552-550 and become a master

 Now, thus, the Oakbo Castle Exhibition.
 The Golden Bat vs. Silver Wolf competition ended with a huge upset victory for Silver Wolf.

'Silverwolf! Silver Wolf! Silver Wolf! Silver Wolf! Silver Wolf!

 The crowd also congratulated the winner with a generous call to the winner.
 The reason for this was because the winner was Silver Wolf.
 Everyone congratulated when a man of virtue won the crown. If this had been a golden bat, the tongue would have leaked out.

 Yes, it's not just the achievements that are important.
 It's also about harmony, bringing everyone together!

 Forgetting that was the reason for the bat bastard's defeat!
 Maybe I just didn't know about it all along, instead of forgetting about it!

No, no, no, that was a great game.

 And another S-class adventurer, Black Cat, who appears.
 The sister of the cat beastman.
 What did she end up doing?

It was just as I expected. I was sure that Silver Wolf-chan would be able to beat that selfish bat-boy to a pulp.
'What? Were you rooting for me?

 Mr. Silverwolf, who sounds unexpected.

 That's true too.
 That cat girl, I don't see any reason to support either of them.

 You can't get away from the fact that you're not going to be able to get away with it.
 On the other hand, my respect for Silverwolf-san is growing.

I thought you were just buzzing around and came up with a strange matchup.... Ah, I see. Are you saying that you supported me simply because you don't like the Golden Bat?
''That's part of it, but I genuinely wanted you to win, Silver Wolf. Something important was actually at stake in this match.
Does it matter?

 The Black Cat, says in a high-pitched voice as the crowd at Oakbo Castle still pays attention.

''Whoever wins this match will be appointed the next guild master.

 Silver Wolf is surprised by that.

I didn't hear that? I didn't ask you a single question!
I was gonna tell you after I won.
"Isn't that the sort of thing you are supposed to announce before you compete? This isn't a level of ex post facto approval!

 Silverwolf, you're right.
 Is that what a guildmaster is? You mean the greatest person in the Adventurer's Guild?
 Isn't it great that you were appointed as the successor to such a position, Silver Wolf-chan?

I was planning to flush out the Golden Bat jerk if he won, so it was practically like a test for Silver Wolf-chan to become the next Guild Master. You defeated him brilliantly.
I didn't have any such intentions at all.
In fact, I'd expect the leader of the organization to have the courage and strength to hold back the most troublesome person in the guild. You've shown that today. You've defeated that bother.

 So that nasty guy is that bat bastard.
 I mean, who wouldn't be in awe?

You've proven yourself, you've earned the right to be a guild master. You're the only one who can lead the Adventurer's Guild from now on.
'You can't just say that! No, I don't want to be! When you become a Guildmaster, your responsibilities will be doubled even more!

 Poor Silver Wolf.
 Even now, he's taking the lead in carrying the responsibility as an S-class adventurer.

I'm going to be able to leave it to you precisely because of that, Silver Wolf-chan. The person who carries the most baggage will carry it even more.

 What a brutal law.

I'm going to be a guild master. Silver Wolf, this is fate.
'We're not doomed! I know what I'm talking about! The world is going to be changing fast and the Adventurer's Guild will have to deal with it! It's a hassle, of course, to be the head of such a reform period!
That's why I'd like to retire early," said the current master, "and Silver Wolf is the only one I can trust with the rest. Silver Wolf is the only one I can entrust with the rest. I think fate resides in the heart, don't you? And your heart is willing to take the trouble.
''No way!

 But how could he proceed to this point without the all-important current guild master?
 I mean, I've never met him yet.

''It's always like that, that old man! The S-class adventurer's meeting, the race against the demons, everything, you just throw it all on me, and you don't even show up! That's why I'm going to be in charge of everything!
Then why don't you just make Silverwolf-chan the best in name and in reality?
''So that's why I don't like it ah!

 Silver Wolf-san tries to run away from his fate at all costs.

''It's okay! I'm sure Lord Silverwolf can handle it!
The warriors are rooting for you!

 And the two people who came out of nowhere were Mamoru-san of the demon race and Zos Saira-san, the mermaid.
 Including Silver Wolf, they are the three people who were named alongside the 'Cronins'.

''Mamoru-dono and Zos Saira-dono? Why are you here!
I've come to participate in the event. I heard that the Demon King will also be participating.
I'm the host of the event.

 The three of us have a connection in a strange way.

''Let's become a guild master. For our part, it would be easier and more helpful if the responsibility is concentrated on you!
You're the Prime Minister, you'll be dead together.

 A comrade who sticks around.
 Hard-working people seek companionship, but that's why they try to fall deeper together.
 If you try to crawl up, they pull you down, and if you don't, they pull you down, too!

"Mr. Silverwolf! "I want to be a guild master!
"You'll be safe on top!
Protect the weak and the adventurous.

 The hope for a good leader erupts from the audience and surrounds the man in question.
 This is an atmosphere of no more running away.

All right! Just do it, right?
Yay! We did it!

 This is how the Adventurer's Guild was born to bear a new era.

 The new guild master, Silver Wolf.
 He also served as an S-class adventurer.

"Won't you quit being an adventurer?
''My appetite for exploration isn't over yet. I'm going to be semi-active for a while.
It's just more work to bear!

 I'm sure he's taking the initiative to go to all the trouble!

That's good. Now everything is going according to plan.
What's your plan?

 Come to think of it, what kind of purpose has this cat lady been standing around here?

 This guy is also the one who set up the competition as if it was Silver Wolf's test to become a guild master.
 Even though it is the highest level, what cause and effect would a mere adventurer have on such a device?

Because I'm the daughter of the current guild master.
Hmm, eh?
The Guildmaster's daughter.

 The one who was most surprised was Silver Wolf.
 Why are you surprised?

"Because I didn't know. You're the Guildmaster's daughter? I've never heard of you in my life!
I didn't tell you. You're not going to be able to find out what happened to you. I didn't tell you about it because I didn't want to be treated like a princess.
Your father, the current Guildmaster, was a normal human race?
She looks like her mother.

 A shocking revelation.
 But it's possible that the relatives of the current head of the company would be scrambling to choose a successor.
 Have the events of the past been connected by a single line?

So if you're going to be a guild master, you'll have to take me as your wife.
The upper echelons of the guild are family-run. Even my parents bothered to tell me to get a suitable son-in-law for the guild master, or else you will become the guild master. It's a relief that Silver Wolf has been sacrificed to me.
Did you just say sacrifice?
Don't worry! I'm the type of girl who will do anything for you if you get married. I will support my husband well!
"You say that, but you're going to force all the troublesome things on me, ahhhhhhh? No!

 Here I witnessed another man's entire life being tangled up by one woman.
 As an eyewitness, what I thought more than anything else was what kind of a child would be born between the wolf husband and the cat wife.

Congratulations to the new guild master and his wife on their marriage!
'You and your wife are both S-level adventurers! I'm sure you'll feel safer with people who know the scene and are in charge at the top!
''I see you're on good terms with the demon race, and I'm sure you'll be a great master!

 The audience at Oakborough Castle was not shy in their congratulatory applause as they witnessed the unexpected celebration.

 One last person.
 The one who was the loser of this battle, the S-class adventurer Golden Bat....

If I had won, I would have married him and been made a guild master? That was a close call...

 No, it's not.
 You should know what you're doing.

    * * * *.

 Well, we're off to a rocky start, but this year's Okubo Castle has just begun.
 We're going to see what happens in the main game now.

 The fun at Okubo Castle is only just beginning!