543-541 Octopus visit

 An octopus came to our farm.

 It might be too sudden for you to know what I'm talking about, but anyway, we had an octopus come to our farm.
 And it wasn't just any octopus.

 It was a huge octopus.
 We were so scared that even a big sailing boat might sink if it got tangled up in this thing.

 Everyone was in an uproar because a giant octopus like that was crawling up the coast.
 Okubo, Gobukichi, and the rest of the warriors have gathered on the beach and are ready to intercept the octopus...!

"Hi, Platy!
'Wow! It's not Kula-chan, I miss it!

 He seemed to have a rapport with my wife.
 Huh? You know him?

'I'll introduce you, sir! It's my little Mabudachi Kraken!
"Nice to meet you! Well, I'm surprised you're getting married, Prathi! I thought I was too strong-minded and that no man would be put off by me!'
Hey, just because you're my friend doesn't mean you can't talk to me.
"Oh, I'm sorry, morning siesta!

 My wife is really good friends with an octopus.

 I wonder if being a mermaid means that she can get along with all marine life?
 One of these days, though, it's going to be dancing with ties and flounder.

 But in spite of that, you're eating a lot of fish dishes that are served on the table, aren't you, Platy?
 Where are the boundaries of her mind?

'Kra-chan may look like an octopus, but she's essentially a spirit! That's what you call a senior spirit!
''But I don't have any particular role as a spirit, I'm just floating freely in the sea. I was doing the same thing with Prati-chan when I met her.

 My wife who makes friends with a big octopus.

It's nostalgic.......I had just dropped out of Mermaid Witch Academy back then and was enjoying my freedom. I was swimming around on the ocean when I met Kula and...!
"Three days and nights of beating.
They formed a bond...!

 The wife's friendship episode is too much of a banter.

'We hit it off and we started hanging out everywhere.... We raided the seven seas together....
"In pursuit of the last of the treasures...
It was a fun time to be a teenager, anyway. But what happened to you all of a sudden, Kula? Did I call you to tell you that I live on land?
'No, I didn't... Oh, Platy! Last time I saw you making such a fuss over the Emperor Dragon. I can hear it at my place, too...'
Oh, yeah.

 There was a dungeon conquest competition held at Ardhegg's place between representatives of the three major races.
 That was quite a big event, and rumors of it circulated throughout the sea.

 I heard that he found an old acquaintance among the contestants, and that he'd come here to rely on his fate.

You know, Kura-chan, it's amazing how much you wanted to meet me and how much you care about your friends!
"When you're so close to me, Platy, it's only natural.

 and the octopus wiggling each of its eight legs.
 But is it safe for an octopus to stay on the beach for so long?
 Well, it seems you're essentially a spirit, and you're OK with breathing on land.

But to tell you the truth, I'd like to ask a favor of you while I'm meeting Prati-chan after a long time.
What's going on?
"I was in the middle of looking for this place, and I heard that your husband is a great cook, Platy?

 Something about me came up.

'Yeah? Good at what? The food you make, Master, is ultimately delicious!

 I thought he was going to be modest, but he affirmed it with all his might.
 Is it just my imagination that there is a slightly boastful tone to his words?

 Well, I'd be happy if I could make Prathi proud myself.

'I'm glad. To tell the truth, I wanted to talk to Prati-chan about introducing someone who is a good cook!
Cooking? Why?

 Prati tilts her head.

'Kula-chan is an octopus after all, so you'll eat a lot of shellfish and fish as it is, right? You don't need to cook, do you?

 You eat what you eat.
 I'm a spirit, though.

 But the spirit of the earth that lives in my home also ate cake and ice cream with gusto.

But this time, I have a little problem, and I'd really like you to make it for me.

 The giant octopus says, with a profound gleam in his dull eyes.

'The best octopus in the world.'
Can you give me a minute?

 The octopus requested an octopus dish.
 What do you mean?
 Or is it a sacrificial offering of yours?

'Wait, wait, wait, listen to me carefully? In fact, I have an eternal rival who has been fighting with me for a long time.'
The eternal rival?

 You don't think that's what it is....
 If there is one thing that stalks the octopus, it's the squid.
 Squid, after all!

"The Crab.
You're a crab.

 Basically, octopus is the natural enemy of crabs, but I hear that larger crabs can prey on octopus.
 Is it a win-win situation?

I've been working with the crab's senior spirit, the giant crab Desmas, who lives in Manigol cave, since before I met Prati. I'm going to be fighting with that crab bastard for a subject like this.

 -- "Which is better, octopus or crab? .

 I heard that from the side, and it made me weak.
 Hearing that from the side, I was deflated.

 Does that mean that the game has boiled down to the point where I put myself on the side of being eaten?
 How many times have you been in a fight?

''This is a contest for the pride of the octopus tribe. This is a game of pride for the octopus, and even if we are eaten, we cannot be defeated by the crabs!

 Isn't the moment we are eaten, we are defeated in nature?

But isn't Mr. Crab by far the best when it comes to taste?
'Platy! Such a difficult thing to say, clearly!

 It may be hard for an octopus to admit, but crabs are certainly a luxury item.
 Depending on the type and size of crab, it can cost over 10,000 yen. It's a great soup stock and can be eaten raw.
 It's no exaggeration to say it's the king of seafood.

 Compared to that, octopus....well, I think it's delicious.
 In some areas, it is called "Devil Fish" and treated as a ghetto.

 It's obvious that the octopus is no match for the competition in terms of quality as an ingredient, let alone survival.
 Isn't crab good?
 It's so delicious!

That's why I came to consult with you! It may be hard to beat, but with a little ingenuity, even us octopuses could surpass the taste of a crab! I'm sure the humans have those skills! It's called cooking!

 They said the food was like some kind of secret assassination technique.

''Prathi-chan has always been smart, she must know something about it! And you've got a husband who's good at cooking that stuff! Please! Help me with the friendship of an old friend!

 Two words?

"This is your chance to show how great my husband is! I'll remind you again and again that nothing is impossible for your husband!

 Junior, who had been embraced by Prathi from the beginning, clapped his hands in approval.

 I can't do anything when my lovely wife and son trust me that much.
 Then let's make it!

 Octopus from another world.

You'll be back in a minute. I'll get the food.
That's my boyfriend!

 I've already got it all together in my head what to make.

 I'm going to make sausages.
 I always keep some leftover horned boar meat on hand to preserve.


 Bake in a frying pan!
 Press down on the incised area so that it blossoms and bakes, done!

Octopus sausage!

 It's the sausage we're using, but you're missing out on that!

"You don't use me as an ingredient in any of those things.

 So how about this kind of thing?
 A dish made of thin bread made of corn and topped with a variety of ingredients!

By the way, the octopus sausage was all over junior's eyes from the moment it was ready.

 By the way, the moment the octopus sausage was made, Junior had his eyes all to himself.
 Junior's eyes sparkled as he stared at the octopus sausage.
 As expected, Tako-san sausage's unifying force to children is the best in the world.