546-544 The unknown is delighted

Saints, I am so sorry. They are selfish people who only care about their own interests...!

 Mr. Silverwolf is scratching and flatulent in a cold sweat.
 No I don't even know if he's a wolf beastie and hairy all over his face, but I don't know if he's scratching in a cold sweat.

'Never mind. They're right, I called them over here.

 It would be reasonable for the one who wished first to pay the price.

 Of the five S-class adventurers, Pinktonton-san and Katou-san seem to have their own primary interests, so I decided to leave them alone and show them around.

''Humph, what's an adventurer going to do if he or she is distracted by something other than adventure? This is why those people who have suddenly become S-grade.......
'Yeah! All an adventurer can think about is dungeons, and that's enough!

 Perhaps they are more standard for the profession of adventurer.

 The profession of adventurer was born to explore dungeons.
 If it was the S-class that reached that extreme, then it was also reasonable to put the dungeon as the top priority.

 And I've successfully used that to bring them out here.
 That's just what I had in mind.

 And then.....

    * * * *

We've arrived. This way, sir.

 An elated cat and a bat.
 Is it possible to get this excited just by looking at the entrance?

'It really happened! Dungeon!
Woo-woo! I didn't know there really was an undiscovered dungeon that I didn't know existed. Humiliating but mind-blowing ughhhh!

 I'm writhing in some unusual way.
 I have a dungeon fetish. Is that what it takes to be an S-class adventurer?

"Oh, dear, we have a very busy guest.

 Out of the depths of the dungeon came a dried up human corpse like a mummy.
 Although it is a corpse, it moves and speaks on its own.

 It was the strongest and worst undead in the world, the teacher of the No-Life King.

The No-Life King!
The Dungeon of the Lord! Super rare nyahhhh!

 Calm down.

 The level of surprise is so excessive that I, watching from the side, am drawn to it.

"Smithsonian! The a**h*les don't ridicule themselves and smirk...!

 Mr. Silverwolf is so horrified by the shame of his people, but it's okay.

 Besides, even Mr. Silver Wolf was this noisy on his first visit.

''The condition for them to come is that they have permission to explore the dungeon on the farm. Rather, we need to make them this happy in order to achieve our goal.

 And to move on to the next phase of your plan.


 Exploring dungeons is the adventurer's job and reason for existence.
 When it comes to the S class, which is the highest level of it, it's not surprising that it has become extreme to the point of habit.

 As you might have guessed, if the two standard adventurers, Golden Bat and Black Cat, were informed that there was an undiscovered dungeon that had not yet been made public, they couldn't help but check it out in person.

 And even more so if it was an ultra-rare dungeon where the Lord lived.

A dungeon with a Lord is a superlative dungeon that is sure to receive a 5-star rating on its own. It's not fair! You cheat, Silver Wolf! It's not fair that you knew of the existence of this awesome dungeon and hid it from me!
That's right! Adventurers have an obligation to report any unknown dungeons they discover! It's a betrayal of the S-class adventurer's windfall!

 Mr. Silverwolf, who was loudly denounced.

''Those rules would be inside the guild after all. This dungeon is already managed by a power that far exceeds the Adventurer's Guild, so it's only logical to follow them.

 However, he was a dignified S-class dignitary, as expected of him, as he rejected the criticism head-on.

"You're still an adventurer?
It's a good thing that you are an S-Class adventurer, because you have to consider the interests and safety of all adventurers. I'm sure you're the one who needs to think about it.
No! I will be thinking of nothing but myself until I die!
''These guys........?

 This self-centered person is what is called an orthodox S-class adventurer, so the hardships of Silver Wolf-san, who is also an S-class adventurer but is concerned about his surroundings, are immeasurable.
 As is to be expected of one of the 'Cronins', he can be counted as one of them.

''Now that I think about it, Alexander-san's choice of him as a lecturer was also based on evidence.

 The reason why Silver Wolf-san was invited to the farm ahead of me was to have him lecture our students on how to explore the dungeon, though.
 I can be sure that the golden bats and black cats in front of me right now wouldn't have been able to do that.

''This is no time for messing around! If there's a discovery dungeon in front of you, then you'll just have to explore it, no matter what!
"If there's a hole in the ground, you'll want to enter it, adventurer!

 These lousy standards of humanity only care about satisfying their own desires while ignoring their surroundings.

I'm sorry to disturb you, sir!
"No, it's no problem. Our students were indebted to you, Silver Wolf-dono.

 Mr. Silverwolf's accumulated virtue is being digested by a bunch of strangers!

"But are you sure?
What? Yes?
"This is not the only dungeon in the land where I live. There's another dungeon just a few miles away.
"That's a mountain-type dungeon. And it's a wide area dungeon ruled by the dragon Veerle.
"What did she say?

 Sensei, you have a way of shaking things up.

 The first-rate adventurers get more and more excited by this bombshell.

A dragon rules? Doesn't that mean that this is a dungeon with a master?
I'll give it a five star just from the summary alone! How is it possible for a dungeon with a master to be so close together? And they're color-coded by cave type and mountain type!
If we can build a proper dungeon city around here, it'll be even more crowded than the King's City! Super Dungeon City! A new era of dungeons is upon us!

 The top adventurers erupted just by standing in front of the gate.
 The momentum of these adventurers has reached a stage where the rest of us can no longer keep up with them.

The first thing that comes to mind is the fact that they have to be in the middle of a new era. What's important in a dungeon is what's inside, right?

 Mr. Silverwolf, who has a very versatile way of saying, "You're right!

'You're right! A dungeon is only as good as its interior!
'd*mn dungeons with no materials to collect! We're going to take a look at this dungeon and see what you've got in store for us.

 The two of them are excited like children who have been bought a new game.
 It's not just a matter of time before you get your hands on a new game, it's also a matter of time before you turn on your game console and enter the dungeon.

But wait a minute!

 Mr. Silverwolf, who detains you.

You have to think about it. This is a dungeon ruled by the No-Life King's teacher.
I know.

 The dungeon master himself agreed with me.

Normally, dungeons with a Lord are the most dangerous dungeons of all, because you only need to encounter a Lord No-Life King or a dragon to die. Because the mere sight of the Lord, the No-Life King or the dragon, is enough to confirm your death.
'Hmm, look what you're going to say. Who the hell do you think you are by telling me what even such a novice knows?
I can't be an S-class adventurer because I'm afraid of the Lord.

 The dungeon master is essentially the adventurer's greatest fear.
 A jack-of-all-trades with a direct link between encounter and death. And for adventurers who make their living by diving into dungeons, the Dungeon Lord is an unavoidable obstacle as long as they aspire to the top.

'Only those who overcome that obstacle can become an S-class adventurer!
'Yeah! The dungeon master has to die if he encounters one, though. So as long as you don't run into them, you'll be fine. In short, just run away!

 They were the ones who had risen to the rank of S-class adventurer by doing so.

 I'm not going to be able to say that I'm not going to be able to get it right.

''We, the S-class adventurers! I've even been hounded by a dungeon lord once or twice!
"We got away from them all! If we used our ears and noses, it would be no problem for us to detect their presence and keep our distance before we encounter them!

 Oddly enough, almost all of the members of the S-class adventurers were beastmen.
 It wasn't just a coincidence, it was that they had saved their lives many times with their keen senses because of the beast factor mixed in with them.

 As long as he didn't encounter the horrible dungeon lord, it wouldn't be a problem.
 They had approached the dungeon with that kind of awareness.

''But that's not going to be the case this time, though.
'What? Why?
'We've already encountered the Dungeon Master.

 At Silverwolf's point, everyone's gaze is drawn to a point.
 The dried up face, but cheerful, went to the teacher of the No Life King.

"We're gonna be right in front of you. ''We're already dead!

 If encountering the dungeon master meant death, then they were long dead.

 This is a dungeon where the last boss will greet you at the entrance.
 That may sound like an exhaustive experience, but if you look at it another way, you could say it's game over the moment you start.

 It's a very unique dungeon.