6 I aimed for the royal capital.

There was a woman walking alone through a vast meadow.

Brown skin, long white hair flowing down to her waist, shining good looks, and wonderful proportions, all of which were so exquisitely balanced in the world of 173cm that it seemed as if God had arranged them.

The world is not yet peaceful enough for such a woman to walk alone.

---Carla Grice continued to walk, unaware that she had six eyes that were coveting her.


---It's so much trouble! It looks pretty far, huh? To King's Landing....

I was complaining inwardly as I walked along looking at a sheet of paper.
We're supposed to be in 'Maruti's Meadow', a little west of the capital, but we still can't get out of the meadow.
We have been walking straight east since we left the Supreme Being, but it's been two hours.
The sun was already a little above my head.

---But the paper I was carrying disappeared.

It's true. The paper had disappeared after a few minutes of walking. ---You'll find a sheet of paper in my hand.

Is it a map? It was.

You can only see the area that you can see and the rest is blank.
It's a map that only shows the area where you've been, which is a technique often seen in games and the like.
The only thing that saved me was knowing the direction...

---The only thing that saved me was knowing the direction.... ------But what are those three guys doing sneaking around from now on? We've been walking in the same direction for about twenty minutes, so I think our destination is the royal capital...

Kara had noticed.
Well, there's no way you can sneak around in a grassy field with a great view...


How's my brother?
It's not every day you find a woman that good.
'Well, it's not like they're looking for a live girl.
 Let's have some fun ourselves and then go sell it to the nobles.

As the man called Aniki said this, his sweat- and mud-stained face twisted into an ugly mess.

They are the so-called bandits.
Even in this peaceful world, there are many stupid aristocrats, and they make full use of their power to take away women by force without a care in the world.
It is the job of these bandits to take requests from these stupid aristocrats and bring them women in exchange for a large sum of money.
They are former adventurers.
They are the so-called adventurer's parasites who have been expelled from the guild for failing to make a request and losing trust.
Even these adventurers who have lost the trust of the public have physical abilities that lightly exceed those of ordinary people, so if they want to live their lives honestly, there are many places to work.
They were hooked on the allure of the job of a bandit, a job that pays a lot of money without much effort.
If you take a woman with you, you can get enough money for a commoner to live on for five years. He would have no desire to work seriously.
That's why there are surprisingly many failed adventurers who become bandits.
It's a good idea to be able to have a good time with them.
It's a good idea to get a good idea of what you're looking for, but it's not a good idea to get a good idea of what you're looking for.
They only accepted requests from noblemen who were OK with it, especially if they were beautiful.

The purpose, of course...is to enjoy themselves too.

Since they can enjoy themselves too, it was only natural that they would put effort into their requests.
It's a good idea to have a good time with a good friend.

They couldn't miss Kara, a beautiful woman walking alone on the grassland.

They suppressed their hesitation and jumped in front of Kara.


What are you doing here? Miss?

The men spoke to me with a grin and a disgusting smile.

---No, you guys have been watching this for quite some time, right? Is that a bandit? ---Bastard. You said it was a peaceful world! What kind of world is peaceful when the first otherworlder is a bandit!

Hey, hey, hey, hey, my brother asked you a question, so why don't you say something?
Yeah, Na. Why don't you say something?

While I was complaining to Usin, a skinny guy and a fat guy who seemed to love onigiri started talking.

I'm heading to the capital now, am I on the right road?

I asked anyway.

'Yeah, that's right.'

The man murmured with a grin on his face, after all.

'I see. Thank you. ------Then.

I don't have any particular business to attend to, and I'm not really the kind of person you want to hang out with.
He tried to slip past the men.

------ Gasp!

Oh, come on, man. You're not gonna get a free pass?
That's right, tolls, tolls!

She suddenly grabbed me by the shoulders and forced me to turn to face the men.

---I don't know if it's possible. But I don't have any money. Do you think a single gold coin would be enough?

Fortunately, I have a gold coin that Ushin gave me as an actual item.
We don't know what the gold coin is worth yet, so I'm not sure if we can handle it. I asked half-heartedly as if I were praying.

''---... Ahhhhh, I only have one gold coin, is that enough?''

"You can't have enough! Your brother says you need at least three gold coins.

It didn't work...

---This is so embarrassing. Want me to blow you up? ------No.... I'm a frail damsel now. At any rate, I know what I'm going to say...

'Three sheets! I don't have that much!

I said, sounding surprised. I think it's a pretty good performance. I'll take the Best Actress award.
Sadly, though, I can't even laugh at the cousin because of the [Devil's Smile].
Or rather, I feel like I can only make her change her expression subtly...
Is this also a side effect of the skill?

Heh-heh-heh, I guess we'll just have to do it then. ---You'll have to pay me.

The man with the biggest, most disgusting smile ever.
It's a line that's so conventional it doesn't go beyond the realm of imagination, and it smells like a petty person.

---It's a line that's just as I imagined it to be, which makes me feel sorry for him. Well, I'm not going to pay.

"---.... Huh? I don't like that. I mean, he smells like a midget. If you are that petty, it's actually pathetic... Why don't you go and learn what the big man has to say?

I said it anyway.
Then the faces of the men in front of me turned bright red as I watched.

You're going to have to be gentle with me and you're going to get on my case! I'm going to rape you and make you squeal!

When he shouted that, the man drew the sword from his waist and released it.

---Ushin, the otherworldly person who was there for the first time has suddenly become an enemy. It's not peaceful at all, this world!

The first battle in the other world will apparently be against bandits, not demons.