2 And to another world ...

 Hey, it's the first time I've seen you since I saw you.

3. go to another world! I chose the

I'm Takahashi Ryuta! You pig!

Nostalgic stuff... Sorry.

For now, please see the rest of the recollection.


'By the way, what do you want to do about the cheat? Now's your chance! Most wishes can be granted, right?

(Cheat or not.........
-- Oh, this bracketed talking blonde beauty is apparently the best god.)

''It doesn't matter what it is! Whether it's infinite physical strength, unlimited magical power, or immortality.
 If you want, you can use anime, manga, or video game techniques - if you want.
 For example.
 Even in the Golden King Bastard's "Everywhere Treasure House (maybe Gate of Bahron)
 Parenthesized boy's 'That wasn't true (is that a big lie?)' but
 Even in the "King's Face Again (Shameful to be dead)" series in Search of the Dragon
 Even the "Victory Fanfare" (the thing after the battle) in the story series that wasn't the last at all.
 I'm ready for anything.

(Are those last two cheats?) (I mean, the victory fanfare is just background music!

"I think it's safe to say that the background music that hasn't changed that much over the course of the series is now a cheat.

(Well, it's certainly a great background music with very little change...)

Be that as it may, what kind of world am I going into?

I knew you'd care about that.

'.........well it's a world of swords and magic. It's a world where sub-humans and dragons exist.

(I see............)

You mean there's a war and stuff?

(I knew you'd be curious about that. -- and that's the second time I've reacted to this!

'No, it's not. It's basically peaceful. We only have the occasional monster that attacks the village.

So, have you thought about what skills you'd like to see in general?

Well, if that's peace.

I want to be a woman.

I knew it.

I want to be a woman.
'No, no, no, no, no, no, wait a minute! --Well, that's sudden!
 Didn't you say something like "Cheetos, hyahhhhhhhhhhhhhh" earlier?

 That suddenly makes me want to be a woman! You're talking too far out of line!''

(Well, sure, you might think so...)

Are you a supreme god? You know all about me and everything, right?
 Then you know I use female protagonists in the virtual world.

 Yes, I'm what you call a "faggot".
Recently, I've been treated unfairly like a lousy con artist....

 But I'm not going to be blamed by anyone!
It's a virtual world where you do things you can't experience in the real world!
Even ugly people can be good looking!
Even old people can be young!
Then a man can be a woman, too!
That's the virtual world!

So I'm a woman in the virtual world!!!!

''So as I read the novels I submitted........

 I always wanted to be a woman if I could go to another world!

 This was for real.

 I think it's in the top 10 dreams for boys, right? Somewhere in the back of your mind, you want to be a woman, don't you? Would it be inappropriate to want to make that happen?

 And fortunately for me, I'm not an "age=no girlfriend" kind of guy. I've had my fair share of experiences. In a way, I have no regrets as a man.

 That's why I want to live my second life as a 'woman'.

 I don't think it's wrong to think this way.

You can't blame me if you're that passionate about it, like Matsuoka Ozou.
 I'm going to send you to another world as a woman. But..........

 --I'm not going to reincarnate this time, it's a trip, so you'll be reincarnating your body.
 --You're getting a gusher of pain.
 --the gap between the body and the mind might be troubling?

 Would you like that?

 The supreme god asked with concern.
From the look on his face, ''The guy who did the same thing before has become a haibito (not a typo), right?''
I received silent pressure to do so....

'Of course it's OK! -- or maybe you should just try to alleviate the "suffering from the gap between body and soul"...

 I had an answer.

'Yes, sir. So what about the other cheats? I haven't used a hundredth of the wish gauge, though?''

(I didn't know there was a gauge for that! (Well, but other than that...)

'Well give me enough ability to survive at random!
 If you're not trying to defeat a demon king or something, that's about right.

(Well, I'm not trying to be a warrior. Just enough to not die.)

I get it! We'll make sure it's in tip-top shape over here! Look forward to it.

 With a wonderful smile, the Supreme God assured him.

(..............! (I'm not asking for that much!

''Then, the next time you wake up, I'll be over there........


 With those words, a black....no, dusky sphere wrapped around my body at the end.

'That's the pit in the tempest~!

 I think I shouted something like that, but the next second I was unconscious.


'He's finally gone........ He was quite an interesting person, wasn't he?
 Well.........I'll have to falsify the records before Tenchan comes....

It's the supreme deity who begins to falsify the records while looking at the black sphere of "Takahashi Ryuta".


This is how I, Ryuta Takahashi, left for a different world.