550-548 makeover

 Thus, the fire was lit.

 The S-class adventurer Golden Bat.
 Also Silver Wolf.

 A great battle for the pride and determination of these two professionals.

 No, it would have been fine if they had lightly competed against each other to liven up the place...?

 There's so much going on that there's even a sense of tension.
 The cheers have stopped and everyone is quietly drinking hard!

Is this all right, Black Cat? Are you sure this is okay? You're going to make sure that you're going to make the right amount of noise, right?
Daijob-nyan. Today's match will go down in legend in the world of adventurers.

 That's not good!
 It's going to eat up the whole ceremony!

Well, let the games begin. Ready-go!
Even the call to start is self-explanatory?

 Thus began the serious battle of Golden Bat vs. Silver Wolf.

 Their willpower and pride and their way of being adventurers.
 This is the first time I've seen it.


''Hey, stop it! Everyone will be completely burned out by the time we get to the main battle of Oakvo Castle!
We'll burn to ashes!

 I told you to stop doing that!

 In the meantime, the players stepped over the starting line and blasted off down the course.
 It's a battle for the will of the adventurers, but it's still a competition for the Wind Cloud Oakbo Castle.

 Their mission is to get past the usual Okubo Castle attractions and get to the keep.

 Let's review the attractions of Okubo Castle again.

 First of all, they walked across the average platform on the moat....
 You'll have to dodge large rocks as you climb up the hill....
 The more you hit them, the more homunculus will be waiting for you in this room, made by Zos Saira, the famous first-time killer.

 It's an impregnable castle with many intruders to intercept them.
 In this game, the first to overcome these obstacles was the winner of the game, Golden Bat and Silver Wolf.

 First of all, Silver Wolf-san got on the average platform and proceeded nimbly.

'Same trick as last time! Then there's nothing to attack!

 That's right.
 Silver Wolf-san had participated in the last Oakbo Castle.

 Although he and Dorian were at a deadly disadvantage as a two-man trio, he still managed to clear all the gates and reach the keep to show his true worth as an S-class adventurer.

 That's why I've experienced all the attractions prepared for this year as well.
 This was a great advantage for the veteran adventurers who had gone through so many trials and tribulations.

'The trap I saw once for an S-class adventurer won't work! This match, once I've experienced this barrier, I have an overwhelming advantage!

 Mr. Silverwolf is proud to win while crossing the average table.

 Below is an empty moat. The empty moat is quite deep because it was dug reasonably well.
 If you think of falling down, it should be no ordinary fear, but this is a first-class adventurer. I'm a top-notch adventurer, and I'm advancing without knowing what to be afraid of.

But you wouldn't call me a coward! As a professional adventurer, researching the target in advance is the most basic thing you can do! So the difference in experience is just as much a difference in ability as it is a difference in experience!

 Silver Wolf has already crossed the barrier almost twice as fast as the general participants.
 This time he has no Dorian handicap, so his speed is also very smooth.

 He has already crossed the first barrier.

"Is this as fast as a normal run on the flat ground?
There's nothing more adventurous than being able to do that.

 For some reason, Black Cat is proud of himself.
 If you want to show off so much, you should have participated in it yourself.

 However, this exhibition is a competitive body.
 Even if only Silver Wolf-san rushes forward, it can't be helped if he doesn't play a dead heat between him and the other one.......

 ........How is that other competitor doing?
 ...there he is!

 The Golden Bat is still at the start........
 We haven't even started running!

"What the hell is he doing? What's his motivation?

 As the organizer of this event, I also wanted to promote Okubo Castle, so I resent this attitude of abandonment.
 If you don't do it, you'll be shot to death!

"...you are a fool, Silver Wolf. That's why they say you can't surpass the best.

 A golden bat with a lot of composure.
 How can you hear each other despite the distance between them, those two?

You are still stuck in the common sense of a third-rate adventurer, which is why you can be so good at this level of advantage. I'll tell you why I became an S-class adventurer and the best of them all. I'll tell you why I'm an S-level adventurer and why I'm the best of them all.

 What the...?

''It's no coincidence that most of the people who make up the S-class adventurers are beastmen. ........The beast factor was instilled in us by the misdeeds of the human race in the past, and we have inherited it until the present day.......We are endowed with beast abilities that surpass those of ordinary humans.

 Silver Wolf would have a sense of smell that is superior to others due to the beastliness of a wolf.
 Golden Bat has an excellent sense of hearing due to his bat beastliness....
 Black Cat, as a cat beastman, has useful eyes that can also see in the dark.

 They are said to have mastered the highest level of adventurers thanks to that........

''A beastman's power doesn't stop there. There is a realm of beastmen that blossoms even further when they train and go through the cultivation process. Silver Wolf, you don't know that, though. Let me show you.

 This is.........?

"It's called 'animal liberation' for those who have mastered the power of animals!

 The Golden Bat has been transformed!
 Powerful and more beastly...?

What! That's called bestiality liberation, ain't it?
Do you know that, Black Cat?

 We've become the play-by-play and commentator.

We beastmen can intentionally bring out the animal inside of us through training! When that happens, you'll be bigger, you'll regain your wildness, and you'll be a few steps stronger than normal, I hear!

 Black Cat, she's a beastman, but she explains it in a hearsay tone.

"...can't you do it? That?
I can't do it! There shouldn't have been a single beastman present who could 'release beastliness'!

 Huh? Really?
 But that bat bastard is using it, okay?

''I've heard that there used to be many people who could use it, but the blood is so thin now that it's harder to return to the wild, even S-class adventurers shouldn't be able to use it!
But I can use it.

 The golden bat, whose appearance has become more like a beast and the quality of his voice has become more frightening, says, "This is the result of my many adventures.

This is the result of my many adventures. This is the result of the countless pure trials and tribulations that have led me to areas that are beyond the reach of common sense. This is what it looks like!

 The beastliness that Golden Bat was born with was a bat.
 The most distinctive feature of that beast factor to the maximum is........

 That's right, the bat is the only mammal that can fly on its own.


The golden bat flapped its wings, which were spread wide open with 'Beastly Liberation', and flew up into the sky.
 Everyone looks up at it from the ground.
 I, the audience and my opponent, Silver Wolf, are all looking up at it from the ground.

Do you understand? This is the reason why I am the number one adventurer! I, who can make the most of the bat's bestial nature, can fly freely in the sky!''

 He had discovered the highest number of new dungeons of all time in total, and it made sense after seeing that thing.
 If you have wings and you search from the sky, you can easily discover things you can't see from the ground.
 And in doing so, they've set a record that no one can break!



 The average platform, the rock-tumbling slope, the infinitely multiplying homunculus, all would be helpless if you could fly over them in the sky!

 Do you intend to cross all the gates and reach the keep in a straight line?

Some kind of old NES trick?
That's not fair! I'll play fair and square!

 The protesting voices were nowhere to be seen by the flying bat bastard.

"Fair and square"? It is fair for an adventurer to conquer a dungeon with all the means they have. If you can release your Beast Factor to the maximum extent, it's only natural to use it to help you conquer the dungeon.''
'Quite rightly so!

 Black Cat was debunked as a competitor.

''It's rather Silver Wolf's fault for not being able to use the 'Beastly Release'. I had bought that he was the only one other than myself who could enter this realm. It didn't happen.''

 That was partly due to Silver Wolf's own adventurer activities being neglected by his apprenticeship to the guild and his focus on mentoring the younger generation.
 The difference is clearly visible now.

You can crawl like a dog on the ground. I'll be flying far ahead of you in the meantime.

 Silverwolf-san, who can't argue with the voice coming down from the sky.

 No, before that, it can't be good, such a foul technique!

 No! You are not allowed to fly!
 Come on, everybody out! Bring down that bat!
 For the sound operation of the competition!