3 I started a different world.

 When I woke up, there it was.........

'An unknown ceiling.............................

 I won't!

 It was a blue sky with no clouds....

(It was a cloudless blue sky...!)

 I hurriedly picked myself up and looked around.


 A meadow. A beautiful carpet of greenery spread out in front of us.

It's a beautiful place. But where am I?
 The Supreme Being said that when he wakes up, he'll be in another world or something...

The woman standing in the middle of the grassland with a voice that was a little high but low for a woman spoke to herself.

(Yes, that supreme god must have said that for sure!

 -- then is this somewhere in another world?

"Yes, sir.
 This is the grasslands of the Maltese, a short distance west of the capital city of Krakrang.

 A Supreme God's voice suddenly sounded in his head.

''Ugh! That's disgusting! There's a freaking voice in my head!
 No.......... I feel like I have a hangover, I'm going to throw up... (crying)

 --The tension dropped beyond words.

 --I was dredged up memories of my parents staying at a friend's house with a masked couple.

 --The memory of being forced to smile for a long time with a smile that stuck to me like a doll came vividly to mind.

 --I was relieved to be asleep in the middle of the night, and the sound of my voice echoed when we had a messy fight.

 --The next morning, he was smiling, sticking to his smile as if nothing had happened.

 --I was somewhat distrustful of people.

(Depression..... Let's die...........)

"Stoop! Don't suddenly become a distrustful person!
 I'll explain the future and all that! (Crying)'

Okay, then.

 He's back.

'----stunned ---'

'What is it, Supreme Being? Quickly explain to me.

...Isn't it too soon to recover?

(Well, that's what I was good at.)

'Well, it would be inconvenient to call him the Supreme Being every time, wouldn't it?
 From now on, you can call me Usin, if you don't mind.

Ussin? (Isn't that the name of an artist from Belgium or something...?

"I kind of like it.
 From now on, I will call myself Psycho Ushin.
 Thank you.

 Now, all of a sudden, I'd like to start explaining things.'

I'm glad you like it. You tell me what's going on.

 I waited patiently for Ushin to speak.





...Hey, Winston Churchill, are you ready yet?

 I think it's not my fault for asking.

''Wait a minute. We're faxing the information now!

 --Oh, I pressed the wrong number! I'll have to put it back in again... (crying)

 What are you going to do about it? I finally got to 87 digits without getting the number wrong!'

(Upside down! And it's a fax machine! How will it get there? (I mean, it's a long number!)

 I've gone beyond the third step to the fourth tsukkomi....

 There are many more things I want to comment on, but for now

Oh, I'm sorry, I'm just waiting for the fax to arrive.

 And I apologize.

'It's okay if you know.
  ...upper surface distortion curves........566577

(This is going to take a while...)

 After this, we were subjected to endless mutterings of numbers like a reminder.

(Hurry up and deliver it, fax!!!!!