4 The explanation has begun.




'It's done~!
 Well I'm wrong seven times in a hundred pounds.
 I finally got the numbers in without making a mistake!'

"Ugh! You scared the hell out of me, don't yell at me all of a sudden.

'Well, that's all right, so let me get this straight....

 Let me explain!!!!'

 Ushin (named by the Supreme Being by me).
The moment you scream like a commentary on a certain turn-of-the-century assassin's fist special move that cannot be assassinated...

------Shp! ------Geez. Geez. Geez. Geez. Geeeeeeeeeee.

 A crack appeared in the space in front of me, and a large amount of paper came out!

(-- The paper is out!  God Fax awesome! (God's civilization humbug!)

"That's great, Ushin! So this is what faxing is all about! You cracked the space, Zeez!

 I don't think it was my fault that I got a little too loud on my own.

 I was the one who said (because of Ushin, 'Ahem! Are you surprised? I'm sure he'll say something like, "I had a hard time sending you a fax..."), and I'm hoping for a response with the heartwarming atmosphere of an elderly person staring at a neighborhood elementary school student.

I'd like to start with the person.

He started explaining things normally...

{------what? What? Pay me back for my expectations!

"My name is Karr....

I couldn't say anything to Ushin, who was in full explanation mode....

(---- Is this bullying?)



Name : Carla Grice (formerly Ryuta Takahashi)

Gender : Female (formerly Hanwoman)

Age : 20 years old (former; 28 years old)

Height: 173 cm (formerly 178 cm)

Weight : The Secret of the Maiden (ex: Hanjo no Hi-Mi-Tsu)

Size 3: proportions that would be the envy of all (former; a good shape)


(-- wait a minute......... What are these parentheses! (I'm not a b*tc*!

 As expected, I tried to raise my voice for a lecture, but I remembered the cancer ignoring me earlier.......

(-- Ignoring is a horrible bullying, isn't it~. When you notice it, it can infect the whole class........

 When we learned about bullying in school, I played the role of the bully.......
 It's not a bad idea to ignore them.....

 --You can't bully, no, not at all!

 Leaving my feelings aside, the explanation continues....

Ability : HP 500/189000 (max 999)
     MP 999/296870 (MAX 999)
     ATK 198053 (MAX 100)
     DEF 8969730291 (MAX 100)
     MAT 345298 (MAX 100)
     MDF 86753354960 (MAX 100)
     SPD 500 (MAX 100)

(I'm already losing HP! But the ability value is too cheaty! But only SPD is subtle!

 ...What are those brackets next to it? (MAX?)

"Those in parentheses are the maximum number of people who live in this world.
"There hasn't been an all-MAX since the beginning of history, but...
I mean, you are the best!
"You know, when I think of how powerful I am...

 ---- The strongest ever, the Demon King who got half the world in one year has an ability average of about 78!

 We did it! Super strongest☆!

 Babang! Usin said, almost as if SE was going to come on.

(Ah, so that's what you mean............... ---- is too much of a cheat! I thought I asked you for the ability to live at a minimum! (I mean, you're too defense-specific, this ability value!

I used the best technology available. It's good for a three-minute production time!

(...3 minutes! (It's three minutes and this ability!!!!

'But oh..., I'm not surprised yet! I haven't gone to the skill yet.''

(More cheat on top of that! (I'm so full, Guess...)


God's Three-Minute Production Skill BGM; an opus for a show that can't be made in three minutes

 [Quadruple Society "Fundamental Children"]; a skill that the gods have somehow named.
  The effect is an evolved version of absolute defense.
  --Basic invincibility. 
  --Created by "Ni*Name Maker".

 [The Information Network of Chaos (Ultimate Wikipedia)]; It has the basic things you want to look up on it.
  But its reliability is subtle.
  I'm recreating the computer site "Wikipedia" in my head.
  --And it's always being updated with the latest articles.

 【Demon's Smile (Nico Popopon) 】;The legendary strongest technique.
  The final evolution of "Nikopopo" that most strongest protagonists have.
  It can make any creature fall in love with it just by smiling.
  It was feared to be the work of the devil because of its excessive "pop" rate.
  --As a side effect, it is difficult to express emotions on its face.

 Enemy of Tomatoes]; Doesn't take on any of women's problems.
  It doesn't take any more. ''Diet? Status.
  --Tomato, incidentally, is also a word for a woman.

 [God's work (Divine Act)]; skills increase due to the idea of God (nyonnyon).
  --so-called [opportunism]. Probably controversial.


(This is a cheat.........) This is a cheat......... I've even taken care to replenish the ones I didn't think of in 3 minutes later. ---- For now, here it is...........)

What is this? (In the style of a certain martyred denim-clothes detective.)

''Oh, it's Yusaku Matsuo! It's so long ago!''

 Usin's sullen expression (if you're going to add onomatopoeia, honya~ is the way to go! (I won't argue with that!) I tweeted at him.
No, I can't see his face, though.

 With a kotatsu, mandarin oranges and Japanese tea, I reacted like an old man watching some year-end special.

'Well, that's about all I have to say about the person. Next, I'll explain about the world.

(I'm so tired of just being a person.... ----(I'm so tired of just being a person...)

 Usin's explanation continues.........


Blank space at the bottom of the fax from Usin

--God (nyonnyon) settings collection -- (not visible to Kara and her friends. --(that's the specifics)

Protagonist Setting :.
 The protagonist died at a young age with his life span. Due to the Supreme Being's incomprehensible failure, he was sent to another world.
He is a hidden nerd who changes his s*x to become a woman when he is sent to another world.

 He's a bit of a nerd, but he's not a NEET. He has a job.

 After his s*x change, he changes his name to Kara Grice.
 She is a beautiful woman with brown skin and eyes that hang a little bit. Because of the perfect placement of parts by the Supreme Being, she has achieved a beauty that is so beautiful that it is even called 【Formation of God】.
 Her hair is silvery white.
 She is wearing a black dress that fits her body perfectly, and her legs peeking out from the slit at her feet seem to be dazzling. It's a bit hard to get a good look at her to cover her ample body.
 Her cheat ability is no slouch!
 A sinful woman who will charm many people in the future.

Backstory of the protagonist :.
 It's God's plan to make her 20 years young again to give her a sense of reincarnation.
 After being encased in the black sphere, it was genetically altered to reconstitute its body.
This is why it has been 20 years since it was wrapped in the black sphere.

 Because of the genetic modification, the body structure is broken down and rebuilt from scratch. Because of this, he has grown from a baby to 20 years old, but he doesn't remember it because it happened in an instant.

 Various knowledge implantations have also been done in the name of [opportunism] while he grows up.

 He has a Nicopo-esque cheat, but he basically goes by the policy of not laughing.

Highest God Setting :.
 Psycho Ushin and the "Most High God" named after the protagonist.
However, there is no other god because there is only one god.

 His appearance is blonde and beautiful. (I'll leave the rest to your imagination.)
 The clothes are the things that God tends to wear.

 An awesome person who manages everything in the world.
 The "Tenchan" that appears in just a few pages is the secretary's angel.

 He rarely appears in the world.

 He sends his angels around the world to manage the world.
So the numerous gods believed in around the world are all angels of the ground reconnaissance unit.

The backstory of the Supreme God :.
 He used to be a beautiful young man.
He was supposed to be a black person who had a plan to send our hero to another world because he had too much time on his hands.

 In the initial setting, he was supposed to be "playing meteorite billiards to create a solar system" for the "things I've been enjoying recently".

 And for some reason, she was supposed to speak the Kansai dialect.

 I hadn't planned to change my name from "beautiful blonde-haired girl" to "beautiful young man" with an appropriate description of my appearance.

 The age is a "-----prohibited item. ----- years old.