7 Still I didn't do it.

As we held our swords against the woman in front of us, we were convinced of victory.

The three of us are adventurers by nature, and I consider myself a level 20 soldier.
There's no way we'd lose to a girl who's at most 20 years old.
Moreover, the opponent is unarmed.

We smiled with delight as we thought about the times of pleasure that would follow.

And then I looked into the woman's face, which was probably frozen with fear.

------I was speechless....

The woman didn't move a single eyebrow, and with a slight tilt of her doll-like, artistically beautiful face
He was peering back at me with jet-black eyes that seemed to see into the depths of my heart.

---Okay! There's something different about this one!

I don't know if it's my ex-adventurer's instincts or the risk management skills of a bandit, but something went off, and I don't know what.
The moment I was about to call out to the two henchmen...

------ Phew!


The woman disappeared right in front of me, and I heard some distracting sounds coming from the area where the fat man was.

"Hey, what are you...

I was afraid to look at Debbie to ask her a question, and I was immensely disappointed by the sight.

Is it right on the fatty's chest? The woman stopped in a stance with a kick in the area, and
There was a fat man who would have been kicked.

---------- Lower body...

...What? ...Heh?

---Bushuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu!        ------Besh.


---Bischof!               ---Mekio!

Something red erupted from the lower half of what had been the fatty's body, wetting me raw and warm.
At the same time, the lower half of the fatty's body fell into a puddle of red water.
The woman who would have blown the fatty away was a red something ... blood, and as soon as the blood spurted out, it disappeared from sight again.

"Hey, Gari, watch out...

I was trying to call out to her, but she was looking at me, too.

---Her head was turned once.

Hi! ---- Hey, hey, hey, hey! What the hell!!!

The sight of the scene was so terrifying that I shouted without shame.

"--- Shut up. You're a bandit, you know you're going to lose. It's lame to scream at me now...

Somewhere quiet, beautifully captivating, but now I hear a voice from behind me that only terrifies me.

"...So, sayonara.


An unpleasant sound that echoed with the woman's parting voice.

I lowered my gaze fearfully and there it was....

The woman's hand, which is slowly being pulled out, is piercing the center of my chest.

The woman's arm that is certainly penetrating is somehow unrealistic and confuses me.
The reason for this was obvious.
There wasn't a drop of return blood on the woman's hand, despite the fact that she was piercing a human being.

---Ha? Is it penetrating? Me? I'm the one who ran up to level 20 and was even selected as a hero candidate!

Astonishment leads to understanding, and understanding leads to pain.

The unimaginable pain of a single moment makes it impossible to even speak.
My confused mind, which has been so confused by the event, suddenly comes to life and I watch the scenes of the past drift by.
But it's only for a moment. My eyes grow darker and darker.
Realizing that I can't help myself, I turn my head to the woman. There is still...

---Beautiful, there was a woman's expressionless face, like a work of art.


---I did it. This is the first experience of the guilt of "killing" for the strongest protagonist, isn't it? It's a pretty good feeling.... But I'm sure he's doing this with full awareness, so it's inevitable.

It's surprising that Kara, who should have come from modern Japan, wasn't tortured by the guilt of 'killing'.

But this body is still a cheat.

I moved rapidly at first just to startle him just a little, but the SPD500 was too fast.
I put my foot lightly against the fat man's chest to stop the speed...

I didn't mean for it to happen...

The latter two are the same way.

Gari only grabbed him by the neck in an attempt to stop him from speeding, and the bandit called Aniki only gave him a light push.

"This is going to be a problem for your daily life, isn't it?

While muttering about this, Kara started walking towards the royal capital.

An hour later, Kara passed through the grasslands and arrived safely at the royal capital.