9 It was unexpectedly advanced.

Well... there's one last question...

West Gate guard station in front of the west gate of the Kingdom of Ocran

At that stuffing station, I... I, Carla Grice, was face to face with Knight Dick.


Well... there's one last question...

So said Dick.

---it was a long time. It was really long.

They brought me into the stuffing room and asked me all sorts of questions to issue a temporary certificate, but the questions were wide-ranging.
Starting with your name, your age, your gender (you'd know it if you saw it!) , hobbies (matchmaking?!) It was a variety of questions, such as.
I told him most of them as they were, since it wasn't something to hide, but was it good?

---Well, what is the last question?

...what do you want to do in this country?

I'm troubled by this one. It's not like there's anything else I want to do.

You know...

You know...

I'll just...

---I'll just go with the standard reincarnation story...

I'm going to start a...

Huh? How can it not be the high road? ...Don't be stupid! Most of these otherworldly things don't have an advanced food culture, do they! Our hero struggles to remedy that! ---But the young protagonist can't do anything about it... so he sells his skills to the village cafeteria and the town bakery to improve the food supply.

It's a great heartfelt story.

But he has no monopoly on the technology because he has to sell it!

"This is a very serious matter! """"

I have no choice but to sell the technology because I can't achieve it myself. Perhaps it's because I'm a child. ---Then I, as an adult, will be the source of the message myself!
What is this if not the high road! I hereby become a god of food!

---Also, I feel like there are a lot of great characters in the landlady of the inn.

I don't know who I'm describing to, but when I think about it

"...an inn, nice. But for that you need the king's permission and a citizenship or adventurer rank of B or higher, which you don't have...do you?
"...how did you know?
"...I didn't have a pass. If you're a citizen, you should have a citizen's card, or if you're an adventurer, you should have a guild card, and that can take the place of a pass.

With that, Dick took out a card that looked like a piece of wood connected to a chain from around the neck of his armor.

This is the citizen's card. It's a storage medium that contains information such as names and professions.
 I'm sure you'll be able to find out more about this in the future.
 Guild cards are color-coded by rank, and they're more metal-like.
 If you look at the card and see that it looks like a piece of wood, you can tell it's a citizen, and if it looks like metal, you can tell it's an adventurer.
 It's quite excellent.

It was an unexpectedly advanced technology.

'Well, if you want a quick inn, you should go to the Adventurer's Guild and become an adventurer of the B grade or higher.
 But be careful, adventurers are a bunch of ruffians. The higher ranks are veterans who have done a lot of work and have a reasonable attitude, but lower-ranked adventurers are no better than hoodlums... With a beautiful woman like you, you never know what they'll do to you, do you?

I guess that's just the kind of person you want to play around with when you casually make comments to make me feel better between conversations.
What's that? Is this still a target for me? And so on and so forth, Kara becomes even more wary as she looks at Dick's handsome face.

'Well, thanks,'
It's a very good idea to go to the adventurer's guild, if you want to get there, walk straight down the main street stretching from the gate to the royal castle, go around the ramparts and take the northeast road, and then go through the nobleman's quarter, the first big building is the first one, so it's easy to find. ---It's a building that will be of some use to you whether you become an adventurer or not, so it should be no harm to remember it.

---...Strangely kind, is this also [opportunistic]?

(No, no, no, that's the ulterior motive.)

I thought I suddenly heard the voice of some supreme god.

''---........Well, this is a false testimony, don't lose it?

"...? Where did you get it from now?

Yes, it was a bright white plate that Dick handed me.
But it was nowhere to be found before, it really did appear suddenly.

I don't know if my startled face (though my eyebrows were only slightly raised) was that good.
The handsome face in front of me broke a face and began to explain in a good manner.

'This desk looks like just a desk, but it's a magical tool, right? You insert a piece of paper with your information in it, and it issues it as a plate with a temporary certificate. Excellent, right?
I know... This plate, what would happen to it if it were lost?

---It's really advanced technology. But if it's this affordable, it should be easy to reissue.

...it would take 4,000 pieces of forced labor and a silver to reissue them.
...Isn't that too harsh a punishment?
The first time they only charged a reissue fee, but the penalty is so simple that many people lost their cards. If you lose a citizen or guild card, it will be increased to 9,000 gold coins. ---... Well, to put it simply, it's easy to understand that the mischievous boy will work enough years to become a refreshing young man, isn't it?

---Scary!!!! The punishment is too scary!

What a year for a naughty boy to become a refreshingly nice young man! You don't hear that in three or five years!

''Well, don't worry so much, if you become a citizen or adventurer and get an additional [Auto Return] spell cast on you, it will automatically come back to you.

---What's the point of losing it?

Okay, I won't lose it. Can I go now for now?
Yeah, good. ---Anyway, what's the plan for today's accommodation?


What are you going to do with that?
You just arrived in town, didn't you? I thought I'd give you some recommendations on where to stay.
Well... okay. Tell me your recommendations for this place to stay.

I listened warily to Dick's recommendation for a place to stay.

'Don't be so wary, I won't tell you the weirdest places. You want the inn, don't you?
 Then... you should go to the Garden Pavilion of Delight, three doors east of the guild.

"Garden of Delight"... That's a nice name.

All right. Thank you.
 I'll see you later.

With that, I parted with Dick.

''The first thing we aim for is the guild.... In the meantime, we need to get on with getting to B level and above and start the inn.

This was the enthusiasm with which the adventurer Kara Grice began what would later become a legend.
And furthermore, Kara would come to know.

--- that my statement is already a flag....