542-540 Talk between witch and goddess

 I'll come back to the farm and say it again.

 Prathi, I'm pregnant for the second time!

 So not only will we be adding to our family, but Junior will finally be a big brother!

 That alone is a great blessing, but the good news doesn't stop there.

 The good news doesn't stop there, however, as Pfafa and Lamprey were conceived at the same time.
 Although they got married at the same time, it seems a little too good to be true that they were expecting a child at the same time.

 Especially since Puffa is the new Queen of Mermaids, her pregnancy was a celebration with the whole country to mark the birth of her successor.

 I'm so happy for them!

 This sudden baby boom brought the farm back to life and we decided to do something to celebrate.

"Let's call on God!

 Prathi said something.

The reason we are having this baby is because God is watching over us! Why don't we call on that God and say thank you in person with an offering or something!

 You want me to call out to thank you?
 Oh, well.

 Since what Prathi says is reasonable and since we have the means to call on God, we decided to do it in a quiet way.

 The Mermaid King and his wife, Arowana Puffa, who are busy working in the land of mermaids, as well as Mr. Hendler's entourage and his wife, Lamprey, also made plans to visit the farm for the first time in a while.

 It's a celebration.

 And when it comes to invoking God, this person who is absolutely indispensable.
 The teacher of the No Life King.

''Sensei, please have a good day.
I know the drill.

 The only person who can casually summon a god is the teacher, so I ask him to do it honestly.
 This guy, too, is happy to accept my request, since summoning a god is like a half-hobby, if I ask him.

 Then Sensei waves his wand and summons the god....

'Bankoran (spell)'

 One of the two goddesses had blonde hair that shone like the ocean field reflecting the morning sun, and the other was a goddess with black hair that fluttered like the ocean at night.

 The blonde one was Amphitrite, the goddess of the sea.
 The dark-haired one was the sea goddess Medusa.

 They were both consorts of the sea god Poseidos, the nurturers of life from the sea.

 No other gods are worthy of the report of new life.
 At sea.

"And no god Poseidon, of course, is here?
"Of course, it's going to be devastating for you if she follows you around on your fun-filled day out.

 Apparently, even in God, husbands are despised by their wives.

'Great goddesses of the sea! Thanks to your blessings, we have been given a new life!

 Prathi speaks to God on behalf of God. Like a priest in the service of God.
 Something like that reminds me of the genius and royalty of Prati.

I just wanted to express my gratitude to you all for coming here. We thank you for all three of us!

 Puffa on either side of Prathi, and both of them kneel side by side in the lamp eye.

'Don't do that kind of thing, for God's sake! Pleasers of the Gratitude Offering!
d*mn, you didn't see that one coming.

 There was no lack of hospitality to invoke God, and it was well prepared.
 The cake one hole I had prepared in advance.

''Kyaaaaaah! I was summoned because of this! It's a delicious cake made by a saint!
''Thank you for always treating us to such delicious food. .........a little Amphitrite? Don't take a bite without saying 'Itadakimasu'. I haven't even carved it up yet, you know?'
"What if someone eats you before you do that? The world is always a fast-paced world! Bite from what you like!'
"Is that how God behaves? I mean, you've already eaten more than half of it! You should know how to share a little!

 The behavior of the gods is still nasty.
 Even Goddess Amphitrite and Goddess Medusa, who are a little better than most of the gods, ended up like this.

It's not a good idea to have a newborn baby. It's not possible to have a child from another world, but with my blessing, you are able to carry a second child. It's really brilliant.''
"All by the grace of Amphitrite.

 You can't justify your godlike dignity now....
 You're creamy and gooey all over your face, Goddess.

I don't think you're the only one who has been blessed with this blessing. You have married the king's wife and now you are expecting an heir! I'm sure I wasn't crazy about that.
It's a pleasure, sir!

 Puffa also bowed deeply.
 She used to be like the rightful ruler of Tupperware, but now she has become the mermaid queen and has come to be civil?


'Mr. Puffa, Mr. Prati, you have been given the 'Blessing of the Sea Goddess Queen' and the 'Blessing of the Sea Mother God' respectively. That is a sign of recognition by our Sea God's wife. May you continue to be proud of it and remember that you are a good wife and mother.
If so, Prathi-chan is more promising. I'm sure you'll be able to find out more about it.
"Huh? What the hell?

 Goddess Medusa seems to change her tone of voice when she is angry.
 Anyway, she proceeded to say her words to the gods solemnly, and I thought it would end without a hitch, but........

"...Speaking of which...

 I noticed that among the three main people facing God, only one of them hadn't spoken yet.
It was Lamp-Eye, the 'Hellfire Witch'.

''I'm sorry I made Lamp Eye the only hub. I can't help but have a conversation between the person who received the blessing and the gods...!
"Why don't you call the god who gave Lamprey his blessing, too? You're probably getting it from someone else too, aren't you?

 Because of something that happened earlier, most of the people on our farm have received some kind of blessing from God.
 Lamp Eye was also on the scene at that time, so there must be a god who gave him a blessing........

''No, I haven't been given anything in particular.

 Not only Pratipafa, but also the gods are surprised.

Indeed, I had an opportunity to receive God's blessings with you all in the past, but I declined.
'What? Why? Isn't God's blessing a super good thing that every human child wants?'

 Goddess Amphitrite was slightly upset, as if they felt that their charity was rejected.

''No, I am good at fire magic potions, so if possible, I wanted to receive the blessing of the God who controls fire and flame. However, since I couldn't find such a person in the face of that god...

 You turned it down?

"You're that kind of guy... If you don't want it, you won't take it even if you're told to 'do it'...?

 In a way, Lamp Eye might be the boldest of the six witches.

''I like your firmness of will! You're right! 'A child of man should only obey a God he truly respects!
"I would like to ask for the blessing of Goddess Wester, the goddess of fire in the hearth, for my blessing. I have heard that she also protects the family from being overwhelmed by the fire, and as a bride to Lord Hendler, I am an ideal worshipper.
"Oh, that's him! I can give you a run for your money if you like. I don't know, we're not friends!''

 I don't know what it is, but the Amphitrite Goddess is being overly kind to me.
 Did the fact that she didn't receive the blessing cause her to be so upset?

'Thank you. You are indeed the Mother God of the Sea, and we thank you for your mercy.
I mean it! All female mermaids are my protection, of course!''

 The Amphitrite Goddess, who is slumped over.
 Beside her.........

''But isn't Wester-san a virgin goddess, as I recall?

 Goddess Medusa pointed out.

'You must have forced a woman who worships you in that relationship to be pure for the rest of her life, right? Your child is married and even pregnant, so I'm not sure I'd be able to meet his expectations...''
''I didn't expect to be avenged for getting married...?''

 Lamprey slumped his shoulders in disappointment.

It's a good thing that I didn't know that and didn't receive a blessing before I got married. Otherwise, I wouldn't have been able to marry Hendler-sama.
'Well, let's see if we can find another god who's good with fire.

 God's blessing is also a troublesome thing.
 There are some things that are forbidden in exchange for the blessing, and it's complicated in many ways.

 Then I noticed something.

 The fourth person among the former farm-dwelling mermaids was another one.
Gala Rufa, the Plague Witch.

...and what god gave you that blessing?

 She happened to be watching over the divine meeting with me, and I was curious to ask her about it.
 No, what can I say, I felt like Gala Rufa has been the most dangerous punching bag lately, so I was just being cautious.

''Yes, I received a blessing from a goddess named Nyx-san!

 I don't have much knowledge of the gods in this world.

"Nyx? Why him?'

 But Medusa and Amphitrite both reacted in unison.

'Wasn't it that time you got your blessing? "The day the gods of the earth and sea all came to eat together!
"Nyx shouldn't have attended the banquet! She's an older deity than the Three Realms God, so she doesn't belong to the same world!
"I mean, isn't that goddess always like that? She appears and disappears before you know it!
"As expected of the ancient god and goddess of the night...?

 I'm confused, but I don't know what you're talking about, because I don't know what's going on.
 I don't understand unless you explain it to me properly.
 It's not necessary for me to explain it to you, it's too complicated.

The first time I saw it, I thought to myself, "What kind of blessing did Nyx's aunt give you?

 To the goddesses who asked fearfully, Gala Rufa answered pleasantly.

''Yes, I received the 'Decision to End the World'!
"What kind of a crazy goddess do you give a human child?
That's why I don't understand what the ancient hermits do!

 Anyway, here's what we learned from this meeting...
 I'm not sure if it's a good idea, but it's not.

 Or rather, was it because of Gala Rufa's badassery that this mysterious god arrived unnoticed?
 I had no choice but to meet the person in question and ask him or her what the intentions were.