1 Suddenly one day

Welcome to the Dragon King's Lodging Tree.

(How many times have we exchanged this greeting?)

 An inn tucked away in the capital city of the Orculan Kingdom, Krakran

The Dragon King's Tree.

 In the inn, the landlady, Carla Grice, was lost in her thoughts.


The Dragon Emperor's Lodging Tree has many selling points.

 If I were to compare it to a [Price]
--Cheap. Anyway, it's cheap.

 If I were to compare it to [cooking]
--Tasty. It's just delicious.

 And most importantly, [Carla Grice]
--Beautiful good looks, 173cm tall and lean body.
All of which attracts men and women, young and old, alike.

 But in fact, Kara has a secret that she can't tell anyone.


The fact that he is an "ex-male otherworldly tripper


 Nice to meet you, my name is Ryuta Takahashi, and I graduated from a decent university.
I am an old man who will be 28 this year. There may be some people who say 28 is still young, but if you don't exercise, you will get a belly soon, do you understand how old you are?

 I'm off from work today so I can relax for the first time in years.

The ceiling looks familiar.

--It was the ceiling of my room that I was very familiar with, WW.


''I'm sorry!

(Who is this blonde who apologizes out of the blue?)

'I'm sorry!

(And isn't that the endangered species The DO☆GEZA?)

"I'm sorry!

(Well, okay, whatever.)

"I'm sorry. And gradually, '! The 'marks' are down!
 I don't know! 

What's the matter? Smile.

"Yea, betsunanimos.

(No..... Oh well.)

So who are you, 'girl on your knees'?

'It's not a funny name! I am the Supreme God!'

Psycho Ushin? (Is he an artist from Belgium or something?)

"No, sir! It's the best, God! "The Most High God!

(Heh...) Supreme Being...

--("Supreme God")

"Ehem. He's a supreme god.

So, what does this Supreme Being want? It sounds like you were apologizing for something?

"Huh? It's been a very normal turnaround!

(Well, it's a common pattern in novels and such...)

What do you want, Supreme Being?

'The writing is slightly different, but...

 ----Oh, my God. Let me explain!

 Ryuta Takahashi! You're dead!


You're dead!


"You are dismissed!

Okay, relax.
  I'm getting the gist of it. Surprise.

No, sir, you're really dead!

"...Seriously! Why! I'm still young!

 --Oh, yeah! Temp! "I killed him by mistake!
 You mean the 'It's a cheat reincarnation as an apology*' thing!

 Hee Haw! Uh-hoy! It's a cheat - Zecht, 'That's not true either! .........?

(No?) (But he apologized, right?)

'I didn't kill him by mistake. It's just a lifetime. J-mi-u!

(Longevity? Did I die of natural causes? You're only 28.

 --(I mean, if he died in his lifetime, why was he apologizing for it?

''Well, let me explain it to you anyway,''

 You turn 28 years old and two months later, you somehow die in your sleep at home.
 It's written in the God Unified Management Lifetime Creation Handbook, so there's no doubt about it.'

Wait, wait, what do you mean, "He's gonna die?"

''Don't worry about it, frankly, it was a pain in the ass to think about the setting.
 The me of 28 years ago...

"That's why I was apologizing for the circle of reincarnation you were supposed to be in.
 I happened to let someone who died in another world.

 Because of that, there was no room for you to enter.

 So you were not able to enter the circle of reincarnation, and you were lost.

 That's what it means. Tehchen*

("Teh-heh-heh".......isn't it.......right?
  I don't understand! Why did you put another one in there in the first place?

'Well, leaving aside the reason [expediency], you have three choices.

 1. wait for an opening in the circle of reincarnation.
 2. Wander as a floating spirit.
 3....Go to another world!

 As far as I'm concerned, I'd recommend going to another world!

 --It's easy to rub out.........''

Didn't you just blurt something out?

"Yei enamonimo itte orimasenga.

So, which one do you want?

(Weird, too weird!!!!!

"3. Cheats are okay with it, right?
(What! Cheat OK? (Obviously, I doubt it, but cheats are fascinating.)

 For all intents and purposes, I, as Takahashi Ryuta, am an otaku. I'm a secret geek.
I can't openly admit it, but I read a lot of internet novels in secret.

 Especially on "Shosetsu wo Yumezuyo", Japan's largest online novel posting site. is great!
It's full of submissions from all sorts of people stuffing their fantasies, fantasies, etc. together!
So I read various cheats, the strongest protagonist ones (I would do this myself...)
I even had a lot of fantasies such as "I'm going to be a cheat hero!

(I'm the cheat hero of my dreams! Yummy, too yummy!
 (Too delicious to be counterintuitive, but...)

Which one do you want?

I know what I'm talking about.

 This is how my journey to the other world, "Ryuta Takahashi", is steadily progressing.