544-542 Octopus Grill Party

 Continuing from last time, I'm going to try taco cooking.

 I've gagged too much on taco sausage and tacos, and that's why I'm frowned upon.
 I've got to complete the octopus dish to keep my husband's dignity, and this time I've got to fill the order.

 So, octopus dishes.

 I searched my memory to see what kind of dishes were available.

 Vinegared food, fried food, salad, stewed food....

 What is good is good, but it is a little doubtful whether the originality of the octopus can be used.
 More 'If it's an octopus, it's this! Is there a dish of zubari that would be

 Octopus meat.

 It's delicious, isn't it?
 However, I've been under the impression that it's a good snack to accompany alcoholic beverages, and we can't make it because our farm doesn't produce horseradish yet.
 Maybe we should really start making horseradish.

 And on top of that, what else is there to do........

 ...that's right.
 It's one of the best.

 A typical octopus dish.....


 This is the octopus of octopus.

 The flour mixed with dashi broth and other ingredients is put into a special iron instrument and baked.
 You can turn it over and bake it into a spherical shape.

 The chewy texture of the octopus in it is very addictive.
 I'm sure that the octopus will be satisfied with the octopus roast, but I'm sure that the octopus will be happy with it. Let's see.

 There's nothing that isn't in short supply, food-wise.
 We should be able to get everything we need from the food we have stockpiled on the farm.

 If you're daring to say there's something missing.

...an octopus?

 The essential ingredient is missing.

 Well, what to do?
 If you want to get octopus as food, you have to go fishing.
 However, the octopus itself is already in front of me.

 The kraken of the big octopus.

 What should we do?

"Hmmm... aren't you in trouble, Master Prati?

 Oh, I'm in trouble.
 I'm in trouble.

"If you need octopus meat, feel free to use me!
Wow, that's impressive.

 One of the Kraken's octopus legs comes off by itself and rolls in front of me.
 And the main body of the body grew back a new leg from the cross section.
 The time it took to get there was three seconds at best.

''I'm a spirit myself, so my regeneration ability is high! Use those legs to make a delicious octopus dish to your heart's content.

 If I had this octopus, I wouldn't have to worry about food shortages for the rest of my life.
 Anyway, since it's time to make a delicious octopus roast, let's make a delicious octopus roast with these octopus legs.

 .........oh no, it's not ready yet.
 We don't have the taco pan that we need to make a taco roast.

 That thing with the many circular indentations in it.
 I've never made one for anything else but making octopus roasts, so I've never had a chance to make one before....

I'll just have to build a new one.

 The raw material ... manna metal again?

    * * *

 The structure is simple, and I didn't need to bother the dwarves this time, so I made my own.

 I made a rather large one and made it capable of baking fifty pieces at a time.
 I'm sure they'll be second to none for commercial use!

 Boil the octopus legs you got, chop them up into small pieces, make the dough and you're ready to go.

 Let's bake it!

This is some kind of weird cooking method, isn't it?
'As you roll the guy in this round depression, it gets rounder and rounder. It's like a ball, it's funny!

 As usual, Prati and Veerle were the first to sniff it out, followed by the orc goblin elves and mermaids.
 In addition, even the students came by and were very busy.

 ........I feel like a street vendor selling taco roasts.

 Even so, my cooking skills, which I've trained over the years, didn't flinch, and the well-cooked octopus roast was finished with a sloppy sauce, mayonnaise, and finally some aonori!

Takoyaki! Eat it up!

 The farm's inhabitants are trying their hand at one octopus roast after another.


 High praise.

'Crunchy on the outside but fluffy on the inside! And something definitely resilient and chewy in the center! Oh, so this is an octopus?
It's so chewy and rich in harmony! This dough must have been made of flour! That's what wheat is all about!

 Besides Veerle and Prati, many others are huffing and puffing and chewing on their octopus roasts.
 And the all-important Kraken...!

Excellent! That's great! It tastes so good!

 He was sobbing with emotion as he ate the octopus roast.
 It was quite a surreal sight.

 Can we describe it as an octopus eating its own leg?

"Win! This is going to win no matter what that crabber comes up with! Thank you, Prathi-chan's master aaaah!''

 I'm glad you like it....

 Well, I'll just make more jangling taco roasts, shall I?
 We've prepared a lot of dough, and if we don't make three times as much as we are now, we'll never run out.

 We've got a lot of octopus left over, and there's plenty of people to eat, so there's no need to save it.
 I'm going to grill them!
 This is a taco party!

...then there's no need to limit the ingredients to octopus?

 If you're going to cook a lot, it's good to be adventurous with some of them.
 The unusual ingredients are the best part of a taco-yaki party.

 You could even get in the mood for a dark pot and create an outrageous tacoyaki!

So how about natto?

 The Holkosphone came out of nowhere.
 This time, Ochi came first.

 However, we know that natto is a versatile ingredient that is delicious in any situation.

 Natto octopus in place of natto, Natto Taco Grill!
 Let's do it!


 Of course it doesn't have the same chewy texture as the octopus, but the unique flavor of natto (fermented soybeans) adds even more flavor to the octopus balls.
 Natto is horrible after all.
 Natto goes with everything.

How about adding cheese and other ingredients this time?

 Mmm, the basics.
 If it's butter, the spirits of the earth will start screaming again, and it'll probably melt and spill out in the heat anyway, so cheese is fine here.

 Cheese Takoyaki.
 It was also good.

How about some chopped up sausages with the same meat?
We'll put shrimp in it.
Wouldn't it give a different feel to a shiitake mushroom?
Mochi! Mochi!
'You can put ramen in it~!

 A lot of discussion ensued and the place became more and more lively.

 The strength of the octopus dumpling is that it can envelop any kind of ingredient and turn it into something delicious.
 It's really fun to grill and eat with a lot of merriment like this, and it's a great taco grill party!

 It would be a shame to never use the taco maker I've made, or party regularly.

 The only problem is.....

"Hey, it wouldn't be an octopus dish if you didn't put octopus in it, would it?

 The Kraken was staring at me with a resentful stare.

'If this doesn't turn into an octopus dish, I can't use it to compete with crabs, though? Hey, are you sure? Is this a taco pan?'

 It wouldn't even be an octopus roast if there wasn't an octopus inside to begin with.

 Under Kraken's cold stare, I was sorry that I had gone too far.