553-551 Goblin Fly in the sky

 Now it's time for Castle Oakbo to come to life!

 Many participants make their way to the keep, across the bridge, up the hill and into the castle!
 The spectators cheering for it! The cheers aren't as taut as they should be because Mr. Silverwolf and his crew are getting a big kick out of their demonstration!

 Stall food served to such an audience!
 The already familiar Wir's Ramen Shop and Lettuce Rate & Horcosfon's Bean Shop (Natto is also available here).
 This year we also have an oden shop in Bacchus, which has been very popular.
 We have informed them in advance that they are not allowed to serve alcohol here.

 Speaking of newer stalls, there was a shop serving octopus balls.
 It was run by Prati.

"What are you doing, Prati?

 You don't want to be fussed over with the second person in your tummy, do you?
 Put Junior on your back, too. Scary in front of a hot taco machine!

'The guy from Viel is getting so popular with his ramen that I was hoping to compete with him on something eventually!
Mysterious rivalry?
Fortunately, Kraken's friend Kula shared a lot of octopus legs with me, so I'm going to make a skillet with them! Oh, no, thank you! It's a delicious octopus dish made by a beautiful wife!

 At any rate, Junior looked bored, so I left him in my care.

 The stall side was also very crowded like this.

 The number of participants in the main Okubo Castle tournament also increased from last year, and it was a record high.
 It's been very well received.

 If there is a problem, it's that there are too many participants and we can't handle them all.
'If we turn this thing around properly, we'll be lost to the sun before we all try it! If we were doing it properly, all the guests wouldn't be able to enjoy the attraction.

 I thought it would be a pity if it wasn't so, so I tried various ways to make it better.

 We divided the course into several sections.
 We divided the castle into several different courses so that the participants could choose their own route to attack the castle from various directions.

 This would allow us to spread out and allow more people to enjoy the experience in a shorter amount of time.

 It would be inconvenient to have a multi-day event as some of the guests would be coming from far away and there would be no place to stay even if we were to hold a multi-day event.
 So we'll have to make it a multi-day event for next year and beyond.

 This year, we're holding a new standard so that people can enjoy the event in one day or less.

 It's called the "Aerial Conquest of Okubo Castle"!

 It was developed last year, with a large catapult ejecting an entire human being into the air. A parachute was attached to the vehicle to mitigate its fall and allow it to enjoy aerial swimming.

 Last year, the mechanism was also used to suppress rebellion.

 After a year of refinements and thorough testing, it was finally adopted as an official Okubo Castle attraction.

 A large catapult for human ejection was prepared first, and then the attraction participants and instructors were launched together.
 Once they have risen to a sufficient height, they deploy their gliders to catch the wind and fly.
 Once the glider has successfully landed in the landing area set up in the castle tower, the glider is cleared.

 One of the improvements is that the glider has been developed so that it can fly relatively freely.
 Last year, there was an event to experience human injection as a sideshow, but it was just a simple matter of flying and falling.

 However, with the introduction of the glider this time, the scope of what you can do in the air has expanded and the gameplay has increased.
 The glider grabs the wind and can turn to the right or left and change altitude as the user desires.

 Of course, in consideration of safety, an instructor will always be present during all glider flights.
 After all, it's only amateurs who fly.
 In the event of a sudden crosswind, or a mistake due to fear of heights... the instructor will immediately take over the controls to stabilize the glider.

 The instructors are goblins, who are small and light.

 They are small and light in stature and weight, so their weight is not so heavy, but this flying project was the Goblins' idea to begin with.
 It was the goblins who, after a year of research, thorough investigation, and trial and error, have completed the project in its current form.

 In a sense, this attraction was the result of their efforts.
 It was a spirited effort.

 The goblins' project is, of course, not only extremely safe, but also excellent in terms of gameplay.

 The basic flow of the game is to shoot the goblins from the catapult and fly them straight to the castle tower, but there are a number of checkpoints along the way, and points are awarded for passing through them.

 Specifically, the rule is that if a balloon floats in the air and touches the landmarks underneath it, the player scores points.
 A goblin riding with you judges whether or not you've touched the landmark.
 The goblins are also responsible for calculating the score, which means that in addition to safety measures, they also serve as judges and scorers.

 Even in the unlikely event of a crash, our goblins would be able to easily save the passengers and escape unscathed.
 It was a perfect lineup.

 And whoever was able to land safely at the designated point of the castle tower with a certain number of points was awarded a prize.

 It was only held as a sub-event to alleviate some of the congestion of the main game, but the number of people who wanted to participate was much greater than we had imagined, and it was a hectic affair.
 At the end of the day, the goblins couldn't do it all by themselves, so some relatively experienced foreign students came in to help, and we managed to get around.

 I suppose it is one of the biggest dreams of people to want to fly freely.

 Although the structure was still simple and the flight time was still short, people rushed to the attraction that made their dreams come true.
 Even after landing without getting used to the controls and not being able to score any points, people were still happy to see them go home, saying, "Oh, that was fun! and they went home happily, even though they hadn't gotten used to the controls and couldn't score any points.

 Fortunately, there were no accidents, and at this point the project was a great success.

 The only thing that has changed is.....

    * * * *

 I was looking around Okubo Castle, and I came across a scene of some sort of struggle.

 It's not like they were fighting or arguing or anything like that.
 They were in trouble because they had been asked to do something relentlessly.

 The ones who are in trouble are our farm goblins.
 Thanks to them, the aerial adventure they're running is stagnant, isn't it?

What? What's wrong?
"Ah, my lord...?

 I, as the chief executive, join in the conversation to see what happened.
 It's a good idea to be able to have a good time with them.
 The middle-aged man is elegantly dressed and looks like a nobleman of some sort.

''Our guest here would like to give his son a ride in a glider...''
"? Why don't we just give him a ride?
That's the problem...

 I heard that the son of the nobleman had injured his foot last year and was unable to walk by himself.
 The doctor told me that the injury was so severe that he didn't know if he would ever be able to walk again, even if he fully recovered.

I brought him here because I wanted to cheer up my son, who has been discouraged ever since...! If I can do something I've never experienced before, like flying in the sky, I'm sure they'll be pleased. Please, please...!

 The father of the injured boy, modified by a middle-aged man, who asks me to do the same.

 Wow, I know how this feels. As a father, I also sympathize with the father's concern for his child, and my heart hurts.

 But at the same time, I can understand how troubled the goblins are.
 From the time I first conceived of this project, I've always been most concerned about safety.
 After all, we were going to be flying.

 We have sought to make sure that we would never fall, and even if we did, we would not be injured, and we have made sure that we would not fall into the shape we are in today.
 We have been able to take pride in our "absolute safety", but this is based on the assumption that the participants themselves have no health problems.

 Before taking part in the event, participants are interviewed to determine if they have any concerns about their health, and if they have been drinking, they are turned away from the event.

 The goblins in charge of reception, knowing this, could not give permission easily, but they also could not refuse to participate in the event, and they are probably at a loss.

 If that's the case, then this is where I, as the person in charge of the whole thing, will make the decision.

'Call Gov. Yoshi,'
''My lord!''

 He's the strongest goblin in charge of the goblin team, he's got the strength and skills, and I'm sure he'll do well.

''The truth is, we have a rule that we don't allow people with health concerns to fly with us, but we'll let you fly without telling anyone, hoping that your child will be fine. Please don't tell the father, either.
'Oh! Thank you!

 I was a no-good guy, where compassion won out over the rules.

 Gobukichi, who had been called up, glided in his glider while riding with the boy who had been injured in a feat that was as good as it gets.
 Rather than scoring points, he enjoyed the pure aerial action and even made a big turn at the end to get back to the ground safely.

 The boy who had been in a stupor seemed to have enjoyed flying so much that his eyes were shining and his spirits were high after landing.

 Once he regained that much energy, his injuries would heal faster and he would be able to run around again.
 Your father thanked me so many times that I almost cried.

 Even if it was in a fantasy other world.
 The sky is supposed to give people courage, after all.