to listen to the dragons' horrible argument, and I decided to mix in with the rest of the circle of conversation.

 The Demon King was chatting about something with Silver Wolf, an S-class adventurer.

''What an unusual combination, isn't it? What deviousness?
''No, it's not like I'm being devious...?

 Because that was clearly the mood of the secret talks.
 I'm sure it's not a bad thing, but you can tell it's a difficult political story.

''Since this event fell into place as intended. We've decided to use that momentum to get on with our original business.
The original business?

 What was it?

'No, no, no, no, I know exactly what I'm doing! I haven't forgotten you!

 Well, there it is.
 You're talking about opening up a dungeon in Devil's Land to adventurers, right?

 The Adventurer's Guild, a system in which civilians manage dungeons, is only on the side of the former human kingdom.
 In the Demon Kingdom, the Demon King's Army had been managing the dungeons until now, but with the shrinking of the military, they couldn't keep up.

 That's when we came up with the idea to outsource the work to human adventurers to fill in for the lack of help!

This event has made the human demon race coiled up more and more, and I believe there will be little opposition to welcoming adventurers to the demon kingdom. From now on, we are going to start outsourcing the business.
I was just having a meeting with the Demon King to discuss that.

 Silver Wolf said.

As a matter of fact, the Adventurer's Guild is also having problems with the end of the war. The mercenaries and knights who lost their livelihoods are changing their jobs to adventurers all at once in search of new jobs.
I can use my experience from my last job.
''However, the population of professions had risen so rapidly that the existing dungeons had begun to overflow. We thought the only thing we could do at this point was to release them all at once into the field in search of undiscovered dungeons, and that's why we're so grateful for the request from the Demon Kingdom.

 So supply and demand are in sync.

I've been hesitant to send them to the mainland as adventurers when it comes to the people who once fought a fierce battle with the Demon King's army. But after this event, we can see the light...

 The warriors who have fought the fiercest fierce battles in that seat over there are now celebrating reconciliation.
"There is only one thing in this world that is perfect, and that is our friendship! I'm just saying.
 That's right, it was today's main eventers, Grashara and Pinkton.

You've become an adventurer and your forward momentum has improved even more, haven't you? I can't compete with you anymore, I've been skipping battle training all the time!
"What are you talking about, today's winner! The counterattack at the end really got to me. Is that what a mother's strength is all about~?
Yoo-hoo! Isn't my little girl cute? Isn't she really cute? Why don't you just get married and have a kid, 'cause he's really cute and life-changing.
There it is, the married man sharing his happiness with you.

 They look so congenial.

It's a good thing that you're able to get to know each other that well, then I'm sure it will spread to other Demon King's Army soldiers and former mercenaries who are now adventurers. ........I'm really glad we did this event.

 Ah! Silver Wolf-san has a distant look in his eyes.
 In the end, he was one of the three people who had worked so hard to capture the dungeon to the end and reach Ardheg's side.

The shock of having all the results of his struggle to be named "Cronin's" is still smoldering in his mind?

''It's all right! I'm sure Silverwolf and his team's hard work is also contributing to world peace!
I hope you're right...?

 ''It's okay.
 Because "Cronins" is Silver Wolf, Zos Saira, and the Four Heavenly Kings, Mamoru? Wasn't it, like, a threesome?
 It's not just the humanoid demon race, but even the mermaid race has joined in, leading to the reconciliation of the three major races!

 Grashara and Pinkton's game is only within the range of effect of the human and demon races.
 It's no match for "Cronin's", which even covers the mermaid race!

And to prove it look at that thing!

 Two of the "Cronins" except for Mr. Silverwolf.
 Mr. Zos Saira and Mr. Mamoru surrounded one of them with a pleading sermon.

'Why do you feel like you're living all alone? Truly no one can live alone in the full sense of the word, can they?
You're an adventurer because of your guild. We get paid by the guild and use the money to eat and rent a place to sleep. And a guild is made up of the mutual support of all of us.
Helping each other is a spirit of compassion. If you don't have that in mind, it's useless.
When one person in an organization ignores compassion like you do, all the compassion is wasted and the organization collapses. How can that be a good thing? What do you think? Say it right?

 The one who is getting the brunt of the merciless sermon is, as I recall, an S-class adventurer named Golden Bat.
 He seems to have done something in the dungeon and has been preaching to me ever since he came out.

 Top-notch adventurer, looking down and refusing to look the other person in the eye.

''That was his own fault, so I don't feel any sympathy for him, but...''
"If you were to lecture your colleague that hard, you'd definitely have a lump in your throat, wouldn't you? I'm going to take over there and give you my honest opinion from my position as an outsider! This is the power of the bond between you guys!

 This is the "Cronin's" must-have substitute preaching technique!
 By admonishing the troublemakers in each other's camps, they diminish the hardships of their friends!

Well, then, I'll do the same on behalf of my friends and their hard work...

 Mr. Silverwolf, I was wondering where you were going with your tsk tsk tsk.

''........Lord Belphegamilia. It's not that there's anything wrong with you being troublesome. However, it's not the same as imposing troublesome things on others, is it?

 He began to lecture the Four Heavenly Kings, Belphegamilia-san, the Four Heavenly Kings!

 Belphegamilia-san, who is a troublemaker even though he is in the first seat of the Four Heavenly Kings, and is giving Mamoru-san, the same Four Heavenly Kings, a lot of trouble for that!
 The substitute preaching technique is working well!

 Oh, and while I was doing that, one of the two people who were preaching to Golden Bad-san, the Four Heavenly Kings Mamoru-san, left him....

''You know, an idea needs a lot of rooting to execute, right? If you start off abruptly, you're definitely going to get wrinkled somewhere, right? If you're royalty, too, you should carefully consider that your words and actions can have a huge impact on the people below you...

 He started preaching to Plati, ahhh!

 S-class adventurer Golden Bat.
 The Four Heavenly Kings Belfe Gamilia.
 The Six Witch Prati.

 The troublemakers from each camp are now preaching to the troubled children in their respective camps!

'My wife was categorized as a problem child...?

 Well, it can't be helped, but could you please forgive me now?
 Preaching to the newly conceived second embryo is somehow inconvenient?

 Well, it was nice to see the three main tribes united in this way, and it made me feel that peace was becoming more certain.

 I knew this event was a great success.

 And then there are the troublemakers on the side being preached at.
 They all turned their heads and stubbornly refused to look the person they were preaching to in the eye.

 The fact that they were doing the same movements in a surprisingly identical manner gave the impression of unity in a different way.