548-546 Sandou, Fengyun Oakbo Castle

"Wind Cloud Okubo Castle! It's happening again this year!

 A round of applause erupts with the declaration.

 This has become a winter tradition on our farm.
 Well, it's held outside the farm.

 It was two years ago...? What began as a wishful thinking on the part of the orcs to build a castle has now become an event that involves the community.

 Basically, the goal of the competition is to break through the athletic structure set up and reach the castle tower.

 Athletes who try to cross the average platform are shot down with cushion catapults. There are also a number of fun tricks, such as rolling a large, round rock from the top of a hill and crushing it.

 Last year, for example, we were in danger of losing the event due to an accident, but this year's event looks like it will be held without much trouble, so we'll start preparing for it as soon as we get into winter.

This is the third time we've held Okubo Castle and it's getting better and better. "This is the third time we've held Okubo Castle and it's getting more and more popular, so we're looking forward to introducing more new projects to make it even better.

 So, as a highlight, I've enlisted the help of these people.

''They're S-class adventurers.

 Mr. Silverwolf.
 Mr. Golden Bat.
 Mr. Black Cat.
 Mr. Pinktonton.
 Mr. Brown Katou.

 Distinguished guests are lined up at the planning meeting.

 Last year's Wind Cloud Okubo Castle, the venue was greatly enlivened by the participation of the S-class adventurer, Silver Wolf, in the Blitz.

 Using his experience at that time, he said, ''If one person can get that excited, wouldn't it be a hell of a lot of fun to invite five people? The idea was to try to get all the S-class adventurers to participate in the project.

 Fortunately, the negotiations went well, and I was able to obtain a favorable agreement.

''Negotiation...? Is that...?

 Mr. Silverwolf, don't wonder.

 It's true that I wondered what was going on when the doctor even came out, but thanks to him, I was able to convince him more smoothly.

 Golden Bat and Black Cat, who love to explore dungeons, have obtained the right to enter the dungeon at the doctor's and Veerle's place on the condition that they cooperate with Okubo Castle this year and withhold information about the farm.

 Pinktonton-san and Katou-san also expressed their willingness to agree in turn.

''Um........What about my consent?''
'What? Mr. Silverwolf will cooperate, won't he?
I will, but...!

 Then it's not a problem.

 So this year's Wind Cloud Oakbo Castle is gorgeous.
 It's going to be fully supported by S-class adventurers!

"Awwwwww...! S-class, S-class adventurer.......?

 The one who is shaking like this is Dalkish-san, who is attending the planning meeting as the lord of the Okubo Castle host area.

''Are you all right........? Is he okay! The S-class adventurer is a hero who represents the human nation. It is said that the admiration of the people far surpasses that of royalty...!
''When those S-class adventurers get together, I'm sure the response will be great.
'I thought it would be so big it wouldn't even fly!

 Mr. Darquish, exclaimed.
 Is it that great?

''It's not very often that all S-class adventurers get together for an adventurer's guild ceremony!
''Some jerk will thoroughly run away from the event.

 Silver Wolf blurted out.

''How much is this participation fee per person? Did you get permission from the guild?
 What if the demon side misunderstands it as a rally or something? That's how strong their ranks are!
Calm down, calm down...?

 But since Darquish is this upset, I'm sure the audience will be surprised.
 I was more confident of our success.

"My lord, you mustn't buy the whole thing.

 Mr. Silverwolf, who now steadfastly holds the position of a sensible group of S-class adventurers.

''No matter how proud we are of our class, we are, after all, adventurers. We are nothing more than lodgers living for a day. It's not a profession that will win the respect of the world.
What do you mean? It's only because you adventurers get rid of the monsters in the dungeon every day and bring back the materials that we can live in peace and prosperity! I, as a lord, will always be grateful for what you guys are doing!
I'm sorry, sir.
But to think that the one who stands at the top of all adventurers is this humble... my respect for the S-class adventurer is growing. On behalf of my territory, I ask for your continued support.
''My pleasure. Without my lord's patronage, the activities of the adventurers would not be possible.

 Mr. Silverwolf and Mr. Dalkish bowed to each other.
 Everyone who was looking at it thought.

 --I'm not sure if this is what it means to be an adult. And.

 When you carry your territory or guild on your shoulders, you can't help but choose your words with the utmost consideration and not speak selfishly.

 Aside from Dalkish-san, the lord, that considerate Silver Wolf, even among the adventurers with supremacy in their abilities, was no ordinary person.

''Humph, you've been wasting your wits.......!

 Everyone ignored the grumpy Golden Bat's mutterings and proceeded to speak.

''The reward has been given by the saint-sama, so the lord doesn't need to worry about it at all. Let's let the guilds talk through it from me as well.''
Don't worry about it. Think of it this way. We're the ones who are going to come out, and we're rather light.
It's no wonder. There are many people related to the saint that are much more extraordinary than us. For example....

 Mr. Silverwolf, pause to collect.........

What if the No Life King teacher were to appear on the show?

 As soon as it was said, the place fell silent....
The only sound that could be heard was a gurgling sound of saliva.

.........Indeed, it's going to be a terrible thing.
'Don't you think we S-class adventurers can still get away with it more mildly than that?
Okay, I'll accept that.

 They agreed to find the drop-off point.

 But should I say it here?
 This time, the teacher has already decided to make a guest appearance.

 Because if only Sensei can't attend the event, he'll be left out of the group.

 So....okay, let's not tell them about it now.
 Because surprises aren't important.

 This is how many things are decided, and then....

''Then, assuming that you're going to join the S-class adventurers at Okubo Castle this time.......how exactly will you be involved?
Can't you just go to a normal competition?
'That's no fun! If we did it normally, we could easily win the championship!

 So that's how it is.
 Well, I'm the most advanced adventurer at the top of all adventurers.

 Just overwhelming him is not enough to make the game exciting.

"What should we do then? Do you want to handicap it like Mr. Silverwolf did last year?
That's why I'm not gonna call it a handicap.
"Ah, I have an idea!

 As we were brainstorming, Black Cat, one of the S-class adventurers, came up with the idea.

I'm going to do a liquid-visition macho!
'An exhibition match?'

 It's as if the mistake was aimed at, but I'm not sure how I got it right from there either.

 An exhibition is a model performance.
 It was supposed to be shown before an official match, as a sample or a sideshow.

If we were to compete with amateurs, it would be very immature, but if we could separate the benefits from the harm, and show how serious we are about our play, it would be a lot of fun! I'm going to show you some professional skills!
Okay, that sounds good.

 Since we're going to have top-notch adventurers, the audience will be happy to see them show their seriousness rather than a limited performance with a handicap.

 The S-class adventurers don't have to do it just for the prizes (prizes will be awarded to participants who conquer all the gates at Okubo Castle and make it to the keep).

 In that case, it's better to focus on the exhibition.

Okay! Let's adopt that! An exhibition competition by S-class adventurers will be held!
Wait a minute. I'll listen to the end of your story.

 Yes, Mr. Black Cat?
 Anything else you'd like to add?

Since we're here, let's narrow down the cards.

 What do you mean?

"Golden Bat vs. Silver Wolf! The battle to determine the number one S-class adventurer is sure to be exciting!