545-543 S level visit

 It's been a busy winter.

 We've been through a few winters here on the farm, and we're getting used to it.

 The spirits of the earth say goodbye for a while to rest for the winter.
 The orcs make the most of this time of year when they stop working in the fields and head out to sea to fish.

 In this way, the winter farm becomes a little larger. But there is no time to feel lonely.
 There are many things to do in winter.

 For one thing, we have a guest today.

 Just a few days ago we also met at Ardheg's new Dragon Emperor's Castle.
 They are S-class adventurers.

    * * * *.

'Wow, wow!
"All the S-class adventurers are here!

 What is an S-class adventurer?
 They are the most experienced and skilled adventurers in the Adventurer's Guild.

There are currently only five adventurers who have been given the "S" grade. Among the tens of thousands of adventurers, there are only five.
 That's why their existence was so admirable, and the people who were most excited by their visit were, of course, the young people of their own race.

''Silver Wolf Instructor! It's been a while!
"Golden Bat-sama, you're so beautiful!
That's the Black Cat! The most colorful adventurer!

 Our farm is home to young people who are studying hard to become the future of society, and there are also a certain number of children of the human race.
 For these promising youngsters, an S-class adventurer with the best achievements would be a dream come true.

 Just as young demons aspire to become the Four Heavenly Kings, young mermaids will eventually become the Four Heavenly Kings.
 Just as young mermaids aspire to become witches in the future.

 The S-class adventurer must be their dream self for the young mermaids.

''No, not really.''
I have a master to serve. I'm not going to be a windbag adventurer.

 Oh, really?
 Well, I heard that the human race students who were sent to the farm were the lord's children or favorite vassals.

 Why bother trying to become a freelance adventurer when you have a stable job?

''Saint-sama, thank you for inviting me here today.

 That's what you say, Silver Wolf.
 He's the S-class adventurer we're most familiar with.

 This isn't the only person who's come to the farm, this is the second time he's been here, and it seems like the smoothest way to get everything done is through him.

''I'm sorry to call you out of the blue. I'm sure you're busy, Silver Wolf-san...?
''If I could come to this farm, I'd throw out all the trouble and fly over. For us adventurers, this farm is a kind of utopia...!

 Huh? Really?

 Be that as it may, it's more and more difficult today because besides Silver Wolf-san, we're accompanied by a number of unique S-class adventurers.

 A commotion is occurring right away over there.


 What is this, roaring like a beast?
Are we moving in? But then, there were two people who teamed up to compare their strength.

 One of them was Pinktonton.
 She was the wild boar beast woman who had attracted a lot of attention when she performed a big event at the New Dragon Emperor's Castle.

 Turning her around and pushing each other without taking a step back was our farm representative, Lettuce Rate.

''Guga gaga! That's a lot of power for a little body! This would be the perfect way to flower the new organization I'm launching!
You've got a great body and a great guts! Would you like to grow beans with me?

 Why are they comparing forces as soon as they visit?

 Mr. Silverwolf, who couldn't see it, explains.

'Pinkton got a taste for it at the last event and said, 'I'm going to enter the business.'
''It seems that the plan is to make it a business to have a match in front of a lot of people, like the one I had with the Demon Queen at the Dragon Emperor's Castle. And yet, they're trying to rehire the mercenaries who have lost their jobs...

 Like you did with Mr. Grashara at the Dragon Emperor's Castle?
 Is that...?

''Originally, she focused on rescuing mercenaries and knights who were lost at the end of the war, so the reason she became an S-class adventurer was for the purpose of uniting former mercenaries who had changed jobs... ...
That's pretty impressive stuff...?
For an S-class adventurer, I'm a fairly decent guy.

 And so while they were talking, Pinkton-san and Lettuce Rate changed their positions........
 He scored a brainbuster!

 The people gathered around to watch the fight unintentionally get excited at the usual reversal of a small army conquering a large army.
 Both Lettuce Rate and him are good-looking and flowery, and I'm sure they'll be idle wrestlers when they debut...?
 More than anything else, he's becoming more and more of a power character these days, thanks to his bean power.

 No, I'm not talking about that.

Pinktonton also said that he's not quitting adventuring, and that if he can go on tour while crossing over each dungeon, his income will be stable and he'll be accepted by the people. It could be a new business development for adventurers.
''Isn't she too firm...?

 The vision of setting up an organization of the human race and demon race, respectively, and making a rough profit from the confrontation between them came to mind.

 Well, let's leave Pinktonton-san alone for now.
 Because she's not the only visitor today.

''It's been a long time, Saint-san!
Hey, long time no see!

 The person who speaks to me in a friendly manner is another S-class adventurer named Brown Katou.
 He and I hit it off completely at the last event.


 They shout to each other.

'The heart of Shit!'
If you push, the Fountain of Youth will spring to life!
"'Tis a hot and blazing soul!

 These obscure phrases are exchanged as if they were strikes.
 It's as if we both know what the other is going to say next.

 It's no wonder that this Brown Katou-san is a former hero who was summoned from another world just like me.
 And he has risen to the level of an S-class adventurer in this world.

 Since we're of the same generation, we're all the same in terms of hits.
 So, at the last event, we hit it off completely.

I'm so proud of you, Saints. You can even recite the theme of Shittodan!
I used to buy that magazine every month! Let's do that next! Pretend you're a steel-framed girl!

 And so we were playing with the memories of the world we were in before!
 I knew it would be fun to hang out with people from my hometown!

'We've prepared a lot of treats for you today, Katou-san! Please eat a lot of food!
'Whoa! Hamburger steak, katsudon, and even udon tempura. All the things I thought I'd never be able to eat again!

 The dishes from the previous world were more and more popular with those who already knew the taste of the food than those who were tasting it for the first time.
 The reaction of Katou-san is very clear, and her skill is more and more worthwhile.

 I'll make a cake for dessert, too.
 There's a high probability that the girls will take over the sweet stuff.


 As I was floating around and so on, I was suddenly approached by a voice from the side.
 It was a cold, gruff voice.

'I wish you wouldn't be floating around forever and get down to business.

 This was Golden Bat, another S-class adventurer with the most pompous attitude.
 He was the one who had been lectured after the event at the Dragon Emperor's Castle.

He said, "You mustn't forget the reason why we, the S-class adventurers, took the time to visit you in your busy schedule.
'Yeah yeah yeah! Our time isn't cheap, nyah!

 And another one, Black Cat, the cat beastman.
 In total, the S-class adventurers are organized by these five people.

You guys, the way you talk to the saint who invited you here...?

 Silverwolf-san, who is still in the difficult position of being a hard worker, has a hard time of it.
 And the other party is still the same as usual to prod.

It's a good thing that you're not the only one who has called for it. Then why don't you show us the bait you need to lure us out?
'Yeah! We've got that thing, so I took the time to do it for you! S-class adventurers' schedules are ticking away!

 And grumpy adventurers.
 What do they want so badly........

'If you accept the invitation and come here...!
'I was told they were going to put me in a whole new dungeon that no one knew about! Don't say four or five, just get it in!