551-549 Revived Silver Wolf

 If the castle tower was reached with such a foul technique, it would be a disaster for Okubo Castle.
 A desperate anti-aircraft interception was attempted by the guard staff.

 They set up a barrage of bullets with the cushion catapult that was prepared for this kind of situation.

"Hahahahahahahaha! You can't shoot me down with those crippling bullets!

 The golden bat has transformed into a full-fledged giant bat and is dodging the cushioned bullets that attack it one after another, with no sign of bruising.

 I've heard that bats can use their own ultrasonic detection to dodge stones and fly....

 The fact is that it is not easy to get close to the castle tower because of the barrage of bullets.

Ima-nya! While the bat bastard is struggling to attack, Silverwolf-chan! I'm going to break through the barrier and finish!
"Hang in there, Silver Wolf!
"Don't let the bad guys defeat you!

 The crowd united to support Silver Wolf.

 The crowd started to cheer for Silver Wolf in unison, as if they were annoyed by his disregard for the rules. It's a good thing that the daily conduct is also involved.
 So, the batman took over the hate of the whole crowd at once, and it was decided which one of the fight cards was the heel and which one was the belly face.

 Since he did so, the good guy, Silver Wolf, would really like to see him win an upset and accomplish good and evil, but the game is too tough for that.

 Mr. Silver Wolf immediately understood the situation and desperately ran up.

 However, the second hurdle, the slope on which a large rock rolls down, is not an easy obstacle (otherwise, the organizer would not be worthy of respect), and hitting a large rock would disqualify you immediately, so you have to proceed with caution.

 So Silverwolf is in a tough spot.

''I too........if I can 'release my beastly nature', I could fall behind the Golden Bat.......?''

 Moreover, Silver Wolf-san was undergoing a considerable mental shaking.

'That Golden Bat guy who spent all his time training himself without regard for others is now standing on a new stage.... So I was still wrong, then?

 With his mind in such a state of disarray, he didn't know when he would hit a large rock with a careless mistake.
 In the meantime, the bat was about to scratch through the cushion barrage and reach the castle tower.

 At this rate, justice would succumb to evil.

''Hang in there!''
Come on, wolf!

 See, even the children's audience is cheering for Mr. Silverwolf!
 It's time to go for it!

I understand the situation.
"Ooh, what a surprise!

 And next thing I know, I see Veerle in the background.
 Why are you blabbing about this?

Past experiences have taught me the true meaning of entertainment. I've learned in the past what entertainment is all about, haven't you?
Well, yeah, but...?
Well, I'm the one who gets to be the star of the show. Everything I do is to keep people happy!

 Saying that, Veerle took out from his pocket what...?

Ramen noodles?

 A ramen from a pocket?

'It's one of the ramen prototypes we tried to make for this stall sale. I worked with the guy at Platy to make it healthier.
What are you two doing?

 I remember that Veerle, who has been obsessed with ramen for some time, has been developing new ramen products one after another.
 This year, he's set up a stall at Okubo Castle and is serving a lot of ramen.

 And what is this new ramen?

It's a medicinal noodle with five times the usual concentration of dragon extracts, and Prathi added a lot of drugs to reduce the side effects. But they ended up discontinuing it because of the side effects it caused!
'A failure!
'On the contrary, the drugs that Prathi put in my body worked well and I felt clear-headed and regained my strength. The ramen noodles with various benefits for heart palpitations, shortness of breath, and energy. Here.........!

 Veerle, you took a swing and you threw a bowl of noodles?
 He threw a bowl of ramen noodles?

 With his underthrow form, the bowl spins like a frisbee, and the ramen bowl flies through the air without spilling its contents.
 He flies through the air without spilling the ramen inside.

 And the destination of the flying ramen is....
 It was Silver Wolf!


 The bowl of noodles hits Silver Wolf's mouth, forcing him to open his mouth and pouring the contents deep into his throat.

I'm not sure what inertia is causing this.

 Is he using some kind of magic?
 I'm sure of it!

Ugh? .........oooohhhhhhhhhhhhhh!

 Every single drop is poured into the soup, and then Silverwolf has an amazing change!
 What is that?

"The dragon extracts are working instantly. It's a spoonful of dragon extract that is indispensable as a secret ingredient in ramen.
"There's not much to hide, though!

 Mr. Silverwolf, you've been given some bad medicine and you're gonna suffer and grow all muscular like a man!
 Isn't that a metaphor or something?

'The thin gonkotsu ramen quintuple concentration brings an enhancement that an ordinary person can't stand. Even Platy's drugs can't neutralize it, so it's in storage, but that guy's called Eskew, right? A great guy might be able to endure that -?
"There are limits to what you can do with it!

 You take in forbidden substances that must not be ingested by humans...?

 Mr. Silverwolf's body is transforming rapidly...?

 His original wolf's bestial nature grew to the extreme.............................and his appearance was just like a real wolf!
 No, that was a figure that was far more deviant than even an ordinary wolf anymore!

 Isn't that his name, Fenrir?
 I don't know much about it either!

"The power of the fivefold concentrated medicinal herbal ramen forcibly released your animal nature. Not only that, they also gained their dragon nature through the effects of the dragon extract. Now he is both a dragon and a wolf. He's a dragon and wolf with two karmas in one!
The dragon and the wolf?

 Isn't that something bad!

 Anyway, I don't know about you, but Silver Wolf, you've also 'released your beastly nature' and lined up with the bat bastard!
 No, he was clearly more than that with the power of a dragon as well!

 As soon as Fenrirrirrirrirrirrirrirrirrirrirrirrirrirrirrirrirrirrirrirrirrirrirrirrirrirrirrirrirrirrirrirrirrirrirrirrirrirrirrirrirrirrirrirrirrirrirrirrirrirrirrirrirrirrirrirrirrirrirrirrirrirrirrirrirrirrirrirrirrirrirrirrirrirrirrirrirrirrirrirrirrirrirrirrirrirrirrirrirrirrirrirrirrirrirrirrirrirrirrirrirrirrirrirrirrirrirrirrirrirrirrirrirrirrirrirrirr.

 It took less than a moment to avoid all the rolling rocks at the second barrier, all of them with a lightning-like trajectory.


 You really are moving like lightning!
 In no time at all, I made it through the second barrier, and the third barrier was cleared much faster.
 Ignoring the homunculus that would increase if he struck it, he scrambled aside and passed through.

 Mr. Fenrir Silverwolf looked as if his body and mind were steeped in beastliness, but they weren't.
 He has properly remembered the rules of this competition and is trying to attack according to them.

 How such a gentlemanly behavior is just like that, Mr. Silverwolf on a regular basis!

'What? Huh? Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee?''

 The bat, on the other hand, still hadn't attached to the keep, even though he had peeled his eyes away from the rapid advance on the ground.
 I'm sure you'll be able to find a way to make it to the top of the list, but I'm sure you'll be able to find a way to make it to the top of the list.

 Incidentally, if the goblins gave it their all, the bats would be shredded to the bone in a matter of seconds, but that was also a sign of respect for the rules of the game.

 In the meantime, the giant wolf that cleared all the gates, reached the keep.

''Goal confirmed! The winner is Mr. Silverwolf!

 Cheers erupted.
 With the declaration of Okubo, who was waiting for him in the keep, Silver Wolf's upset victory was decided.

 An upset victory by something that blew away the concept of doping.
 But I don't care.

 The audience is completely on the side of Mr. Silverwolf, and if that's the case, they can be forgiven for being a little reckless.

 That's the difference between the bad guys and the good guys.

No way........that I would lose.......?
Golden Bat. I never thought you'd get as far as Animal Liberation. Your studies are astonishing, but you couldn't defeat me.

 After the game, the two promptly return to human form.
 Aside from the bat, I'm really glad to see Silverwolf back in one piece!

"I couldn't 'liberate my animal nature' by training alone, but with the support and help of many people, I was able to step into the extreme realm. After all, the most important thing for human beings is for everyone to help each other. Unless you learn that, know that you will never be able to go further.

 No, Silver Wolf-san ended up being something beyond the beast, but...!
 ........Well, all's well that ends well.

 The Wind Cloud Oakbo Castle Ceremony, the fatal exhibition match between the S-class adventurer rivals, ended with a result that everyone could agree was a victory for our Silver Wolf.