549-547   Judgment, Silver Wolf vs Golden Bat

 Thus, it was the day of the event.

 Tiki tiki! The third annual Wind Cloud Okubo Castle!

 Last year's event was very popular, and this time, the number of applicants broke the record for the highest number of participants!
 How far are you going, Castle Oakovo?

 So I'd like to send you a lively report as before.

 Okubo Castle is located in the territory of the Human Kingdom, which is ruled by Dalkish-san.
 Normally this land is a quiet place, but today it's as crowded as a city.

 It seems that even the spectators alone fill the land, and there are stalls that target them, such as a bean shop in Lettuce Slate and a noodle shop in Viel.

 And this time, there was a special event to make it even more popular.

 That's exactly what S-class Adventurers.
 Silver Wolf & Golden Bat, a serious battle.

 Prior to the main game, the two of them, who stand at the top of the human race, will be challenging the attractions that line Okubo Castle!

 As soon as he announced this in his opening remarks, the audience erupted in excitement.

''It's a golden bat?
''Silver Wolf-sama aaaaah!
''It's an extraordinary thing that two of our prosperous S-class adventurers will be competing in this tournament!
"How great is this Okubo Castle going to be?

 Elated and confused cries of joy and bewilderment can be heard from everywhere.

 This is also because of the big name of S-class adventurers.
 Someone once said that "an S-class adventurer has more prestige than a demon king in the land of humans".

 Now, as a ceremony, the two best people will be asked to challenge the Oakbo Castle attraction before everything else.

 And it's not just a matter of clearing the attraction.
 That's two of the best people in the world. They will have to compete with each other in a higher level of competition on the premise that they must clear the attraction.

 In other words, it was a matter of who could clear the entire barrier first. The two of them compete in a race to be the fastest.

 Just the two of you will start at the same time, and you will pass through all the gates of Okubo Castle to reach the keep.
 Whoever finishes first wins.

 This is the battle of the century, in which two adventurers at the top of their game will decide who is the better adventurer, in black and white.

 The audience would be in a state of excitement.

It's all going to plan!

 Another S-class adventurer reared up from the officials' seats.
 Black Cat, the cat beastman.

 The other S-class adventurers are also helping to liven up Okubo Castle, but....

 Pinktonton-san has a special ring that he runs himself and wrestles with fans.
 Mr. Katou performed a trampoline trick.

Only he didn't do anything...?
"What are you talking about? I'm the one who's most active in setting up this historical battle!

 Does this guy think he's a promoter?

"Know my deepest thoughts! If you just want to make it exciting, the main thing to do is to let all the S-class adventurers compete. It's going to feel all-star and exciting! And yet, I dare you to narrow it down to just two players! What was the intention!

 The answer is after the commercials!
 But it's not worth it.

'S-class adventurers are special! However, one of the most special among them is those two nyan!

 Unlike the Four Heavenly Kings and the like, the S-class adventurers are not a clear-cut team.
 It's just a class.

 There are always only a handful of people who are too strict in their judging criteria, so they tend to be lumped together.
 And even the current S-class adventurers, who are known as the strongest generation, are said to have a clear hierarchy.

 After all, the Golden Bat was the highest rank, the first in the pecking order.
 Followed by the second in the pecking order, Mr. Silver Wolf.
 The third in the pecking order, Black Cat.

''Well, that's an irresponsible assessment from the public.
Are Mr. Pinktonton and Mr. Katou fourth and fifth?
The two of them don't rank high in terms of overall strength, but they have personalities that can break through a single point. They're like jokers who don't know what they're capable of.

 I see.

 Then the Golden Bat and Silver Wolf who are standing on the playing field right now are truly the two tops of all adventurers!

 When it comes to a battle between number one and number two, it's bound to be a lot of fun.

''If Silverwolf-chan wins.......it could be a change of the number one spot on the pecking order! The place is boiling with anticipation!
Huh? Why?

 Do you want us all to be?
 So, Mr. Silverwolf is the pinnacle of all adventurers?

'Of course it is,' Look at that thing!

 Black Cat pointed to the destination.
 The two top-notch adventurers were already standing at the starting point, waiting for the call of 'Yoi-Don' to come too late.

I'm sure you'll find it interesting that it's just a matter of course. Don't you think so, Silver Wolf?

 The first one to release his voice is the current first-ranked Golden Bat.

 As a bat beastman, he was the owner of an indescribable bat head, and in that respect, he was a wolf beastman, and had a common flavor with the dog-faced Silver Wolf-san.

 But a bat face........
 I haven't seen it in detail either, so I don't even know what the correct bat face is.

 It's just that he's proud of his hearing, and his ears are very distinctive.

I've been wanting to beat you to a pulp for quite some time now. It's just that your presence is a distraction.
"Well you're better than me, aren't you?

 The magic loudspeaker has been in place for a long time, so that even a small conversation between two people can be heard by the entire audience of tens of thousands.
 How well prepared are our guys?

"The microphone performance before the main game is the main reason for the excitement!

 Is this guy telling you to do this?

 Aside from that, the mood at the start of the showdown heats up, whether you like it or not.

It's natural that I'm number one. There's no reason for them to be proud or irritated. But Silverwolf, I've always been frustrated with the fact that you're the number two adventurer after me.

 It's an understandable story that the second makes the first go up in smoke.
 It's a common obstacle to trying to get to the top, and it's a tantrum above the eyes.

 But what does it mean for the top to think the bottom is an eyesore?

 All the spectators who were present at this absurdity twisted their heads.

'You are the only man among all adventurers who has the potential to reach my level. And yet you treat your talent in vain. You are so focused on cooperation and organization that you forget what adventurers are really about.
It's for the survival of the Adventurers' Guild. The guild is what the adventurers' guild is all about.

 Mr. Silver Wolf steadfastly retorted.

'Many adventurers would not be able to continue their activities without the mutual support of the guild. It is right that each and every one of us who has been taken care of by the organization should give back to the organization.
That doesn't apply to top-notch people like us. You have to rely on the organization to make it as an adventurer, and you, a top-notch person, are bothered by that. That's what I'm saying is a waste of talent.
''I've also been under the care of the guild when I was just starting out. I learned a lot from the senior adventurers who were introduced to me by the guild. I will repay that debt, and in turn, I will lead my juniors. That's all there is to it.
It means that if I had spent all that time wasting on my own adventures, I would have achieved a great deal more!
The results are meaningless without someone to take over.

 It's turning out to be more heated than I thought it would be.
 Did those two have a feud even before they were able to set the stage for this showdown today?

'They're going head-to-head in their stance as adventurers...'

 The black cat watching from the sidelines just said, 'Kukkuk this is getting interesting nyah.

'Exploration, discovery, and a fortune. ........If the Golden Bat's creed is to purely pursue those romantic pursuits, then Silver Wolf's stance is to support the adventurers as a whole by serving the guild. The two of us with different ideas have clashed on every occasion!

 They are going to fight these two one-on-one.
 That's the aim!

''I've been meaning to enlighten you for some time now, and today is the perfect opportunity! I'm going to beat you to a pulp and tell you how much time you've wasted!
You're going to say whatever you want to say. If that's the case, then I'm going to beat you up head on and break your pride!

 The people around him also went 'Woo-hoo-hoo! and the crowd goes wild.

 Golden Bat and Silver Wolf.
 The Golden Bat and the Silver Wolf, two top adventurers with different ideas. The two top adventurers with different ideas. The battle for their claims and pride is sure to excite them.

It's getting good. If you let those two fight it out alone, their pride will inevitably be on the line like that. The mood of playfulness is gone, and the tension of a serious battle is palpable.

 Black Cat is satisfied with the resulting tingling in the air.
 If you've thought this through, you'll do anything to make the event more exciting.

"Now let's fight! It's not an exaggeration to say that this battle will decide the future of the Adventurer's Guild!

 This was supposed to be a ceremonial project for Okubo Castle to begin with....

 Before I knew it, it became a battle for the adventurers' future and pride?