5 The explanation is over.

 Lush and beautiful green meadows.

The Meadow of Maltese

 This is the grassland that everyone knows as the name of the hero "Maltay" who fought against the 5,000 demon hordes with just 10 warriors in the past.
What it was called in those days is unknown due to the loss of documents, but it is said that the name of the captain, Martai, was given in honor of the achievements of Martai and his men who eradicated the demons in this grassland.

 As a supplement, Martai's unit at that time came to be called the "Ten Martyrs", a big name that always appears in heroic tales.

 Nowadays, in this grassland, where there is not even after the fierce battle of those days, and where there is even a quiet and idyllic image somehow

A woman was ministering to an empty space with a massive stack of paper....

 She was a crazy woman from any angle, but her face was so well-defined, and the way she wiggled her wonderful limbs to make you want to munch on them would have knocked any saint out.... ---- Mainly in the s*xual area........

 The owner of that wonderful body, 'Carla Grice', continues to nod quietly to herself.


So we'll move on to the next one.

 The voice "Psycho Ushin" that echoes in the head of "I" announced with such a cheerful tension that it looks like there's a star mark at the end of the word.

(Actually, there's a star mark on the end of the word! And what's that explanation for Maltese! (You're there!)

'Yes - please don't go into a monologue.
 Next, let's talk about the world. Please look at page 12 of the document.

(No, but it's here...) ...yes.

I" nodded quietly and took out a sheet of paper with the number 12 written on it from a large stack of papers.


--The world setting--

Clan Continent :.
 The continent that looks like a slightly broken diamond symbol of playing cards.
The lore says that it was created by the one and only god "Clan".
 In the center of the continent is the Kingdom of Orclan, and to the west is a land rich in nature, where the steppes of Maltese extend wide to the west.
 The two great powers, the "Elkran Empire" to the north and the "Kingdom of Mirkran" to the east of the sub-human kingdom, reside in this land, and to the south, the "Clanlead Mountains", where dragons are said to live, sit majestically and overwhelm all who see them.
 Beyond the grasslands of the Marutai Mountains, there are villages of demons scattered throughout the area, commonly known as the Garden of Demons.

 There are almost no wars between nations, as is usual in the fantasy world, and they cooperate with each other to prepare for a great invasion of demons.
 It is a very peaceful world.

Orcrun Kingdom :.
 The largest country on the continent is governed by the adventurer Kyle Ochran, a former nobleman and adventurer who established the first adventurer's guild on the continent and aimed to improve the status of adventurers.
 The king is not hereditary, but rather, the Clan's Guide, a tool of the law, selects a suitable person for the office of king.
The king can be replaced if the tools of the law deem him to be unsuitable, even while he is still alive.
 The king himself is a former adventurer, and as the birthplace of the Adventurer's Guild, there are many adventurers in the city.
 It has developed greatly as an intercontinental trade center.
 They use the same currency and language as the rest of the continents.
 The religion is "Clanism," a religion dedicated to the one and only god, "Clan.

Two major countries :.
It refers to the 'Elkran Empire' and the 'Milkran Kingdom'.
Basically, the countries of the Clan Continent that are close to each other are especially close.
 The Elkran Empire has a high level of magical and scientific technology, and also produces magical tools.
It has received many of nature's blessings through trade with the Kingdom of Mirkran.
 The Milkran Kingdom has received the high level of technology from the Elkran Empire, and has focused on the protection of nature.
 However, only sub-humans are allowed to live in the Milkran Kingdom, so all half-humans have to go to other countries. However, since only sub-humans are allowed to live in Mirkran Kingdom, all half-humans have to go to other countries (no restrictions on entry, so they can do their business).
The High Elves are the only tribe that shows a strong sense of refusal to coexist with other nations, perhaps due to their high pride.

Fiend's Garden :.
 A generic term for a community of demons.
 Most of them do not have a sense of nationality or kingship, and most of them keep to themselves.
 There are 20 to 100 people living in a village, led by an elder.
However, the details of how the elders are determined and how the community is organized are unclear.
 They have high intelligence and magic power, but they basically never leave the garden because they are often equated with demons.
(According to lore, the Demon King is said to be born from among the demons.

Clan Reed :.
 Dragon habitat.
 The other demons are also one rank stronger.


(...an otherwise common setup.)

''Well, it's the result of trying to create a world where you can have an adventure.......I don't like the doldrums of human strife.......''

'I see, so it's a peaceful world. --but more importantly, what's the rest of the story?

"Ah! Yes, now for a continental matter.


Clanism :.
 A religion dedicated to the one and only god, the Clan. On the Klan continent, nearly 90% of the people are in the religion.
It's all about the 'Klan' God! as a doctrine.
 It is said that the Clan created the world, which is why the names of places are often found in the name of the Clan.

The One God "Clan" :.
 An angel of the ground reconnaissance unit sent by the Supreme Being. She does not give any blessings as her purpose is to reconnoiter.


(The Clan is getting involved. It's almost a clan thing, isn't it?

''No! I was surprised, too. The angel I sent out to scout.
 I didn't expect to be called 'The One God Clan'...''

(...I mean, that's seriously clan awesome. What's a religion with a 90 percent entry rate?)

"He seems to be very intimidated by being called 'the one and only god' in spite of me...

"Even now, she's getting down on her knees right in front of me, jumping at 45 degrees of incidence...

(I see......... That's a tough one, middle management angel 'Clan'........


Clan language :.
 A common language that can be used anywhere on the continent.
The accent is a little different in each country, but it's not too much of an issue.
 The letters are frankly just a 90 degree turn of the alphabet.
You will make up words by filling in the romaji. The grammar is the same as in Japanese.
 Knowledge is already inputted into the main character.


(What's this input 'already'? (When did we get in there?!

"Ah, that's [expediency]. It's a consideration from me so that you won't have any more trouble in the future.

Oh, hi. Thank you.

'No, no, I'll explain about the coins next. It will be easier if you see the real thing.
 Then I'll start with the smallest coin...'

(...hmm? Coins? (The real thing?)

Wait, he didn't give us the real thing?

 I'll send it to you now. Please wait a moment.

(Another long wait...)

 I lamented in my mind when I heard I was sending it now, thinking it would take just as long as the fax again.


"............yes. Sent it.

(?) Huh? That was fast, huh? Redial? Well, okay......... --Will we be able to split space again, like a fax machine? (Looking forward to it.)







 --Keeeeeeeeeeeeeee! ------ Chudos!


 The high-pitched sound that a jet or other aircraft would make when flying above the speed of sound and
With that, an explosive sound created by something that flew in and collided with the ground smacked my body.

''What the hell!

 Amidst the dust and smoke that was already rising, I stared at the object that had flown in.

(.........gold coins? (No, there are other silver and copper coins, too!

 The coin, which was probably the actual one Usin wanted to see, was there, making a crater about 50 cm long.

(No, no, no! This crater is too small for that sound! -- I mean...)

"You better watch your back, Usin! Send it to me gently, like a fax machine!

 It was inevitable that Kara would yell at him.

It's just a matter of time before you get to the point where you'll be able to use a fax machine to send it out, and it's a pain in the ass to specify the coordinates and all that!

(Ugh, that's an endlessly annoying way to talk. If I were here, I'd be picking out all that blonde hair!

''--I'm sorry. I was a little annoyed with myself........ Well, I didn't have much time this time, so I had to give it my all.''

"...What? You threw that? It's only a physical don!

It's a good thing that you're a supreme god, even if you're living a life that's riddled with reading the entire Ko-Kame in two hours to pass the time.
 It's easier than throwing a ball from one end of a six-mat room to the other at a distance of 49.825 billion light years.
I'll continue with the explanation...

(...well, light years is the distance it takes a year for light to travel at the speed of light, right? I was on in seconds, these coins! 

"This coin is broken...

 I knew I couldn't say anything to Ushin in explanation mode... (crying)

It's bullying.


Clan coin
 It consists of three types of coins: gold, silver, and copper.
One gold coin is 100 silver coins and one silver coin is 100 copper coins.
 If it is converted into Japanese yen, it is not possible to convert into how much.

 As expected, the clan god is drawn on the surface of the coin.
 It is unknown why, but you can get it if you defeat the demon.


"I guess that's about it...

 Siksiksiks, meh.

'What are you crying about? Anyway, I've explained it all to you. We're going to live in a different world now, aren't we?

Because you ignore them, don't you!

 It felt good to hear it out loud.
Yeah, it's not like me to be meh.

"YEAH! Don't yell at me all of a sudden! --Anyway, after this explanation, I'm going to pull back now.'

(What? (Is it goodbye?)

 I suddenly said goodbye, I was somewhat sad because we had a little time together.

''Well, originally I shouldn't interfere too much with this world........ --Well, I see the world through the Clan, so enjoy your life from this one.'

Well, I'll just enjoy the rest of my life, if that's what it takes.

"Okay, so long, bye.

 With a bit of sadness in Usin's voice, which I couldn't hear at the end of those words, I started walking towards the royal capital.

 This is how the long and short relationship with Usin ended and my life as Kara began.

''- Would it be better to call it me, like a woman, after all? --What do I do with this bunch of paper...


''Now that the explanation is done, you can take a look at it from time to time.
''-- Huh? Tenchan? What's going on? With such a good smile...!''

-- the voice of God's entreaty echoing through the temple that day made all the angels tremble.


Blank space at the bottom of the fax from Usin

--God (nyonnyon)'s backstory collection -- (Kara and her friends don't see it. --(that's the specifics)

 The reason why the king is a former nobleman is because it is said that nobles have higher abilities than commoners.
To be more specific, they have a tendency to become more powerful and have higher magic power.
Think of this as a title of nobility helping to increase your status.
 Furthermore, since there is a view of the world of Ropele, there is also a level up.
The main focus of the game is on the ropes.
 In the explanation of coins, it is stated that they cannot be converted into Japanese yen.

To be honest, it was a pain in the ass to look up and apply the prices of things for every single thing. (Laughs)