554-552 EX course

 Now, let's turn our attention to the main battle of Okubo Castle.
 Once again, the best of the best will challenge the impregnable Okubo Castle.

 There are no special qualifications for participants, and anyone can participate as long as they are in good health.

 Among them, there were some famous participants, including the famous Demon King............ ........and others.......

 Mamoru from the Demon King's Army Four Heavenly Kings participated for the first time this year.
 She participated in this one since she skipped out on the exhibition, and congratulations to the S-class adventurer Black Cat who got married.
 Malvastos, a major leader of the Demon King's Army, who is the ruler of the former human state, also participated for the first time.
 He's retired, so he has a lot of free time on his hands. Former Mermaid King Nargus has also joined the tournament, using a humanizing potion to change his tail fin to two legs.
 And me.


 But the people who have enjoyed Okubo Castle up to now will think that it's not enough.

 --But those who have enjoyed Okubo Castle so far will think, ''It's not enough, is it? And.

 Until last year, even more distinguished faces would have participated in the event and made the competition more exciting.

 Mr. Darquish, a local lord, reached the keep the year before and the year before that.
 Arowana, the current King of Mermaids, who was a prince at the time and represented the mermaid tribe in the tournament.
 Are you still bored? Great Demon Lord Baal, who was also the previous Demon King who retired.
 In addition, the lords of the Human Nation and the leading figures of the Demon King's army must have been present in large numbers in the previous year, but the faces of those who had fought in the past were completely absent this time around.

 They're not going to join us anymore?

 And the spectators were watching the competition forlornly....

 I've got my thoughts together.

 The real competition will begin after the general participants' competition is over!

 This is the third year for Okubo Castle.

 This is the third year for Okubo Castle, and those who have participated since the first time are already familiar with the various events.
 It's easier to deal with any tough challenge if you can predict it in advance. They would be able to plan their countermeasures in advance, and that would create a disparity of advantage and disadvantage between the consecutive participants and the first-time participants.

 We want Oakvo Castle to be an equally enjoyable event for everyone.

 So how do we prevent gaps in participation experience?

 Will the attraction be revamped?

 In the past, however, there have been people who have been eliminated at the halfway point of the race, and they have been practicing and vowing to get revenge next year.
 They have studied the barriers at which they were beaten, and they have probably prepared countermeasures.

 It is unsympathetic for such people to say, 'I'm different from last year!

 There is a natural difference in athleticism between people, and I don't want to waste the efforts of those who challenged themselves over the past year, even though they were not very good at sports.

 So, I left the traditional hurdles untouched.

 So how do we make sure that there is no difference between past participants...especially those who are experts at conquering all the barriers and the rest of the beginner crowd?

 That's what we came up with!

"EX course! Advanced Difficulty MAX Oakbo Castle!

 No pressure!
 It's Castle Oakovo, where you will intercept and eliminate the intruders with all your might!

 The traps that have been set are full of a kill mindset that is unparalleled.
 It's truly a competition for advanced players!

"This course has been built without care and with malice at its best! I'm going to say it! We're not going to let a single person reach the castle tower!
""Oh, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa!"

 My microphone performance was returned with a huge cheer.
 The crowd is starting to get used to the training...?

'And the top scorers of the past competitions you've been wondering about will be participating in this advanced course! Watch it! These eminent faces!

 Led by the local lord Dalkish, Prince Arowana, the great demon king Baal, and other fierce players who had once reached the Okubo Castle keep, entered one after another.

 The eligibility for the advanced course was basically those who had cleared the tournament before last year.

 In order to prevent people from participating multiple times and raiding the prizes, it has been decided that those who have cleared the course before will only be allowed to participate in the advanced course and will not be allowed to try the regular course.

 Instead, more valuable prizes will be given to those who complete the advanced course, so everyone, please do your best!

Now, before we start the competition, let's hear from the person who led this EX course.

 After receiving my introduction, the one who appears in the hall........

 Another bewitching woman who appears to accompany me.

''Warawa is the Lady of the Castle, Zos Saira.

 She was Zos Saira of the mermaid race.
 She has the look of a wife from the Warring States period to the extent that she took medicine and turned into a human form and also dressed up to become one.

 ........I wonder if she had Batty make that glittering kimono?

It's a role. It's the role.

 Oakbo, leaning close, says in a cold sweat.
 Okubo stands with Zos Saira, the wife of the owner of the castle, who says, "It's not a spur of the moment idea to attack my husband's castle.

It's not a noble idea to attack my husband's castle. ...With a body like that, I'm the best brains in the mermaid world, and I've reinforced EX Okubo Castle with all my strength, so if you can take it down, you can take it down!

 Zos Saira, who has managed and operated part of the attraction in the past, supervised and created the entire event.

 An emergency event, so to speak.
 EX High Class, Call of the Abyss.
 It's like.

"Warawa and Okubo will be waiting for you at the keep, so come on up. It's something that no one will ever reach anyway!

 He leaves the stage while spouting a line that smacks of a villain.
 He would be put on standby for the finish line, the keep.

 Okubo follows him.

 Today, I stayed with Zos Saira as the host for the day. Although the event was named after Okubo, he didn't show up much this time because he was too busy with Zos Saira's hospitality!

If you're counting on Okubo, she'll be in a good mood most of the time.

 Before I knew it, I was sighing alongside Prathi, who was next to me.

    * * * *

 So I'm holding this event!

 This is an experienced players only game, with a nightmare specs that will release the limiter for the Okubo Castle.
 I'll be broadcasting the event.

 The challengers will be the ones who have cleared the normal course.

 The local lord, Dalkish, leads the way, and those who have sufficient quantity and quality are advancing bravely.

'No matter what difficulty is prepared for us, we cannot retreat as lords!

 Mr. Dalkish is advancing because of his determination.
 Following that, Arowana-san, Great Demon King Baal, and other fierce people from all over the place lined up to win various matches as pure strength.

''First of all.......is this still the one?

 The first obstacle in the path of the fierce fighters is the empty moat that separates a large portion of the ground from the narrow bridge that has been passed over it.
 No, that thinness can no longer be called a bridge.
 It's an average platform.

 This is the first obstacle that represents Okubo Castle, and it's called the "Frustrated Average Platform"!

 It's a competition where you have to balance your way across the moat on that narrow average platform.

'Humph, it's exactly the same as it was before! How dare you shrug it off when you claim to be an advanced player!

 Mr. Darquish, boldly tackling a seemingly innocuous average table.

'Wait! We don't know what kind of trick they're playing! Deal with it calmly, Lord Dalkish!

 Mr. Dalkish, the other representative of the advanced course challenger, Arowana, stops him, but he doesn't stop.

'Don't worry! I will definitely clear all the gates again this year and get my son's present!

 Like me, Dalkish just had his first child last year.
 I admire his heart for his child, but the EX course comes at such a kind father without mercy!

? Darquish is down! He was supposed to be on average! Why did you fall out!

 Darquish, who had won all the barriers two years in a row, was the first to be eliminated.

 The crowd was upset with this unexpected development.

"Look closely! This balance beam it gets thinner and thinner by the minute, and then it's gone!
Before we reach the other side? It's a clever bit of perspective, so that it's not immediately apparent from a glance!
So Mr. Darquish couldn't see it and missed it!

 The following participants, making the most of Mr. Darquish's sacrifice to analyze the situation.

''Preparing such a vicious trap, the advanced course is still not a simple matter...?
''Just devilish...!
''But we too are fierce people who have reached the keep at least once! Even if the difficulty level increases a bit, I will definitely step over it and show you how to reach the keep again!

 This is a stiff fight, so to speak, between Zos Saira, the witch who supervised all the attractions, and the fierce people who challenge her.

 What will the winner be?